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Friendship and Love Poems


All I Ever Wanted
By [Fallen Angel 666]

Was for someone to understand,
for someone to love me and hold my hand.
For someone to be my one and only,
to come be by my side when I'm feeling lost and lonely.
All I ever wanted....
Was for someone to dry my tears,
and help me get away from my fears.
To watch over me when I sleep,
to have someone to hold my heart and have it for keeps.
All I ever wanted....
Was you


By [Blood Moon Wolf]

I prowl the cold streets
Alone and in the dark
Looking for someone
Someone to fight
Someone to help
Someone to love
But I find no one
This night I wander with my shadow
I weave through the huge buildings
Still looking
I’m hunting
For something more than prey
I’m searching
For a certain warmth
One that can only be found
Inside the heart...


By [Yvonniaaah]

Last night, i looked up at the stars
matched each one with a reason why i love you...
i was doing great...until i ran out of stars


By [SnazzyChazzy]

leave me either way
open or closed
I'm like a door
shut or slam

So tell me how you feel
even if you shove me away
I want to know if you're
happy or sad

drown me in dark waters
tear me in two
burn me to death
sofocate me

It doesn't matter to me
as long as I know how you feel
so do what you want
just talk

so tell me how you are
even if you dont
show me how it is
the hard or easy way


By [Anonymous Narcotic]

tears of blood
tears of sorrow
never yesterday
today or tomorrow
never there
always been gone
&& all that time
she loned you all along
you left her to cry
alone on the floor
&& you gave something to her
a closed door
behind that door is a
who cant figure out
if shes alive or dead
or if it crosses her mind
that shes sick in the head
you scar'd her heart
burned her soul
I cant belive you
how shallow
you was everything to her.
then u dropped her
do you think shell love again?
no never
alone forever
could you just imageine this?
going through life
without an affectionate kiss
never a love
always alone
is that why she cut
clear to the bone
scratched her bone
tore her flesh
i dont know but i think
this is her best
there are them tears
her biggest fears
boy you must be out of
ur mind
either that
or your just plain blind


Her Heart
By [Anonymous Narcotic]

it feels like some one took out her heart
for laughter and exposure
he didnt know it but his love froze her
froze her in yer yesterday,her yesterday
&& tomorrow
throwing out her sadness,
freedom && sorrow
please , her forgiveness
is all she must ask
is too remember
her terrible past
filled with cutting
bleeding && crying
&& waiting for the day
she's be dying
so put her heart back
where it goes
she is totally psychotic
....everyone knows


The Light
By [Anonymous Narcotic]

going out of her mind
leaving nothing behind
carrying it on her shoulders
she may have had your heart
but you stole hers
broke it like glass
her life went fast
barely breathing
because your leaving
standing in the dark
begging for light
no little beam
not in her sight
her love passed her by
she doesnt even wanna try
shes done
its over
see if she'll ever be sober
going crazy
outta her mind
no one to love
no one to find


By [eyelinertears]

I love the way you hold me as i look into your eyes and smile.Everytime i'm around you i cant help but smile.You make me so happy and give me a feeling i cant explane,and every moment i'm not with you i'm thinking about you,your the only thing i think about day and night.Just being around you is everything.I love everything about you,who you are,how you treat me and what you say,I hang on to EVERY word you say.If i couldnt be with you what would be the point in living anymore,your everything i live for.You my world,my everything.I would give anything just to be with you thats how much i love you.I know you feel the same way to because you tell me everyday.You tell me you love me all the time and i beleave you becuase i kno its true,i love you with all my heart and soul and NEVER will hurt you.I with i could be with you everyday but i cant,and every moment i'm with you i charish each and EVERY moment.I wish i could see you everyday so i could hold you,kiss you,hug you,JUST to be with you.I just hope that we can be together forever.


By [{Donut}]

Everytime i see his eyes my heart gets light
And everytime he speaks to me my throat get tight
I wish i could set our problems right
Why do we play sush games ?
these games full of shame
am i the one to blame ?
yes i think i am the one that said so
the one that said i think i'll go
even though my heart said 'no'


By [;]

I thought he loved me and i thought he cared
I thought he would always be faithful and be there if i was scared
I thought he would never love anyone but me
But how stupid can I be?
Now hes lost me, he cant ever get me back
For hes broken my heart
And my heart can never be mended
I saw the end even before it ended.

Your hand I accept, and all your love as well;
My heart sings so loudly, all can tell
I am loved and in love with the man made for me
Hold my hand; let us walk through this life
Being what we were meant to be



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