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Friendship and Love Poems


By [Ajsinnott]

We live and die
Beauty is a lie
Some of us get high
Some of us cry

Why is this live
About being cool
Going round with a knife
And acting like a fool

About death and fear
About living here
Thing wont never be so swell
And its time to go to hell

No NO NO NO why
Why live to die
We live a lie
Why live to cry
To get high
And To say good bye
We live a lie
We live a lie
Time to die
So good bye!
Good bye! Good bye! Good bye!
arhhh anger


The Circle of Pain
By [Ajsinnott]

Being with out you brings me pain
But for you being with me brings shame
But your butiful so you’re the one to blaim
I love you, I just wish you felt the same
And one day when your ritch with fame
I will be out side looking in therw the rain
Remmbering how I lost the evil game
The game of love, that endid up with pain


The Sound of Death and Love
By [Ajsinnott]

The sound of death and love
I hear everyday
The bittness takes over
and love goes away
Crys of miss understood mistakes
All around the land
Nether willing to forgive them
Till death is at hand

The fight goes on and on
Between the evil side
There is no place to run
Or no place to hide
It will find you
And when it does
You will be beater
Like one of us

The thing you want
Is the thing we give
Love is what you will get
Until love does not live
Loves dies quick, and when it does
You will be bitter and cold
Until the bitterness’ take full control
And your levead all alone, and old
Bitter and cold

Then you die with no trace
No one cares that you levead this place
Your soul as gone but the pain is here
In the bitter shape of your face
You might not want this
But it’s going to anyway
You have been warned
So now you can get away


To Kay
By [Ajsinnott]

To Kay,
When you smile I feel good
The way a guy should
But your leaveing me soon
Like a kid and a balloon
Your going to flot above us all
But ill caghce you if you fall

What will I do
With out your brain
Sharing each over secreats
Each over pain
I needed you in my life
And thanks for the way
You helped me stay alife
I’m your friend for life

But I will remember the days
We tried to past the hours in new way
Like walking to see nat, or sit on a hill
Or get in Joe’s speeding car
O and your water bra
I love you as a frenads
And to me you stay
Remmber you always
Love AJ


New Song
By [Ajsinnott]

When things only seem bad for you
When you feel that love isn’t true
When your sky is black not blue
Ill be there waiting for you

I am your pain
I am your sorrow
I am you night mare
The one you follow
So walk behind me
All night long
When you finely fade away
Remember this song


My Love
By [Yummy girl]

My love holds my heart
And love forever.

He holds my trust and
Honesty, just as the sing
In the morning light.

From the moment we met,
He seemed astray.
As if to were away from
This wretched world.

As I walk the long, shameful
Hallways, which are my life,
I see him, he sees me.
But he doesn’t really know
My true feelings.

As I look in his eyes,
I see no lies.
His eyes , are like
Deep, dark pools of water.

In his eyes I see sensitivity,
Love, and kindness.
Which he does not expose.

My love holds my heart,
From now on and forever.


By [sillyhippie420]

She sat alone under a tree.
She was just do happy.
He loved her and was on his way to meet her.
They had been together since september.
It was dark and she was hiding her scared feelings she hid them, they were buried.
They were meeting to run away and get married.
No one approved of them being together.
They thought they would be with eachother forever.
If she would have just stayed where she was then none of this would have happened.
She thought she saw a friend.
So she ran accross the street.
But she stumbled over her feet.
Right in front of a car.
Now he wishes on a star.
He wishes she was still here.
Now he sits alone under the same tree.
But he is not as happy.
She is up in heaven.
He thinks about her twenty-four-seven.
He knows they will be together soon.
Then he looks up at the moon.
Thinking about her like always.
His mind will never drift too far away.

By [Kelaru]

Leave me alone
Don't call my name
I'm gone and I'm not coming back
I'm falling farther and farther away
But you keep pulling me back
Just let me sink so far down
The darkness comes to greet me
Let me go
For we both know
That I can never have you
I'm falling farther and farther away
Please just drop the rope
That holds me close
Stop pulling me back
Just let me fall
To my endless dreams
Goodbye my secrite love.


Forgive Me
By [psychoflea]

I love you and you love me
I thought this would always be.

But then I fucked up and I should of thought clearly,
And now I can feel my life drain before me.

You don’t know what you need until you don’t have it.
And I need you need to sew my heart up a bit.

You know that I love you and this is true,
I can’t stand for my heart to be black an blue.

You have to forgive me; its what you must do,
Because my life is not complete without you.

My love for you is not perfect to say in modest
But my life is not complete without my Goddess.


My Cherished Knight
By [Homewrecker]

he slays my enemies until they are all gone
then he comes to me at the break of dawn
a kiss on the lips is all it takes
because i know this bond will never break
one look in his peircing eyes
and i cry for all the lies
he wipes away my tears while at the same time abolishing my fears
he makes my world a better place
makes me feel like im full of grace
and as he catches me as i fall
i kwno he will carry me through it all
my cherished knight



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