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Friendship and Love Poems


By [emodudekid]

With his hand touch my hand and thy lips touch his lips pashionatly love spreads and true love thickens
with love and genorosity do he say thy words do he care
and yet he is so far if he say i love thee but do he love me with passion


Call me a Friend
By [MadHatress]

to my friends back home i was everything.
if some one neede help with a friend, i helped
If there was boy trouble i as there to solve the problem
when ever my friends called upon me i came without hesitation
wars that started between my friends were broken up. Each soldier was spoken to seperately to figure out
what started it all?
they called me a friend because of the things i was
capable of, not because of the things i fixed and the emotions i healed
i'm just a hard-core tom-boy on a mission to fix the meaning
of friendship


Long ago
By [Z-K-R]

I remember long ago,
When the sun was shining,
And the stars were bright,
All through the night,
In the wake of this madness,
As I held you tight,
So long ago.


My Love
By [DragonicTunes]

Love love.
Thou who is just
and true.
The thought so blinding,
the pain so breaking.
A lie or a truth
it depends on the heart.
The light that washes
away all the dark.
The joy that heals
all wounds.
Would you heal me,
or break me?
Does this soul have the
courage to open it's
heart to you?
I'm a confusing soul,
but my love is sinceire,
and I'm sorry.


By [DragonicTunes]

War is life, life is war.
This is a neverending battle.
You, who were my friend,
is now my enemy.
It's hard,
having to fight you every day.
I want only for us to
remain the same.
Can we never return?
Truely there must be hope.
I know there is,
deep in your heart.
I know we'd never say it,
but I love you
my brother,
my friend....
Some day this war will be over,
all our time just
Niether of us wants that...
Let the battle end.
Love is life, life is love,
I will battle no more.


A Lovers Lament
By [Hereby Deleted]

a gentle hug between the two
his arms around you tight
sends a sweet tingle down your spine
his love and warmth fills your heart
and takes away your tears.

The subtle kiss upon your lips
send the juices flowing
to your whole body and soul
passion consumes your world
To tame your fear in heart and mind

a bed awaken by red roses
the smell of enticing lavender
the gentle flicker of candles
the subtle sound of music
the taste of strawberries and cream
still lies in your mouth

his tender touch arouses your senses
around your body layed
the slow removal of clothing
to lay in a heap upon the floor
you lay waiting and ready.

he is gentle but fun
sends sweet tingles through you
a gentle pleasure shown
between you two

The wet where passion's been
And hearts have joined again
the tender showing of love
you soon become aware of the room around you
and his gentle kisses upon your neck

the gentle cuddle around you
as you both lay to rest
you lie in his arms
and feel his love surround you


The Perfection Of Love
By [Hereby Deleted]

the intimacy of love
forever shown
between my heart and yours.

the touch of a lover
sets your heart alight.
the flame continues to burn
as his kiss envelopes your soul.

let the fire burn
inside your heart
his touch so sensitive
his kiss so sweet.

he takes your hand
and takes you to a place
where only you two dwell.

you wonder the thoughts of is mind
and wander the paths of his heart.

try to understand his life
and feel the pain he endures,
yet you can never understand
the longing for you
the love in his heart.

so welcome his arms
and welcome his kiss
feel his heart beat with yours
as you both gently kiss.


I Wonder
By [Master Of Duct Tape]

I wonder
If he’s still around
He left so very long ago
I wonder
If he remembers me
We used to be such great friends
I wonder
If I’ll ever see him
Somewhere down the line
I wonder
If I’ll still like him
He must have changed over the years
I wonder
If he’s still as sweet
He used to be so adorable
I wonder
If he’ll think the same of me
I’ve changed quite a bit as well
I wonder
If we’ll meet again
I wonder


By [Molly Louise]

There's a hole here
Where you were just standing
There's a hole here
When I look around the room
And you're not there.
There's a hole here
Inside this place that was familiar
But isn't now.
There's a hole here
Where your presence shone
But it's dark and empty.
There's a hole here
Inside of me
That didn't used to be there.
There's a hole here
Cut from my soul
And left to wither.
There's a hole here
And I feel it
Without your smile beside me.
There's a hole here
In my world
That I can't seem to fill
Because you're gone.


I love you more
By [Lex]

With the love i have for you.
No one can compare.
My love for you baby.
It's more than love can bare.
I love you isn't enough to show you how i really feel.
What can i say to show you my true appeal?
It's hard enough just to say,
I love you,
And not mean it as it is.
Only silence and the stare,
Can show you that true feeling that I bare.
So as i take this position to be yours truely,
I can only say what i've always known.
I love you.
But YOU know,
It's nearly far from it's One meaning.
My words are shot.
You are my life.
I can't say anymore.
Just know.
I love you more.



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