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Friendship and Love Poems


My Angel
By [gods2armys]

Where is thy angel that I can't see before me?

Is she up high in the clouds watching over me up above with all her soul?

Will she come down for me to keep me happy?

What ever needs done I will go and do.

If god created all things and all to come, then he made it my time for my doings.

With all the strength in my soul I will find my angel up above.

With your wings so high and white will you come down below to catch me when I fall for you. Will you be their when I cast myself down from my own heaven to hell.

Will you be there to keep me from going down below?
To hold me tight and bring me back above the pain that I feel?

My dear angel you are my babe forever and alaways i want you to be their for me always to keep me happy and watch over me closly and to know that i have you their for me all the way.


Family's Forever
By [gods2armys]

When you are brought up into the world that is when a girl becomes a woman and when a boy becomes a man, there is no more time for kid and games this is the day you take your heart and soul into the life you must change to acomplish the tasks at hand to support you and the ones you care for and to be able work togother through anything.

During the times of trial in your life through love and trust me there will be times that you just can't deal or bear the hurt from the ones you love, just remember those are times that you need the love more then anything and to be held and to know that you are safe and that you and your loved ones can work through anything and try to live life to the fullest to be happy again.

Because thats what love and families are being able to make mastakes and to be able to accept your fate for each thing you do but to be able to be forgiven and to start anew for the things one can have done that could have hendered your tasks.

When you have kids you have responcibilities and with those responcibilities comes times to give up the things you once could do but can't now, no more parties no more parties no more time for social time when you want to be active with friends, all you have now is your girl or soon to be wife and you have your child and what you need to do now is prepare to live with them the rest of your life and to love them every step of the way. No matter the trials.

With family and love comes great responcibilities.

Can you do it?


Never Leaving You
By [gods2armys]

Tears rushing down her face as she sits there trembling, she has her head down sobbing with sorrow.   

A stranger comes out of the dark and sees her crying, he says whats wrong, she still has her head down in tears, I just lost someone dear to me, the man said I am really sorry, I wish there was somthing I could do for you.

She says: there isn't anything you can do for me now that my heart has been broken in two. The man said I can fix that, the girl said how can you fix my once loved heart from the sorrows I feel and endure.

He said: your love didnt want to go to heaven becouse he wasn't ready to let you go. That man removes his hood and shows himself to her. The girl jumps to her feet grabs him tight and holds him, she cries.

He whispers into her ear, I'm not leaving you even for heaven or hell.

She whispers back, they can't keep you from me.    


The Dark
By [gods2armys]

It's dark, I see nothing, is anyone there I think to myself

Am I lost or soon to be found, wait, I hear something, I get a warm feeling by my side.
It's her, my love with her by my side, even in sleep she looks like an angel, I stay there looking at her with the little bit of light beaming off her face with a glow,
I silently kiss her cheek, she smiles even in her sleep, I stay awake all night just holding her tight, because I don't want to fall asleep because I'll miss her so, because my love for her is my life, with out her I am nothing.


The Lost Love
By [gods2armys]

I wave, he waves, I smile, he turns his head away, walks around the corner, I start to fall into a deep cri,it starts to feel cold, I tremble, will he ever come back , lifts head up,no one there, puts head back down,feels a cold kiss on neck,jumps to feet,turns a round, he is their,she smiles,he hugs her tight, she never lets go, he said, I'll never leave you.


By [{Donut}]

I used to believe in a FAKE world.
And all the things i was told.
But then he went and loved my best friend.
At least that's what she was back then.


Memory Lane
By [Difference]

I walk down memory lane
as i notice the falling rain
I think of the times I've spent
Only making my life a bigger dent
I've laughed I've cried
I've told the truth and I've lied
I've made friends and I've lost friends
I Looked into so many sad eyes
and I've touched so many guys
I've seen myself go through death
and i've seen my friends watch their families take their last breath
And now i walk down memory lane
And I watch the falling rain


By [Difference]

I lie in bed at night and pray,
that you will think of me.
I cry until my eyelids close,
And dream- eternity

I wake to sunlight on my face,
and for a moment i forget.
Then a cloud passes by,
And i realize this is it.

I carry on through out the day,
feigning joy, and feeling pain.
I long to gaze upon your face,
and share a smile, and embrace.

The day is drawing to an end,
and still i think of you.
I try to relax yet in my mind,
i wonder what to do.

So now i lay me down to sleep,
I pray the lord, My soul will keep.
And should by chance you remember me,
Know that i love u- eternally.


By [Difference]

I stare at you, looking into your gorgeous eyes,
I think of how I want to be with you; no goodbyes.
I think your a beautiful dream that saves me from life,
If I were to lose you I would feel the pain of a knife.

Every night I dream of you and your body,
I think of you as a person that is so Godly.
I dream of you, and your eyes and your nose,
You're as beautiful as a red, red rose.

Your lips are beautiful right to the touch,
I could never let you go; I love you too much.
Your hair is soft just like your skin,
I think not touching you would be a horrible sin!

Lastly I dream of your big, beautiful heart,
Full of love and joy; If will NEVER fall apart.
I love you more than life it self, Mel
Not being with you would be living in hell.


By [FireGypsy]

There once was a girl named Ann,
Who long hoped for a man,
But when she wed,
She found him dead,
And was lonely once again.



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