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Friendship and Love Poems


Trapped in my Own Glass Coffin
By [madisonluvsalex]

here i lie, as it fills with tears.
and i shall reside here for many years.
i'm here cuz i knew i wouldn't have survived,
and i'll be here till my heart is revived.
but untill that day,
here i'll stay.....
giving up forever more,
leaving behind memories so poor.

cuz im trapped in my own glass coffin.


Vampiric Love
By [Hereby Deleted]

as the sun sets
she waits at her sill
forever led waiting
till the horizon is never again.

as the day becomes night
she waits for her love
his showing of love
by his soft kiss

his kiss turns to bite
to penetrate flesh
her vein subsides
and he enters within.

the taste of her blood
upon his lips
provides him with life
to prevail him again

he knows her warmth
and knows her love
forever she gives
to show him her love

he is gentle to her
as he bites her to feed
he takes just enough
to keep him alive.

soon she shall turn
to a vampire herself
and feel the need
to feed just like him

he knows this for sure
so warns her in time
and tells her, to stay
and to rely on him

as the night becomes day
she sleeps him away
and wakes to find her love gone
so waits at the window again.

she waits for her lovers return
to penetrate flesh and to feed again
she wishes she never falls asleep
to see him leave as the sun rises


When we First Met
By [MangledKitty]

When we first met, both me and you.
I knew it was forever, I knew it was true.
I fell in love, at first glance.
This was the one I would marry.
Oh the sweet romance.
I never thought, there could ever be.
Someone so special, and perfect for me.
When we first walked, in loves great lands.
I could forever know, I am safe in your hands.
When we first started our journey through the fields.
This love was right, this love was real.
And here we are, still staying true.
You and I, together like glue.


He is Not There
By [*Suicidal Cupcake*]

my heart beats so slowly as he is not there,
my mind is a muddle as he is not there,
my writing is a mess as he is not there,
my hands are so shakey as he is not there,
oh wair can he be he is ment to look after me.


True love
By [Ickle Angel]

I miss you more
Now that you’ve gone
All I do is think of you

You’re in my head
In my heart

I love you loads
More than life

My love for you
Keeps me alive
Keeps me happy
Keeps me surviving
Until the day
I hold u for real

Until then
My love for you
Will only grow
More and more

No one can take
Me from you now
You are my love
My one true love


Love to me
By [Yummy girl]

Love to me is a winding road.
Although it may have many turns and
obsticles in the way
through it all I seem to say,to my love,
my true love, that I love him.

Love to me is when we
put our futures and together and as we stand
in lifes cold and wreched hands.
I feel protected and loved

As our strong bond will not be broken,
to see him stand there and love me so, is
for me a great enough token.
And as we grow old and this
I am saying shall be told
Through out the lands and trough out the ages
And in books bindings and
will be scripted on they're pages.

That our love will never cease
And as for our futures i can say the least,
That my love holds my heart from now and forever


A life with out him
By [Yummy girl]

A life with out him is an idea I can barely
Bring my self to imagine.
To think a life can be so cold and so alone
But just to think that he would not be here
Simply brings myself to tears.

I would myself die inside
I would lay in my bed and as I cried
I would still be alone

Without him they’re to comfort me
And hold my hand
For me it ‘s rather hard to understand
How a life without him would be worth living
To see him go, I would never be forgiving

A life without him, I can only think would be
Ever so broken, and forever more cold.


In One Night
By [*Kitty*]

In one night you entire life can change, The sky could fall and the stars could rearrange.
As you look into his eyes so beautifully brown,
You wonder, "how could he be in love with me?"
In one night all your dreams could some true.
And with that passionate look in his eyes, he kisses you.
You become so overwhelmed that your knees become weak and you vision is bleak.
Then he gently whispers, "I love you."


You Wanted Something
By [Ajsinnott]

You wanted something
I made you love
It was a nice as a summer morning
But that wasn’t good

Tell me how every day
You act the very same way
Even though you have destroyed
The thing I made you tried to avoided


You and Me
By [Ajsinnott]

Look girl it's what I see
I think you and me
Where meant to be
Like destiny
Can you see?
So let's take walk
And have a talk about you and me

In your eyes I'm nothing
But to day I'll be something
Something big and smart
With strength and a hart
Who will always love you
And ill prove it, its true

Look I love you
I hope you love me
But you can't see
My hopes and dreams
Are pointless is seems
Cos you holding me back
Its what I lack
You love the stuff I need
The stuff I bleed

In your eyes I'm nothing
But to day ill be something
Something big and smart
With strength and a hearth
Who will always love you
And ill prove it, its true

Now I hope you can see
What you mean to me
And maybe
I'll be your honey
And I hope we can be
So come with me
And have a walk
And a talk
About you and me



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