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Friendship and Love Poems


By [Lex]

It's always something,
Your face, smile, lips.

I just cannot grasp what makes me want to hold you so long,
Kiss you so deep.

I stare into your eyes,
As if they never end.

In this daze...
Just lost in thought.

So when you look back at me;
With the question "what?"

All i can say is "nothing."
When it really means...

"I love you."


By [Lex]

Questions flow throughout,
Will you let me in ever again?
Will I tell you inside and out?

I don't want to hide these feelings
of love and doubt.
What would i be without?
I don't want us to forget and never find what we could have been.

Do i make you happy? Can i? Will i?
It's hard to ask these things to you;
Even though, i know you'll listen.
Fear of misunderstanding, confusion, me misleading.

Would you know that I choose is to be what you wish?
Or have you let me go so far in your heart,
That you don't see us to exist?

I want to know these things,
But don't know how to say...
Do you, will you, have you ever loved me?
Or should i go astray?

This i could do,
But then i'd be a meer fool.
Instead, i shall wait.
Until i know if i'm too late.


Hurt me once. Hurt me twice.
By [Lex]

im sorry you lied.
im sorry i didnt.
I told you im not gona be waiting again. And thats a for sure decision.
You hurt me once you hurt me twice.
Sure "she" did give me advice.
I didnt wanna listen.
I thought she was bluffin.
You didnt change me before.
This time its different.
Im over you.
Im over us.
I cant go on thinkin about what we lost.
You had your chance.
And i gave up mine.
What we had is over.
And im not changing my mind.
You became an ass.
I dont even know how it came to that.
It was a once in a lifetime love that i wont fall for again.
You hurt me once you hurt me twice.
Now im giving you advice.
Dont fuck with the girl who has a heart. Cuz once you break it shes gone.
Now whos gonna play my part:

The best girl you had, and will ever have.

The girl who IS ready for a new life. The girl who you let down and made cry.
The girl who had the guts to tell you shes also has died.

i wasnt looking for the OLD you i was looking for the new.
A man who would have pulled through. Instead of brining it all down to conclude.
The ending of us.

Now i think about it.
I knew you just wanted fuckin lust.
Dont think you hurt me.
This being 2.
Ive healed stronger than than you thought i would.
Dont come back unless you say your sorry.
But even if that.
I wont bother worrying.

You arent worth my time.
Im not crying over your sorry ass.
Becuz of your fuckin lying.

Again, you hurt me once.
You hurt me twice.
Now all i have left to say is Goodbye.


Independence VS Co-dependence
By [Lex]

Your smile, My happiness.
Your joke, My laugh.
It all seems like a fairytail,
But it can't be continued so perfectly.
Your sadness, My depression.
Your anger, My problem.
It can't work like a rollercoaster,
Because sooner or later one of us is going to get sick of riding.
Your love, My love.
Your heart, My heart.
--Our effort.
That's something we can work with,
Instead of depending on one another.
You say, I say, "I love you."
That will be enough to get us through.


I Choose You
By [Lex]

You work so hard along with school,
--I see nothing wrong with a man.
My parents say you're not good enough,
--But what is there that i see that they can't?!
They say you're dangerous or too old,
--But, yet, you're gentle, hard-working, and loving; Not dangerous...And age? - just numbers on the line of life.
Although we have our opinions there's never a wrong or right.
But if it were my own i'd choose us to be right.
Never wrong.
You say you love me,
--I believe it to be true.
You say you'll never leave me,
--I'll never do the same to you.
You say we were meant to be,
--I know it's true.
You say you'd never hurt me,
--That's why i choose you.


By [Lex]

I hold you tight, keeping you safe;
I kiss you gently, as if you could break;
There's only one reason i do so.
Your eyes, so warming and bright;
Your lips, tender and soft;
Your smile, kind and loving.
These are some reasons as to why i love you.
I do have a mother...
Who doesn't want us to have what we do.
But I will not allow her to take it away.
Our love and dignety.
My heart;
Taken by your beauty.
Your heart;
Full of love for me.
These are the reasons as to why i SHOULD love YOU.


If Only
By [Lex]

If only you'd know what i'd do.
If you'd understand what we'd be.
If we were and could be.
If we'd lasted long enough.
If i'd understand your choice.
If i'd let out a voice.
Maybe, one day, one way, we will be.
Only IF you'd want.
Only IF we could be how and what we want.
Only IF...


It's Your Fault
By [FredTheDuck]

It's your fault that when I close my eyes all I see is you
It's your fault that I cry whenever I feel ike you don't love me too
It's your fault that without you I fall apart
It's your fault that without you I'd have an empty heart
It's your fault that I'm as hopeless as I am
It's your fault that I've still got no plan
It's your fault that my life's a mess
It's your fault that I still remember that dress
It's your fault that we've been through so much
It's your fault that I yearn for your touch
It's your fault that all I need is you
It's your fault that I know this love is true


The Loving Rose
By [Sabrina Catherine]

Love is like a black rose
It may seem pretty at first,
But then you hold it
Firmly in your hand
Then blood like tears pours
And there is no stopping it
The rose stays with you
No matter how far away you throw it
It always comes back to haunt you
But soon the wounds heal
And the rose is nothing
But a distant memory
Hidden in a dark corner of you mind
And soon a finely trimmed red rose
Makes his appearance before you
And though you may never forget
That rose which hurt you so much
May still reside deep with your memory
But it is nothing but that
A memory,
A learning experience
And you move on to your new rose
Now happy at its beauty
And the joy it brings you


What do you see?
By: [Lex]

Who do you think i really am?
I cant seem to follow what YOU see.
You look at me differently
Opposed to how you speak.
I waited for the longest time,
Hoping he would come back to me.
A joke,
He thinks it is.
Im not laughing.
I've lost my sympathy and trust.
You've finally been forgotten.
All you are is a memory in the book of my life.
I am how i am.
Im not changing for you!
I do as i want,
To make me satisfied.
You have no right.
Out of anyones mouth i would have expected.
But you chose to speak out.
Your true colors have showed me the black ice,
Burried deep in your chest.
I did nothing to deserve it.
I was the best thing you ever had.
No matter what you may think.
I know i am.
I was nothing another woman will ever be.
Your loss, my gain.
I gained the discomfort of your words,
The loss of respect for your "love"
The beginning of a new life,
And the reason to move on without you.
I know who the old boy was.
Not who he has come to be.
Why cant it be the man,
I once thought would come back to me?
At least a friend...To say the least.
But those words that flowed past your lips,
The ones that stung the most.
The words that have been scarred on my heart and my mind,
I could never forgive.
So my last words can only mean so much...
Im sorry...
For not being what you desire.
Im sorry...
For loving you as i did.
Im sorry...
For wanting you.
Im sorry...
For being that person who wanted to make you happy.
Im sorry...
For the way you treated me and the way it came back.
Im sorry...
I wont take anything from you, back.
It's too late to appologize.
You can never recover that.
What you did was not deserved,
Especially, with the life i live.
I only loved you.
Now why should i forgive?
This isnt the first time ive been your doormat.
Probably wouldnt have been the last.
If you hadnt said what you did.
Id probably would have crashed.
So in a sick way thank you.
It's great to have passed.
Now if you can,
Tell me who you really see when you look at me.
If no more than just "that."
Why was i dragged so far,
Into this love of lies and deciete.
Ill tell you one thing,
Your words are CRAP.
Its your time to leave me be.
Im done with this pain and defeat.
And one last say,
Im big,
But only full of love.
What more could i have played in this game of the heart?
Who do you think i really am?
Ill never follow what you see.
In the end.
Everyone and I,
Can only see ME.


I'm Here Lullaby
By: [Yudan Enzeru]

Hush now love,
Don't be afraid.
Life is too big to fear.
close your eyes,
count to 10.
The world will be brighter then.
The pain will ease.
The tears will stop.
You will be smiling when daylight comes again.

Fear not I am here,
Though not strong I wont have fear.
For I do know that I can help,
Even if I am but a whelp.
I swear to you I'll be true,
For I found someone to like; that's you.

I am here for you my dear sweet Lenore.
You will never have to fear anymore.
I shall stay at your side,
Until the pain will subside.
Hush now, don't you cry,
Or you'll make me want to die.

So gather that courage,
Your strength and heart.
I will only encourage,
You will be fine just start.



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