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2013-06-02 [kittykittykitty]: Euhhhh wow. I don't think you should pay any attention to those Animal Jam mating weirdos :P People might think you're one of them.

2013-06-04 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: lool u might be right :)

2013-08-26 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: PPL HAVEN'T BEEN COMMENTING!!!??? SHAME ON U PPL!! O3O

2013-09-30 [GlassCasket]: people? PEOPLE?! WHERE?!?!?!?

2013-10-02 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: *sits on a rock waiting for something to happen*

2013-10-29 [kittykittykitty]: *rock turns into pineapple jelly*

2013-11-07 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: o.o srry ppl i had no way to get on EP .-.

2013-11-25 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: I want a pet unicorn!!!! " <img:an.gif>

2013-11-26 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: MUST.......... GET....... A UNICORN............ BEFORE I GO......... ABSOLUTELY.......... CRAZY!!!!!!! 0.0 TO LATE!!! *RUNS AND SCREAMS LIKE A MANIAC*

2013-12-06 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: *is shocked* WHERE are all the ppl!!!???

2013-12-19 [kittykittykitty]: Not on the index, clearly:P

2013-12-19 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: :P lol

2014-01-27 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: *wonders around this wiki eating jellybeans*

2014-01-27 [sammie h!]: *runs up and steals one*

2014-02-25 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: NUUUUUU well on the bright side that 1 was a black 1... sooo YAYYYYY I AM SAVED!!!

2014-02-25 [sammie h!]: Ewww *runs up and steals a blue one*

2014-02-25 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: Eh I have my pinks♥ *runs off to somewhere where [sammie h!] Or anyone else won't find me then eats each jellybean 1 by 1*

2014-05-26 [♥*Haley*♥]: EARN CASH EASY!

2014-07-24 [Stephen]: Er, I think that's spamming. :P

2014-08-06 [ℸℎℯ_℘ίηķ_∂ℯѵίℓ]: *imitating a cop car siren also holding up spam sign*

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