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Image done by:[Alexandra the Great]


This is the newest goofy feature of Elfpack! Every week a goofy picture of


will be shown on Mainstuff, so come on and get goofy!

Before submitting, please read the rules! Submissions that don’t follow the rules wil not be featured on Mainstuff. Thanks!


The Goofy Elfpackers Elfpacking sections:

-GEE! - The Rules

Read them, you must!

-GEE! - The Submissions

After you've read the rules, you may submit your goofy picture here!

-GEE! - The Goofy Hall of Fame

A list of members (with their photos) who were on previously featured on Mainstuff. Also click this link for a description of the prizes you can win!


The Goofy Crew

-Daily Goofs-


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2008-11-23 [Ricochet]: yeah very

2008-11-25 [Fear of the Soul]: loverly.....

2009-02-25 [thugAngel]: just me

2009-06-19 [Tear]: Oh dear

2011-10-21 [zoloftzantac]: yes! made it a few years with no comments that time

2012-11-02 [Deg]: This page has been REACTIVATED! :D Have fun, guys! If you have any questions about this page, feel free to message me.

2012-11-15 [GlassCasket]: COOKIES 'N' CREME MUTHA FUCKERRRRRS!!!

2012-11-15 [Deg]: <img:mood12-gif.gif> That's not a question! :) How about, "Mutha Fuggahs"? That's slightly more appropriate.

2012-11-19 [Stephen]: I remember when my username was Angelo. >:)

[Alexandra the Great], [Firenze], [Dwemer] and myself use to run all over the place making official things. I haven't even spoke to Alex in like.. five years. Haha.

2013-09-25 [Stephen]: GEE has been closed for a while. :3

2013-09-25 [Deg]: That is certainly and unfortunately true. My next day off is Friday, no school OR work, so it's a true day off. I'll see what I can do then!

2013-09-28 [kittykittykitty]: Site was down for quite some time yesterday wasn't it? xD

2013-09-28 [Deg]: Yes, it was. Haha! Not an excuse, though...I simply suck. Haha!

2013-10-04 [kittykittykitty]: Well it is an awfully good excuse. Or a reason... it's more of a reason than an excuse. *nod* But by NOW you have no excuse >:3

2013-10-04 [Deg]: I know! I'm just AWFUL. Haha. I've been on every day but just no time to do anything. Thankfully, my work schedule is finally sorted out. No more full-time work AND school! So...after this next week, there really will be no excuse.

2013-10-17 [kittykittykitty]: Full-time work and school at the same time? Geez, lady! That's pretty hardcore. No time for homework even.

2013-10-18 [Deg]: Yeah, it's! Or exhausting. You know, either way. Now I got a pretty awesome cold that's haunting me, but I have all day tomorrow off, so WHOO HOO! If I don't have renovation done tomorrow, I'll...I'll forfeit. LOL. Deal?

2013-10-23 [kittykittykitty]: *waits for the forfeit to happen*

2013-10-24 [Deg]: NO. I made an update. ABOUT UPDATES. No forfeit. HEfeailufhealfhawefhnapweoifnapeifaw *dies.*
Actually stuff will be done soon. I'm working on it. I'm not gonna update it a little bit at a time, I'm just gonna upload when I'm completely done. One day it'll appear and it'll be like, WOW.

2020-09-23 [RIFT KEEPER]: ... duck... duck... duck... GOOSE

2020-12-28 [Deg]: *SCREAMS* NOT....THE GOOSE

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