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Member #11413 created: 2005-03-07 19:41:01Simple URL:   

Name: Joost Verwey




Elfpack Badges:
<img:stuff/z/6723/retirees/harbbadge.png> <img:stuff/z/6723/retirees/custodian.png><img:stuff/Contractorgif.gif> <img:stuff/aj/6723/cccrewretired.png><img:stuff/aj/6723/retiredlotto.png><img:><img:stuff/z/6723/retirees/toggery.png>

<img:stuff/seahorse_3.gif> <img:stuff/dpoet_badge.gif>   <img:stuff/aj/6723/badgemaker2.png> <img:stuff/aj/6723/donor.png>

<img:stuff/Artistbadge.gif> <img:stuff/epcontest2.gif> <img:stuff/z/6723/retirees/council.png>

I am / have been member of the following Official Elfpack groups:

- Retired Harbringer
- Retired Custodian
- Contractors
- Retired CCC Staff
- RetiredElfpack Lotto Staff
- Retired Elfpack Awards Crew
- Retired Toggery staff
- Poets
- Elfpack Poets
- Badge Makers
- I donated hard earned money to Elfpack and became one of Elfpack's Official Donors
- I became one of Elfpack's Artists by donating art to Elfpack Graphics
- I won Elfpack's Dragon Art Contest
- retired Council member
- retired Poem boss
- retired Daily Goof crew

How to Gain an EP TitleBadge Credits

Elfpack titles and orders
GuideAdventurerCrazy kid

Index-pages in the wiki: (help)


All my wiki's in lists:

Please take a look around


Personal Wiki's
1. Dwemer's Wiki's
2. Dwemer's Pet Bunny Ernest


Note: Most official wiki's you see on my page were made by me and Kelly (a.k.a. [Firenze] or Stephen (a.k.a.) [Stephen] ^_-

Official Contests
1. Elfpack Contests - List of all Official Contests
2. Elfpack's Official Border Contest
3. Elfpack's Snapshot Contest
4. Elfpack's Dragon Art Contest
5. Elfpack's Anthem Contest


Official Wiki's
1. Elfpack's Official Archive - List of all Official wiki's
2. Elfpack's Official Donors
3. Elfpack Advisory
4. How to Donate with PayPal
5. Elfpack Contractors Office
6. Elfpack Suggestions
7. Goofy Elfpackers Elfpacking!
8. Daily Goofs
9. Elfpack's Anthem Contest
10.Official Art Contest Polls
11.Elfpack Poets
12.Poetry Donation Records
13.Elfpack Poetry
14.Poem Bosses
15.Elfpack Lotto


Recommended Wiki's
1. Elfpack Artwork Galleries
2. Elfpack Custom Art
3. Elfpack Houses
4. Elfpack's Language Project
5. The Supreme Communities
6. Elfpack College

Dwemer + [Firenze] *still* is:


That will be it for now :)

Age: 35Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 15

Gender: male

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: Norway

Exact place of living: Kongsberg

Known languages
GermanIrish GaelicScottish Gaelic

Favorite URL:

Skype Username: joost.verwey

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

hip hophousenew age
popprogressive metalrap

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexcybersexdancing
historymotorcyclesrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 189

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