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2006-11-28 12:29:04
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Skype - Talk for a long time for free!

Skype is a telephone-program, free to download. It's like MSN and Yahoo Messenger, but the sound-quality is better, especially if you have a bad net. And of course you want to hear your favorite Elfpacker's sexy voice!

Click there=> And download it!

Press <img:stuff/lang.png> on the Skype-site (Up to the right) to download Skype in your language! It's a small program that even my grandma can download and install (She's dead, but it's so easy to install that she can do it anyway!).

Well, Skype isn't really paying me for downloads anymore. See or something... I don't care. Skype will probably die some day when better SIP-phones are available.

Username (or number or email):


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2006-11-28 [shellygriffith]: dun dun dun

2006-11-28 [Enneigard Rebirth]: lol you click on the top flashing button thing.

2006-11-28 [shellygriffith]: yea where it says CLICK HERE

2006-11-29 [Enneigard Rebirth]: it says click there=>

2007-05-21 [{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF *tHe* SuBcOnSiOuS}]: umm ok then...

2007-05-26 [Orochimaru]: ...

2007-05-26 [Enneigard Rebirth]: totally! did i tell you it was free?

2007-06-08 [AloneEllone]: i think you mentioned it 8)

2007-06-19 [daddyslilgurl]: hey

2007-06-19 [daddyslilgurl]: your talking to a totally sexy babe

2007-06-19 [shellygriffith]: eeeeewwwwwwwww...jk

2007-07-06 [KKSlaughter]: okay what's with the wooters?

2007-07-06 [shellygriffith]: the "wooters"?

2007-07-19 [Enneigard Rebirth]: also it's free!

2008-09-30 [Delete_Me]: um hi pples

2009-05-20 [Enneigard Rebirth]: hello there, did you know skype is free!?!

2010-07-02 [$princess$]: hi

2012-12-27 [sammie h!]: Well this needs updating x

2013-01-08 [Hedda]: Why? Is this page linked to from somewhere?

2013-01-08 [sammie h!]: I mean it will be good to update it as we have been updating A lot of pages and I could update it if you like, at least you can see what I do then.

I typed it in lol

2013-03-05 [kittykittykitty]: Hedda when anyone edits their profile they see a link to it. So either this needs to be updated, or the link on <URL:update_attr.html> removed. Did it ever make any money?

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