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Enneigard Rebirth (This place is dead. Send me your info.)

Member #40168 created: 2006-03-02 03:30:37Simple URL:   

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This is my special pet: Enneigard Sin the Blue Gron.

Giffie-Pet Store

ehuave mocathni villi vils extroitre...[Enneigard Rebirth] eh? vamin vamin. lol.

[so bored right now. leave a message.]

[ji nasudia right zeit. mith anitelph.]

Hello there, i am _______ and welcome to my house. I bet your wondering why I don't have my name posted up, that's because someone from the CIA is stalking me and selling me diet pills over the phone, and I don't want any one else to do so. :> so just to let you know, my interests are walking around while it's foggy, writing stories and poetry, drawing, riding my invisible motorcycle, hanging out with my true love, and abusing the dead corpses of the victims that come to see me in person trying to reach 3rd base, but in vain i tear them into pieces with my 12 inch talons and blast a torrent of rotting organs down their throat and make them die a horrible choking death.

was that creepy or what? totally. notice how i say totally and not TO-TALLAY like some of the people on here. as you can see i am not gay, and i like writing very long sentences.
right now you are probably scrolling down my profile to look at something more interesting, the problem is, there is nothing interesting on here right now.

so i am going to start adding interesting stuff on it besides pictures of myself, you know, because i could ramble on and on and on about nothing important.

[#] click the fucking button. I know you didn't read my profile you hypocrite.[#]
[#] i said click it....[#]

[#] stop reading these things and click the god-damn button! [#]

[#] oooo you enjoy being an anarchist don't you?[#]

[#] click for free money and date with famous celebrity!!![#]


[#]click to live forever and never age!![#]

[#] ohhhh you just lost the ability to live forever and never age...[#]

[#]by the time you get done[#]

[#] reading all of these little sentences [#]

[#] it will be too late to click them. [#]

oh my, i'm so sorry.

Known languages

progressive metal

Civil status: single

Body shape: very thin

Height: 164

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