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Here on Elfpack Custom Art you can find a variety of different artists who will customize a peice of art work for you. Just check out these listings and if you have any questions message [Alexandra the Great], [Stephen], or [Dwemer] and we shall answer any questions you might have. Enjoy a look around as well.


( Banner By: [Alexandra the Great]

Links to different Artists


This is the list of the hard working artists who will be willing to make you a custom piece of art, please be nice to them and treat them kindly also please be patient if you ask for an art peice by any of them, they can turn you down if you're rude so please be nice!!! Also another thing please give the artists credit on there work, if you fail to do this you will be reported.

Elfpack Houses Some of the best banners by [Dwemer]
Custom Banners and the newest wiki EP Custom Comical Characters Some nifty banners and comical characters as well by [Alexandra the Great]
Glen's comic character Some of the coolest comical characters by [Orestez]
[Oddjob] He will do nameplates for you
SpiderFox Art - by [Mildred Hubble], a must see!!!
Sairah's Toggish Commish Store
[Vader] Banners for houses and wiki's, custom jobs a speciality (^_^)
[kingofhearts3026] Custom fantasy art, new ideas welcome!

[Valather] Custom Drawings, Paintings, sculpture and forged works. All sorts of other stuff. Message for more info.
Amalaswinta's 3d Art Choose from whatever I have created and see it transformed into a unique banner :-)


If you have any questions contact [Alexandra the Great] and if you want to join and do custom art you must contact her [Stephen] or [Dwemer] and we will make sure to get back to you soon as possible!


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2005-06-09 [Mildred Hubble]: wow. i didn't even know my wiki was listed here. awesome, and thanks a million to whoever listed there. *huggies*

2005-06-09 [Dwemer]: C'est moi ^_^

2005-06-09 [Mildred Hubble]: *hugs Dwemer* Tonk-oo! Now I gotta add more stuff to my wiki to make it impressive. hahaha I've been lazy since I've moved away from home.

2005-06-12 [Stephen]: Lalalala No one posts her anymore lalalalala

2005-06-12 [Dwemer]: I do! :) lalala

2005-06-12 [Alexandra the Great]: *glomps [Dwemer] and [Stephen]* now i do ^^

2005-06-12 [Dwemer]: See ^_^ people comment here.

2005-06-12 [Alexandra the Great]: mwhahahaha

2005-06-12 [Stephen]: YAY!! People posted!! *hugs both*

2005-06-12 [Alexandra the Great]: *smiles* of course hun

2005-06-14 [DRACE]: dammit I can't make this long >_< ...

2005-06-14 [Stephen]: Huh?

2005-06-15 [DRACE]: time is against me... can't hold on any longer

2005-06-17 [Mildred Hubble]: :p  Dirty. lol

2005-06-17 [Stephen]: O.o; Maybe I'll delete that :P

2005-06-18 [Mildred Hubble]: lol

2005-06-19 [Morfeaohtarawen]: ^.-

2005-06-19 [Stephen]: :P

2005-06-21 [DRACE]: a steady hand, welds a dangerous weapon... < thought of the day > meh I didn't know what to put, so sorry if its stupid... eh who cares anyways... ~_~

2005-06-21 [DRACE]: a peach is a peach, a plum is a plum, but a kiss isn't a kiss, without alittle tounge... ^_~ hehe

2005-06-21 [Morfeaohtarawen]: haha

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