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Art by: Superior [Orestez]

Team [Firenze] and [Dwemer]
TFAD creates wiki's for those are either too lazy to make them themselves or have really poor wiki making skills.


[Alexandra the Great] Made me Glacies the lord of ice in her fantastic wiki The Eight Guardians !

EP Independent


EP Gaming Reviews

[There are mine reviews ^^]


Gods Of Elfpack


I am the God Of Nature there: Temple of the God Of Nature

Ministry Of Elfpack

Come and take your place in the parlement!

I survived the great server-down of 2005 -A day without EP is a day not lived-]

Upper banner made by me, lower banner, made by [Love like Winter.] !

Ramblers United!</center>
Also thanx to [Love like Winter.] who is co-owner with me!



Dwemer's Edgy Buttons
Free cool buttons for everyone!

Egyptian Secrets
Revealing Egyptian secrets !



War Art
wiki for war art !

We Love Dwemer
Please join if you like me ^^ !


-[Dwemer]'s House

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2005-05-20 [Alexandra the Great]: you forgot mine v.v

2005-05-20 [Dwemer]: i'm going to add it love, this night, i settle everything

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