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"War is not decided by who is right, but by who is left."

--Sir Winston Churchill, submitted by: [Ringbearer]


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2011-08-05 [LinkTurrner]: Nice your getting it back up and going

2011-08-05 [Stephen]: :P
LF> Staff.
Message me.

2011-08-05 [LinkTurrner]: xD will do than and LF???

2011-08-05 [Stephen]: "Looking for"

2011-08-05 [LinkTurrner]: Ah ok

2011-08-17 [bLuReD ViSiOn]: How do I add one???

2011-08-17 [Stephen]: Go to Elfpacker Quotes 22, hit "Edit", then you add your entry at the end of the entries and save the page. =)

2011-08-20 [bLuReD ViSiOn]: wheres edit?

2011-08-20 [Stephen]: Well, there's no edit button anymore.. the submission period ended today, so now we're voting on the winner.

2011-08-22 [bLuReD ViSiOn]: I looked and couldnt find it grrr. I hate being technically challenged. can you tell me where it would be so I can know for futre refferace please.

2011-08-22 [Stephen]: o3o
I did tell you, but sure.

The current voting is on Elfpacker Quotes 22 and soon we'll be starting the new submission period.

2011-10-29 [Bookwyrm]: NEW GRAPHICS. <3 We also really, really need to advertise this. We only have a single quote for this contest period so far and it's supposed to end on the tenth or eleventh.

2011-11-01 [Stephen]: Yeah, I know. >_<;

I had it in the calender for a bit, but it vanished. I'll re-add it.

2011-11-01 [Bookwyrm]: <3 Ish okay. I could've added it, but I haven't edited the calendar in forever so I need to re-acquaint myself with it.

2011-11-02 [Stephen]: It's really easy to do. :)

2011-11-23 [Stephen]: Closed for maintenance and renovations, sorry for any inconveniences.

2011-12-12 [sammie h!]: Damn

2012-04-20 [sammie h!]: When is this going to be back up and running, I could help as a volunteer. :)

2012-05-02 [Stephen]: Well, to be honest there seems to be little to no member interest in this feature.

Perhaps once we get things really ironed out then this will be reopened, but as of now there's not much point to putting time and energy into something not many are interested in. =[

2012-05-02 [sammie h!]: Yeah, well if you need a hand with it, let me know. x

2012-05-03 [Stephen]: Will do. :)

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