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Rules For Submitting

These are the rules to abide by when submitting to Quotes from Elfpackers.
Submissions that fail to follow the rules will be deleted by the Quote Crew.
Thanks to [kittykittykitty] for drafting the first rules.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> Submitted quotes must be suitable for all Elfpack members! No racist or sexist quotes, and no strong sexual content in them either. They must be suitable to be put on Mainstuff.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> Quotes must be no more than one or two lines. Copying the dialogue of a whole scene in your favourite movie is not good enough... find the best line in there to submit.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> The submission limit is three (3) quotes per submitter. Please do not submit more than three quotes, or all your quotes may be deleted.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> No insider jokes and references that only you and your friends understand. If it's an obscure reference you might want to explain what it is :)

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> Film or Literature Quotes must be accompanied by the name of the Film/Book/Whatever, the author/director and who the quote was made by if applicable.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> Do not submit a quote that has already been submitted, and don't submit a quote that's been used in the last contest.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> Winning quotes may not be used again in the contest. Don't try.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> If you win a quote contest, you may not submit new quotes for one full contest period. So if you win contest one, you can't submit again until contest three. Give others a chance to be featured. ^_~

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> It is not permitted to ask people to vote for you in the contest. You can ask people to vote, but not for you specifically. Spamming people for votes will get you removed from the vote.


Submission Examples:

This will give you an idea of what is expected of submissions.

Film Quote Example: "Me, I'm dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for..." -Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Carribean

Book Quote Example: "Ghastly, grim, and ancient Raven, wandering from the Nightly shore,-- Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore! Quoth the Raven 'Nevermore!'" -Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven (st. 8)

Comic Quote Example: "What you say is reasonable, logical, justifiable. But does that make it right?" -Nightcrawler, "Rage" Uncanny X-Men #140, 1st series, Chris Claremont


How it Works

Just a quick explanation of how the contest is run, so you can be prepared!

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> Members (you!) submit their fantastic quotes to the current submission page which is featured at the top of the page.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> At the end of the submission period; which is undecided at the moment, so it will be announced; the Quote Crew will choose several likely quotes and add them to a poll on the current submission page. Update: Check the calendar on Mainstuff REGULARLY! This is where we will announce the end of the submission period, the date voting begins, AND where the winning quotes will be featured!

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> Members (whether they've submitted or not) will then be encouraged to vote on a winner to be featured on the Mainstuff calendar.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> At the end of the voting period, the highest ranking quote will be featured on Mainstuff, its author/sourcer declared winner, and the winner awarded their badge.

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1319916550.png> A new page will be created, and the contest will begin again with new submissions.

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