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Friendship and Love Poems


My Heart
By [Ayame Whitepaws]

You hold my love.
You hold my heart.
I am yours.
We shall never part.

Hold onto me.
Don't let me go.
You hold my heart.
You own my soul.


Spell Vow
By [Ayame Whitepaws]

Even though we're far apart..
I know in my heart.

That you hold the only key..
And will care for me.
For my heart is yours and yours mine..

Say this ryme at the same time..
And your hearts , futures and souls.
Will forever be in twine...


My Dream
By [Ayame Whitepaws]

Eyes full of sadness.
Heart slowly dying..
Is my dream of love.
Going to be my end?

Sight fading fast.
Life ebbing away...
Hope held in my heart.
For someone to come my way.

Eyes glowing bright.
Heart beating fast.
My true love.
Has come at last...

Dreams coming true.
Hearts growing as one.
Hope lasts forever..
This love shall never be undone


To the One I Love...
By [yo, its ginn]

My heart belongs to you the one I love and I hope you know that yout the one Im thinking of thiers certain things you do that make me cry and when you do them I dont understand why I love you for all of the things you do and I hope you know that my love for you is true and I want you to know that I really do care and I love you even more when people stare Your good to me and I think your great I can shurly love you but its impossible to hate


No Title
By [yo, its ginn]

I listen to your heart beat
I feel you take a breath
I inhale your intoxicating smell
I look into your eyes
You do the same as well
Im nervous beond scared
But you tell me its ok
But when the time comes
you dont know what to say
I dont blame you though
I dont know what to say either
And when this is over I know that your still be there
Im as ready as you are
Which isnt much at all
But you say no matter what
youll catch me when I fall
Youll be there till the end
I never thought I would feel this way
Especially for my best friend
But now that were together
It would be wrong any other way
I know that i will feel this way until my dieing day


You'll Always be There
By [yo, its ginn]

Sometimes Id think that Id never make it through
So Id close my eyes and remember I had you
Until I heard the news that horrible day
And it made me want to die in every single way
But when someone loves you as much as I do
And the love thqat they have is entirley true
Somehow even if its the end of the world
In that boring shell you will always find a pearl
Somehow at the end of the day
When you know ypur love will never fade away
The person for whom you truley care
You know in your heart will always be there


I Love You
By [Raikcoes]

I find love in all the things you do
there's beauty in your eyes, and the warmth of your smile
the passion of you touch and the sway as you walk
in all I see, I see love in you
just want to say thanks for being my all
no longer will either of us be lonely, through out the day and night
no more tributations or separations
no more going through it alone
only joy, bliss, and happiness
My love i'm comming home!


Your Command
By [The Darkest Star.]

Give me a sign, let me know that you care,
Tell me that you'll always be there.
For I spend all my time caring about you,
And when I need the help, what do you do?
You're only out for what you can get,
You're selfish and shocking, you won't let me forget.
Deep down I hate you but I can't understand,
Why I love you, I'm under your command.


By [Raikcoes]

do you love me?
do you not?
you told me once, but i forgot.
i do believe you,
you were sent from above.
i think god created you for me to love.

if i die before you do,
i will wait for you on heavens stairs.
on judgment day,
if your not there on judgment day,
i'll know you when the other way.
and just to prove my love is true,
i'll go to hell to be with you!


Stuffed animals
By [Raikcoes]

It seems that no matter how hard i cry everything remains the same. The pain, the sorrow, the loneliness. Everyone is always on my case, always against me, but never with me. Why am I so alone in this world? No one ever understands me, but one thing... and that one thing is a stuffed animal!!! A stuffed animal of which that has no feelings, can's talk, comfort, or love!!! THe one thing it does have is the fact that a stuffed animal can't hurt, back stab, or be cruel and unkind. So in a sense a stuffed animal is always your best friend! They are there when you need them the most, they can never turn their backs on you, or tell your secrets. Best of all a stuffed animal.....CAN NEVER SHIT!!



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