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Death Poems


By [lustful.hearts]

It started a cold Stormy night,
The Nazis put up such a fight.
Jews they were after,
For oh such the laughter,
The foot of their problems for sure.

I know of the camps,
And their horrid torture chambers,
For Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, handicaps,
And anyone who displeased them.
Kill the Jews,
It’s what they do,
For hate and entertainment.

We used to laugh we used to play,
Mere children torn from the arms of our parents.
The dreams of yesterday were soon forgotten,
For today we’ll be treated as cattle.
Eleven million have a story,
But aren’t alive to tell it.

Who would of know,
Such men of high standing.
Whom kissed their wives and tucked children into bed.
As murders of innocent Children
Who would of known it to end this way?
I’m sorry my friend the day is done.


Empty Shell
By [Alexandra the Great]

If you were to die...
I would be crushed from the inside...
I would not look at anything the same...
I would have a scar that would never go away...
I would cry and sob till there were no more tears for me to shed...
I would find pleasure in nothing...
I would not be able to find happiness again...
I would become hard inside and not allow anyone else to get close...
I wouldn’t be human anymore.. If you were to die... I would die to...


What caused it too end so soon?
By [Koi]

If you get this, it is too late then.
Now I have seen how life treats me,
And now you see how I solved it.
He and She said I was too young.
The rest say it's about time.
You said nothing.
I'm still with you, though you doubt it.
I hope you will always see my love of you.

Forever I will miss some,
Forever will I hate some.

No longer will I bleed for them.
No longer will I cause you pain.
No longer will people be blind.
No longer will He and She fight.
No longer will everyone see me suffer.
No longer will I suffer because of them.


The Dark
By [Neutron Bomb 1977]

I Walk This Dark Tunnel Wishing To Find The End
I Pray To See The Light
I Take A Breath
U Can Hear The Cries Of People That Where Once There
Now Only Bits Of Dust
I Try To Find The Light Where I Will Be Free
But As I Walk I Just Walk Deeper Into The Darkness
Scared As If I Was Just About To Lose My Life
I Think Deeply About The People I Love
I Wounder If I Will Ever Get Out Of This Hell Hole
I Sit Down For A Rest
I Sit And Pray To God That I Will Find A Way Out Of This Place That Holds So Many Fears And Cries.


The Power of Words
By [Chainer]

Jimmy walked out onto the street,
His ears and mind aring.
Tears poured down his pale face
Dark birds above awing.

"Why can't I live the way I want?"
Muttered under his breath.
"They laugh and point and call me names,
and say I am worthless."

"My parents see the way they think
Disliking all I do.
I am not free, even at home, from bile others spew."

His speech was done, but no one heard,
Except the birds above.
He stepped into an alleyway,
Face set, devoid of love.

He wiped his tears and stepped back out
Onto the dim dark street.
Traveling back to his hostile home,
He had a freind to meet.

Into his house he crept slowly
To not wake anyone.
His father's closet held his freind,
A dull grey metal gun.

He wrote a note that simply said:
"Better for me today."
Jimmy touched the gun to his head
And blew his life away.


Left For Dead
By [Neutron Bomb 1977]

Here I Go All Alone
Into The Dark
Into The Darkness I Fade
Into The Black Night
I Will Be Nothing But A Memory
Nothing But And Old Memory
Something Some One Gets And Throws Away
Because No One Wants It Anymore
I Will Be Just Another Thing No One Wants
An Abandoned Puppy Left For Dead
Something Will Come To Mind Death Is My Answer
Maybe The Question This Is Something I Understand
Something U Wont Get I Stand Abandoned Left In The Ditch Scared Of The Darkness That Surounds Me Will Death Come To Mind Maybe So But As I Stand Here All Alone I Watch All My Dreams And All The Things Ive Worked For Fade Fade Away All The Things I Love And Care About Fade I Stand There Left For Dead.


By [Elise*]

I remember the pain in his eyes
That reached into my soul
The sweat from his glands that you could feel when you touched his hands
The mysteryious sounds that came from his lips
For i had found the one and only love of life
but he took his own life
and snapped my heart in two like the way you snap a twig!



Look To The Stars Forsaken Angel
By [Black Winged Angel]

For Stephen Hutchins

Watching you leave and saying goodbye,
It seems like those few minutes were shorter,
Though it was hardly short, when I hugged you,
And yet it was so far apart.

Now angels sing when heaven proclaims your name,
And yes I know you’re still in my heart,
But you’re not here to hold me anymore,
You were the only one I had.

Forsaken Angel, dare you speak no longer,
But only on the wind,
Dare you not to fly,
Freely do you float instead,
On a cloud drifting high.

You were my hero,
Now you are my angel,
It just doesn’t seem real at all,
Nothing but a nightmare.

Standing in awe,
I watch you sleep,
With a pale complexion,
I kiss you on the cheek,
I wish only the best for you now,
But now you’re gone and all I do is weep tears of sorrow in your absence.

There are tears of sorrow that now fall,
And these blue tears I shed are all for you,
I don’t want you to be gone,
But now you are,
I’ll look for you when I look to the stars.


The Sumoner
By [Koi]

I am the sumoner
A curse thy dread
I only exist to set him free
he is the lord of darness and my father
No one can stop him or me from distroying Earth and Narnia
before they're eyes
the only way to save Earth and Narnia is for me to die
My life is a prophecy that I shall NOT complete
So I grab a knight's dagger
and raised it hight above my heart
Preparing to sacrifice myself to Alsan, our god
But my friend saw me with the dagger in thy hands
She ran to stop thee but I already plugged it into thy heart
while I was slowly dying I told my friend,
"I did this to save your life, so please take me to the palace of sacrifis so ,Alsan, can eat my body."
She did what I asked but she prayed for ,Aslan, to spare
my life and take me to heaven which he did,
so now I live in peace forever.


By [FireWing]

I wish you were dead-

When I see you I almost gag
I always think "what a *ag"
When I eat I hope and pray
You and Death will meet someday.



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2007-10-20 [*Faerydae*]: Mystique
A Lover's Lost Dream

The waves gently rock me,

Like a mother would a baby.

Sea foam tickles my face,

Reminding me of a kiss a dog would give you,

Cold and wet.

I close my eyes and drift...

Drift deeper out into the ocean,

The shores no longer in vision.

It's like a journey one would take to the afterlife,

You feel no pain or sorrow...

Just... peace... and a sense of calm.

I open my mouth to say my final words,

"I am coming to join you, my love."

But then I wake up in my bed,

My own tears are the rain drops in my dream.

I look at the pictures on my wall,

"Soon, I will be with you soon...."


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