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Friendship and Love Poems


Voice of my Heart
By [darkpoet]

whenever you are away I miss
holding you in my arms. Your
sweet smile melts my heart.
Your eyes that I get lost in
tell me a story of the broken heart, which you keep from
breaking inside your soul.

Your voice raises my spirits each
time I hear it. Your sweet,
soft, luscous, lips feel like
heaven each time we kiss.
Whenever we kiss I get tingles all
over my entire body.
Each time i hold you in my arms I feel
time slow down.

Whenever you are in my arms I
feel all of my
problems vanish.
You are a rush of love that has come into
my life.
since you entered my life you
have healed the scars on my heart,
and in my soul with the love you
send into my body when you are near me,
in my arms, or away on the other
side of the phone.
Thank you voice of my heart.


On All the Stars
By [berbear ice cold1384]

On all the stars,
Out so bright,
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have the wish,
I wish tonight.

I wish him to be happy,
And know when I’m not.
I wish him to be crazy,
And know that I am.
I wish him handy,
And know that I can be for him.

He sometimes has to be sappy,
And know that I can be.
He shouldn’t be too lazy,
And know that I am.
He needs to be sweet as candy,
And know I can be for him.


Like A Bitter Rain
By [Skadia]

My tears drop like a bitter rain
so sad I cannot feel the pain
All I know is death is greater...
than sitting here, waiting for later.
For now to the one I held so dear,
I cannot live without you here.
And if you read this I hope you know
that I'll stand with you, no matter the foe.
And once deaths grasp makes me go
I end peacefully, as tears flow.


...My tears drop like a bitter rain...
and only you can stop my pain.


Just Like You
By [FaDe AwAy]

Written with a pen
sealed with a kiss
if your my friend
please answer me this;

are we friends
or are we not?
you told me once
but i forgot

so tell me now
and tell me true
so i can say

of all the friends
ive ever met
your the one
i wont forget

and if i die
before you do
ill go to heaven
and wait for you

ill give the angels
back their wings
and risk the loss
of everything

there isnt a thing
i wouldnt do
to have a friend


By [Ickle Angel]

My heart belongs to one,
The one I love.
I used to love, care,
But one thing got taken away from me.
I lost my heart,
In love with him,
Once your heart is given to some,
You don’t get it back
And if you do it tends to be broken.
But I didn’t get mine back,
He took that with him,
When he passed away.

He broke his promise,
He said he’d never leave you,
And yet he did.
I won't doubt his love for me,
He left something behind,
That told me and the world,
Just how much he loved me.
Just because he’s gone,
Doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving him,
Wanting him.
I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving him.
He meant so much to me
And I lost him.

So everyone just let me be,
Leave me alone,
To deal with my pain.
I know you’re here for me,
And I know he’ll never have wanted me to act like I am,
But everyone has ways of dealing with someone they’ve lost,
In there own way.
This is mine…


Should I?
By [Elise*]

Sometimes I don’t know what I want
Should I be your friend again after what you have done?
Should I hate you and never care
So many feelings, so many thoughts
No one can explain I’m on my own
Some people say forgive and forget
Well I can never forget what you have done
You crushed me you’ve brought me so low
Made me lean to the razor for escape
Do I want to take you back?
Should I forgive and forget?
Or should I block you out…forget you ever existed


The Fringe

i may be in your life
if just on the edge
call me spoiled
but what good is a fringe
if thats all you give?
where is the love?
the kisses and hugs?
push me away
say i had my day
my time in the sun
if im on the edge
im still in your life
if just on the fringe
i may not be what you want
just what you need
but cant you see
that i want you back
i guess that your gone
theres nothing to do
but let this all go
im just on the fringe
cause thats all you give
say that you love me
that you still care
yet you leave me on the fringe
just hanging here


By [Ickle Angel]

You lost me.
Lost me for good,
Or so I thought.
Out of your life,
Once and for all.
So then why do I still feel this?
This pain?
I know you feel some pain.
Doubt as much as me thought.
At the time,
Walking away.
Cutting you out of my life,
Had seemed right,
Even if it was hard.
I sit here now,
And think about,
What I’ve done.
Think of you.
I won't think about what ifs or what may have been,
It’s useless now.
I can’t change what’s happened.
I can only move forward in life.
Even if it means without you.
All I have is this pain and memories and this stupid love.
Once it was easy to block feelings.
But you broke one thing.
No ones ever reached this far.
I hope you happy with yourself.
I wish I hated you,
It’s easier to hate people than love.
But funny enough I still love you.

Someone holds me,
Whilst I cry.
Cry until I feel nothing.
I ask questions,
All they do is listen,
Holding me tight.
They don’t know what to do,
They know I’m in pain,
And the hurt on their face,
Only makes me cry more.
Suddenly I stop,
I push them away.
I feel nothing.
I see them reach for me,
I flee from them.
I don’t turn round,
I run.
I hear my name.
They’re shouting it,
It grows fainter.
I run until I have to eventually stop,
I fall.
The rains started and I never noticed,
I sit there motionless,
Soaking wet.
I don’t think.
Don’t feel a thing.
Something’s happened.
Something’s died,
I’ve lost something.
What it is,
I can not say,
For I am not the same person anymore.
I am alone.
No one can reach me now.

I let loneliness surround me,
It is my only friend now.
Good bye life the wind whispers,
All is quiet and I welcome this new life.


How Much You Mean to Me
By [deathly ~*~ beautiful]

i think and think,
how many times i've tried,
to tell you how much you mean to me,
but then i realized that how much ever it is its not enough,
i miss you alot,
cant bear much longer with out you,
wonder what i'd do if i ever lost you,
then i think,
what if he finds someone better,
but that doesnt matter,
becuase i still love you,
the words i speak to you are true,
i'll still love you no matter what you do,
i know you'll never break my heart,
just as much as i know that we'll never be apart,
i long to see your handsome face,
and take you to my special place,
were we can go and be by our selves,
and not be bothered by any one else,
i tell myself,
not to doubt,
but to always have faith in our love,
and one day we'll finally be together,
and when that day so soon comes,
i will never let go of you,my love....


Always Have, Always Will
By [+Broken+]

Always Have, Always Will
I want you to know, that I've always loved you.
Since the day we met, I loved you.
Even when we fought, I loved you.
Being with you was amazing and I'll never regret it.
Making love to you was mind blowing, and I'll always remember it.
You cared for everything I did.
You saw all the emotions I hid.
You deserve everything you dream of and more.
One day your wounds will heal that are now so sore.
Everywhere you go, and everything you do.
I will always be with you.
There is a spot in my heart that you hold.
My affection for you, you'll never fully know.
If I never see you again, it will kill a part of my soul.
But I'm thankful for the precious time we stole.
Please dont forget me.
Please dont hate me.
I love you Chance.
Always have, always will.



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