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Descriptive Poems


Life of an All-Girls-Schooler
By [twinkletoes]

The sun rises in the East
its trail of gold summons my start
...but really, who cares
for I look completely like
a beast.

My looks
who cares
My clothes
who cares
My hair
who dares
to even touch it?

those same socks I've worn for 2 weeks
by now have become
Fido's treat
at least I brush my teeth.

So it's another day
at this flower bursting hell-hole
another day to take a whack
and try my knack
at conforming into this separate borough.

"Oh girls! Let's celebrate feminism!"
"Bow down to feminists!"
"Remember, feminism
is a beautiful thing."

all those date-rape assemblies
and eating-disorder assemblies
and teen-pregnancy assemblies
don't help much either.


Hill Top Dream
By [Yummy girl]

I dream I’m on a hill,
Sitting on a red and white checkered blanket
Under an apple tree
An apple tree so beautiful and full of
Apples, apples so ruby red they put a bouquet of
roses to shame.

It’s a beautiful summers day, with the sun
High in the sky. The clouds pass over and look like fluffy
White marshmallows casting shadows on the small hill.

Next to me is a basket filled with sandwiches, which
me and him are about to dine upon. As I look at him, I
see loving, caring person to which I want o live and love with forever.
His beautiful hazel brow hair is like a pile of freshly dropped
autumn leaves, and his eyes are as to be deep pools of luscious chocolate.

As we look into each others eyes, for the first time in a long while,
I feel wanted and loved. I fell the happiest I’ve ever felt and the joy that fills me
Is to the brim of my soul. As it seems to only get better, it all goes away,
As the sunshines through my windows and on to my face.

And during my long bright day, I await the cool night to which I
Can sleep, and as I dream again I will feel loved and whole again.


By [sillyhippie420]

We all close our eyes, wishing they were lies.
He was loved and no one wanted him to go.
I just don't know, I don't know why would that happen?
But god had a reason.
Alex was a friend, brother, and son.
Everyone wishes they could change the past.
To redo that terrible task.
But Alex is happy and carefree up in heaven now.
How could god allow such a thing?
We all miss him alot, and we're gonna give it all we got to keep going while he's not here.

R.I.P Alexander John Nappo! 1990-2005


Dragon Wonders
By [wu di doo]

The temperment of a dragon is so much more forgiving then the temperment of a human for when a dragon is angry he creates, with evey stomp a small pond is formed, with every roar rocks are moved, and with every breath sand is turned to glass art wile a human thru its childish fits destroy every thing the dragon has made.


By [Kelaru]

The lightening clashes
The thunder rolls
The upcoming doom
Silently grows
The sky turns Green
And the storm instantly calms
And something else is dreadfully wrong
The winds pick up
And the funnel starts to form
It touches the ground
And the thing comes and goes
But in its wake
Lay all the pain
That mother nature can behold.


Library Of Pain
By [FireGypsy]

Silent screams of endless pain
Echoing through the darkened halls
The lights are dim and flickering fast
The calls of victims fill my soul

Why did I come to this dreadful place
The smell of burning flesh divine
The candle wax and leather lace
And the rattling of chains throughout the night

Welcome to my library of pain
Full of pain and suffering
You shouldn’t have come
For you cant go back...alive


That Feeling
By [AnimeSiren]

It is early morn and my body wishes for sleep,
Yet my mind is restless,
One worrisome thing after another,
Traveling through my head,
But yet I can still feel,
A constant lurking feeling of dread,
Hoping against hope that my fears don’t come true,
Wishing all over that it would leave,
Just go away,
Taking its dark cloud with it,
So that I could be left with one thing,


A Lunar Vision
By [IntoxicatingRose]

Nose held high to the wind-
A flight you seek-
Whilst running, do you then speak-
Speak a true language-
A Moon taught tongue-
Running with your pack-
A Lunar Vision-
A singular guide,
To mingle with stars-
No more shall you hide-
For at dusks fall mother moon shall guide all-
A silver guide to whom all pack may abide-
Come forth, Come forth,
May you seek the sought no more,
But yet find Your “Lunar Vision”-


[Mister Creazil]

These things always float
Flow with the wind and comes to the worst
Then they start to lose all their energy

And finally crash and fall
A person walks by and finds it
A little note by it's side


It's All Good
By [Elise*]

It's good to be bad
if you know what i mean

and badder is better
if your good when your bad

with good intentions
its not realy bad at all

Because if its fun
it must be good

So its all good
even if its bad

just so long as
everyone has fun



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