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Deep and Meaningful Poems


Designer Drug
By [twinkletoes]

It's complicated, how I work,
the situation cannot be operated
controlled or predicted,
I'm addicted.
I spend, I waste, I want, I need.
it's all a bunch of crap, I know
but it's my nature, I need to feed.
satin, velvet, cashmere, tweed.
I consume and spend,
there is no end.
I fill a void.
i am never full.
designer denim, alpaca wool.
for some it's booze,
but for me, it's shoes.
give me Prada, give me Gucci,
I want Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Escada and Pucci.
call me a fashion slave,
call me a label whore,
I am who I am and nothing more.


By [twinkletoes]

The cobbles of a road long abandoned,
Wood consumed in a winter's fire.
Scattered and broken, blown about by a grieving wind,
This is how we forget.


By [twinkletoes]

I’m sick of it,
sick of it all
I’m sick of the work
I’m sick of the stress
sick of the frustration
sick of the tears
I’m sick of not having anyone to go to
anyone who cares
I’m sick of not having a shoulder to cry on
I’m sick of being left behind

I’m sick of not being the ‘best’
I’m not the prettiest
or the smartest
or the funniest
or the brightest
I’m sick of being compared
I’m sick of everything I do being
overshadowed by someone greater

I’m sick of trying
I’m sick of doing everything I can
knowing that it won’t be enough
I’m sick of being alone
I’m sick of my cat being the only one
who notices when I’m sad
and only because I don’t get up
right away to feed her

I’m sick of the clutter
and sick of the organization
I’m sick of my best friend
abandoning me every time
I’m of having to hide these feelings
I’m sick of having to conceal this side of me
I’m sick of everyone’s false perception

I’m sick
of being sick of it all.


I Really Miss You
By [dramaqueen]

I wake up the day after you left
Everything looks the some
But feels so different
With you not being here with me

So weird it is not seeing you
Walking down the hall way in my direction
So weird it is not hearing your laugh
Or seeing your amazing perfection

I get so scared and worried
Something terrible might happen
To keep me out of your arms forever
And never let us be together

So I count down the days
I count down the hours
Until I get to see you
Hold you tight always and forever


Drama Queen
By [dramaqueen]

Drama queens are never boring
They’re so much fun to have in your life
They make your lives more interesting
And they are always fun to be around

But it’s not always such a good thing
When we have a major problem we need help with
People think your just being dramatic
No one ever takes you seriously

When you need to talk
No one will ever listen
Because they think you’re just being dramatic
And things aren’t as bad as you make it seem to be

Because of thins your driven to self mutilation
No one understanding you
No one taking you seriously
And no one giving a care in the world


The True Me
By [dramaqueen]

I feel so out of place
Left in this world alone
Abandoned by my family
And so empty

I feel out of place around my mothers and sister
Married with kids
A family of their own
So close and together

So different I feel because those things I do not have
Forced to move here
Interrupted lives I did
So alone and wanting to die

Once confided in my mothers
So betrayed I feel
They tell me to talk to them
But when I do they say I’m complaining

I feel special
Because of one boy
He is my world
And no one even knows about him

I feel like I’m not good enough
Because of the pressure from my friends and family
The major pressure to be fit
So starving and working my butt off I am

I feel so homesick
Longing to go home
My father I miss
I don’t want to be away

Counting on things I used to do
Looking forward to my plans with spiritual friends
Canceling they always did
So much heart ach with everyone even though I understand

I watch my sister
Always going some ware with her guy friends
While I’m locked up in my room
Everything taken away from me

So many things I have given up so fast
Wild party girl to locked up Christian
Trying so hard
I drive myself to razors

I never talk to anyone
So strong I appear
But razorblades I turn to
They take away all of my fears

Razors help me hide away my pain
The deeper the pain the deeper the scares
So easy it is to cover it all
Forcing a smile and blinking away the tears

But only two people can see past the disguise
My two mothers who caused me so much pain
They want me to talk to them and try to help
But I won’t do it I won’t let anything out

The more I need time and space
The more everyone needs me
The more problems come to me
The more support they need from me

These things I do not get
And once I will I will be forever dead
Suicide I think about doing but cannot commit
Although the more I think the more I try, the closer I get

If I get what I want
The whole family and all my friends will know
So much pain I would cause everyone
That I just could not do

I need something for me
But I never do anything for myself
So right now death sounds good
Mixed with razors and blood

But there is one guy who I could never hurt
I have never loved as much as I do him
No one came close to him
And no one ever could

When I show I’m not in a good mood
My mother tells me I’m like my sister
I’m acting like a bitch
Happy and problem free she expects me to be

I’m so close to the edge
I’m about to jump
Someone please help me
Before it is too late


The More I try
By [dramaqueen]

The more I try to hide something
The more it slowly starts to slip out
The more I try to burry my pain
The more heart ach I become

The more I try to push people away
The more worried they become
The more I try to force a smile
The more tears I have to blink away

The more I try to laugh
The more pain I received
The more I try to isolate myself
The more scares appear on me

The more I try to hide away
The more my friends need me
The more I try to fight these things
The more people getting up in my grill

The more I try to hold my rep of never crying and the strong one
The more torn up inside I get
The more I try to please everyone
The more I get stressed

The more I try to talk and lean on my friends
The more I shut them out because of words they have spoken to me
The more I try to please Jehovah
The harder it seems to be

The more I try to forget about everything
The more they seem to appear
The more I try to commit suicide
The more successful I get


Some People
By [AnimeSiren]

Some people are so naïve,
They can’t open their eyes,
They just refuse to see,
Only aiming to please.

Some people are always on the go,
They never stop and look,
Their lives are naught but ribbons and bows,
And their minds are an open book.

Some people are too afraid,
They don’t see the point to stand,
They’ll never try to defend,
They surrender with a reprimand.

Then again some people are too spirited,
They stand without a cause,
And still fall with the rest,
Never to be numbered among the best.

Some people are still different,
Observing even those that observe,
Some people really can see the truth,
The truth behind some people.


My Light
By [dramaqueen]
Dedicated too:Jonas Davis

July 29,2004
Everyone gathers
We get the news your on the way
With anticipation, we wait for you

It's 9:00am
Are you almost here
Jumpin up and down
We await for you to come join us

9:15; fifteen minutes later
The doctor says your almost here
My heart going 90 Miles per hour
Nerves are we

Its 9:30, and your here
WE all greet you with out love
A passion we all have for you
Were celebrating your here

How much love for one little guy
You can feel the joy all around
Your smile is picture perfect
And now we take you home, and begin the day.


My God Jehovah
By [dramaqueen]

My loving god Jehovah
Whom I sin against each day
I want and wish to serve all my life
My loving god Jehovah

Jehovah creator of all things
He lovingly forgives us
When we sin against him daily
Jehovah creator of all things

My god Jehovah
I love whole heartedly
My best friend
My god Jehovah

All of our friend he is
So wonderful to me and means so much

My rock and shelter
My saver Jehovah
Blessed me with two wonderful friends who are
My rock and shelter

Jehovah our god
So wonderful and good
My life I dedicate to
Jehovah our god

How messed up I would be
If I never knew him
All screwed up and confused
How messed up I would be

How much I love my god Jehovah
Words could not express
Only my actions will show
How much I love my god Jehovah



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