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Odes To Elfpackers


Ode to [zoloftzantac]
By [BlindGuardian]

I've been away for just too long:
I can't even recall your face,
My arms are empty of your embrace,
My lips are lost without a song.

I can't remember where I've been,
A place of desert-land and stone,
A place of empty flesh and bone,
A Nightmare-land it would have seemed!

Now I'm back- did I survive,
or still I'm there, and my mind flies,
I stare around with empty eyes,
the soul long dead, the mind alive.

But I do know it is all true:
The Nightmare-land is far behind,
For I have seen one of a kind:
I came alive when I saw you!


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2007-03-28 [zoloftzantac]: I miss you [BlindGuardian] *hugs from afar*

2007-11-20 [Bookwyrm]: Removed a poem that's listed elsewhere...^^

EDIT: Page redone. ^^

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