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All submissions for Elfpack Poetry should be placed on this page, to be reviewed by the Elfpack Poetry Poem Bosses. Please remember to follow the poetry criteria listed below before submitting, or your submission may be denied.


1) We will not accept poetry made by anyone other than the submitting author! Don't claim you made someone else's work.

2) Try to have good spelling and grammar in your submission(s). We will accept some mistakes, but if there's too many and it's difficult we will reject it and ask that you clean it up.

3) Please tell us which of the poetry categories you think your submission(s) belong under.

4) Don't submit openly hateful poems! Remember to follow what is an asshole? and the uploading art rules.

5) You can submit a poem in a language other than English, but please include an English copy as well.

6) The decisions of the Elfpack Poetry Poem Bosses are final. You can discuss their decisions with them in private message, but don't be rude to them or they'll just ignore you.


Please place all submissions under the line break, following the provided format.


1) "Poem Name" by [Stephen]
This is a poem
it's not very long
it doesn't really rhyme
or anything at all
but we can pretend
and use it for this example
blah blah blah

Written on 2/15/2011

1.Forgive or Forget

I wake up in tear drops
that fall down like rain
realizing you're gone
always brings back the pain.

I sit by my window
and watch the day die
hating myself
for all the tears that I cried.

I keep seeing your face
everywhere that we were
hating you now
for being with her
your laughter haunts me
as I lay down in bed
reminding me why
the tears I have shed.

I'll never forget you
till the day that I die
I'll never forgive you
for making me cry.

Written by [sammie h!]

2.No Words

No words that I say can make this better
No words that I say can make it go away

No words for the pain I feel on your face
No words to undo this disgrace

No words in a card can hold up to this
No words of my faith do justice

No words can mend, only grace
No words only love, to keep your embrace

No words will keep us together through this
No words to cover the shame I am feeling

No words will restore the love we once knew
Our Love will conquer words
And make our love new...

No words to take back, I told you the truth
No words holding back that I need you

Words are expressing the way that we feel
Love is the glue that makes it all real.

I love you.

Written by [sammie h!]

3.I Promise

The moment I heard you cry
My world came crashing down
To see those tears fall from your eyes
Turned my smile into a frown

I wanted to hold you
Make everything alright
But there was nothing I could do
To stop you from crying tonight

I felt like a failure
To myself and to you
But you said that was nothing
That I could do

I held you close
And made your pain my own
And to this day I promise
Not to let you cry alone
And to take the pain you feel
And make it my own

Written by [sammie h!]


Endless night I fear from thee,
the endless pain I feel from thee.
Crying, screaming wishing to be free,
but never getting there because of thee.
River blood you take my precious gift,
the only purest gift I have.
I scream as the gift is being taken,
I beg you to stop but you don't...not in this endless night.

Written by [Cerulean Sins]

5) 4years ago.

She's walking alone,
No one's by her side,
She fight's back the tears in her eyes,
But she can't hide the pain that's inside,
And all those tears that she's cried,
She closes her eyes and starts thinking of you,
Dreams that will never come true,
When all she needs is you.
She wishes today was 4years ago,
When you cared so much for her,
She has no doubt in her mind that the love you shared was true,
What you made her feel,
You promised her forever,
And all the hope she once had is gone.
All she needs is you,
But you're gone.

*written for my mum, it's almost 4years since my daddy died.
R.I.P. <3*
[lulu dinobot]







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