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Euphoric Poems


By [I stabbith ye]

The light in the window that shines on me,
Makes me feel happy like a small bumble bee!
Happy and free to fly anywhere,
As free in the wild as a grizzly bear,

All nature is one, and the one is me,
For I shall go higher and I shall be free,
Happiness is life and life’s what I see,
In that small tiny bear and that little tiny bee


Gold Glows Better in the Sunlight
By [Cornelia Crabbe]

Hand riches to the poor!
Give new sight to the blind!
For ye
Who follows me
Shall leave their misery behind!
Peal the bells of harmony
Dance the dance of glee,
For ye
Who follows me
Shall see the lights of destiny!

I have found a wonderland
Agleam with new born hope,
Each cloud is lined with silver,
No worries you can't cope;
The air is fringed with happiness
And abound with fresh green life,
No doubt the gods of fortune
Have brought us here tonight!
Songbirds whistle symphonies
That seal the bonds of love,
Here the purest innocence
Is whiter than a dove!

Relinquish all your worries!
Gather starlight in a bag!
For ye
Who follows me
Shall no longer dream in rags!


The Flower
by [Retribution]

The sun misses the flower as the depths of winter rise. I too remember the flower I once held. Now withered and independent. Isolated from the world by a carpet of powder snow. I have seen the new moon, A new moon that I've seen more often then your perfect ghostly figure. My eyes weigh heavy on each beat of your heart, Letting ease only when you are swift as a piece of ice-on-ice. I close my dream and say goodnight, Close my lids and give farewell.


Our Eternal sacrifices
by [Retribution]

A rainy day is today. It cradles the leaf I stare at.
The leaf collecting drops...bending, the weight too much.
It gains so much now, it's threatening to break.
I caress it's underside. It smiles for the comfort.
It now weighing too much for the both of us.
Pressure is heavy, giving us strain.
The pedal never more attached to my finger. Glued.
We stand strong, giving force back to the water drops collected.
In a second, finding strength unknown, deep within.
The water is not just forced off, but flung away.
My leaf relaxed staring happily at its' savior.
The time shall be a reminder,
each day a difficult passing era.
The time waiting, hands not moving, time still.
Seconds weighing on our minds.
Why must time we could be together..slip by?
I think, that I thought once before
the feline stretching for the stars.
Its' cat eyes resembling the cratered moon.
A harsh stretch of fur far between.
Time bouncing on the tips of each cat's tail.
So long the body of our journey,
So small the paw of love.
Furious the bite and stinging the claws.
A lapse of determination and slight defeat.
Throw the guild, darkness plunder.
Never stopping the heart of us all.


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