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Friendship and Love Poems


The Forest Fawn
By [zoloftzantac]

Part One

you feel beautiful

to me as well

that, "sometimes selfish"

can not dispel

sometimes naive?

is surely no sin

unspoilt by life

purity therein

Part Two

I had a dream this night just past

that cast my life in sharp contrast

time spent in toil

wake, work, repeat

and time for fun

like when we'll meet

this hourglass counts time unopaque

'till your fair hand in mine I'll take

Part Three

an Ob-li-Ga
tion To ful-Fill
brings Me this Night
to Kel-sey-Ville

and While in Town
i Know i'll Yearn
a Lo-cal Who's
yet To re-Turn

Ko-noc-Ti will
Not be the Same
less That an-Gel
ic Danc-ing Flame

more Thoughts of Her
from Sleep till Dawn
night Vis-ions Of
a For-est-Fawn


All I Want
By [~Cicatrici~]

i woke up one morning
and suddenly you were there
then i started trusting
there was nothing more to fear

i told you my secret
i decided i had to trust
you promised you would keep it
but tell if you must

you were the only one that could make me smile
in your own random ways
you have a unique style
that keeps me laughing through the days

i keep running from everything
keeping them from what's true
they want to make my life into a certain something
and all i want is you

Standing By
By [tazz]

Standing by
all the way
Here to help you on your way

Holding you up
When you are week
Helping you find what it is you seek

Catching your tears
When you cry
Pulling you throught when the tide is high

Just being there
through thick and thin
Just to say your my friend


Your's Truly
By [tazz]

I look in to your eyes
I see beauty in youe soul and compassions in your nature.
I look at your smile it shows a type of true happiness that can only be expressed by true honest people,true honest people are blessed with the power of bringing joy to others. I look at the way you procent your self in style . I know I'll never see any other individual well dress in your style, that is why you are unique. You never show direct anger in my present and there for you are respectful in the laws of humanity. I look at you and talk to you and I can here your tone of voice and it is sensitve and delicate with a bold vocal. I know now more than ever if I shall go blind I would still be joyful tohear your voice, but if I shal go deaf I would only be grate full I can still see you. I look at you and smile for I do amire you.


By [eyes of frost]

We were once a whole but now we are not, it feels so different when you put me on the spot. I loved you once and I don't know if I heart was torn out, again and again.
I tried to move on and was doing well, I took one glance at you and then I fell. I was hoping for so much but I ran out of time, your expecting me to change right on a dime.

I feel so unfinished I feel so unclean, you are ripping me apart being from being. My heart won't stop beating I don't know what to say, the sweat in my palms is a dead give away. I want it to work with someone else, but one look at you and it's just like a spell. I've tried so hard to run away but it looks like I might just be insane.

The pain used to be the game but my heart cant take it, I wish that I could just faking it. I want you deep inside but it seems impossible...I thought my love for you was just so docile. You told me you loved me and I know you mean it, I just dont know what to say because I don't believe it. I want my head to stop pounding, maybe all I need is just a good grounding.

I want you to say that this is just a game, maybe then, I will become sane. Please look in my eyes and tell me what you see? I feel so unfinished, I feel so unlean.


Send me an Angel
By [eyes of frost]

Send me and Angel to remove my sins
Let that angel guide my hand and my decisions
Let that angel guide my tears away from heartbreak

Send me an angel to guard my soul
May I guard her heart and take it as my own
May I never see her spill a tear on account of me

Send me an angel to be mine
Let the flowers bloom with her laugh
And let the stars shine with her smile

Let the angel you send me know no pain and see no suffering
Let her live in the light of the sun where love reigns supreme
Let her be mine until the end of her time
And let her be happy for one last life.
Send me an angel.


My Friends
By [Raikcoes]

You were always there when I needed a friend
your kindness seems to have no end
Always knew when i was sad
even feeling really really bad
Making my days a whole lot brighter
and making our friendship mightier
You gave me the light
I needed to get through the night
If you ever saw a single tear
you would come running to hold me dear
You were there for me everyday
and knew all the right things to say
And when i felt like I should die
you would smile and show me the sky
If ever i didn't know what to do
I knew I could rely on you
We have been through thick and thin
So to our friendship I'll drink some gin


Real or Simple?
By [Monster Master]

A Simple Friend has never seen you cry.
A Real Friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.
A Simple Friend doesn't know your parent's first names.
A Real Friend has their phone numbers in the address book.
A Simple Friend brings a bottle of wine to your party.
A Real Friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean.
A Simple Friend hates it when you call after he/she has gone to bed.
A Real Friend asks you why you took so long to call.
A Simple Friend seeks to talk with you about your problems.
A Real Friend seeks to help you with your problems.
A Simple Friend wonders about your romantic history.
A Real Friend could blackmail you with it.
A Simple Friend, when visiting, acts like a guest.
A Real Friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.
A Simple Friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument.
A Real Friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight.
A Simple Friend expects you to always be there for them.
A Real Friend expects to always be there for you!


Not a Day Goes By
By [gods2armys

I wait alnight just to hear your voice,
for I long to hear the sweet sound you make.

I think about you all the time, when I'm tired, sick alone, sad, worried, stressed, or happy. But the truth is babe if you could read my mind, it would say I love you through all these troubles we both face.

But just remember that you are my life, when ever you just feel like you are sad just remember this I'll never stop thinking about you.   

During the times that you need me I'll already be there holding you in my arms.


When I Have You
By [gods2armys]

I don't feel alone, and when I have you I feel that my life is safe from fear and sorrow, you shine my days with out you my days are dark so dark I cant see any way without you by my side.

You are wat makes the sun come up you make it shine so bright that the clouds them self must part so that it can shine forth on us and shows your beauty and grace, that sun is what guides me to you where that sun goes you are and where it isn't you are not because you go with the sun always and it leads me to you.

When I have you you have me. With you I feel that my life is full and my days are long. You are my love and always will be, the times that I do not see you are the times trhat my minde stays on you.

You are what my mind thinks about 24/7 no matter what.   
Will you be there for me when I need you?
I know I will.
I have you, you have me.



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