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WELCOME TO THE Pet Photography Competition

Poppy (:
Winner: Poppy (: by [treact]


Second: Doobers♥ by [My Sky's The Limit]

Cloudwatcher's Pet Fotos

Third: Cloudwatcher's Pet Fotos by [Cloudwatcher]

Read more about the contest below.

[New: make the wiki-page in any way you want and it can be a set of wiki-pages too. But the page must be exported.]

First and foremost, remember that you don't have to be an advanced or professional photographer to enter or even win a photo contest. In fact, many contests specifically encourage beginners to enter. Judges in any photography contest are often looking for something unique. They search the entries for photographs that catch their eye and that clearly separate themselves from the field. I firmly believe that any level of photographer is capable of making contest-winning photos if they use good photographic technique.

Basic info is that the pictures must be of your pets doing whatever it is that is photogenic or funny in a way. Be sensible of what pictures should be seen here on Elfpack.

[Rules for the competition:]

Upload loads of high resolution pictures to Elfpack:
1) Go to your house.
2) Press "Upload a folder of images".
3) Select a name for the wiki-page and then you upload a ZIP-file (See How to create a zip-file). I, [Hedda], upload up to 160 images per page because I'm too lazy to divide them, but that is really too much so I suggest that you put a little fewer images per page, but you're free to do as you want.
4) Write a lot of comments on the photos.
5) Submit the page and then write the link to the wiki-page under Your submissions below.

§2 They have to be your photos!

§3 The page should be exported and possible for non-logged-in people to comment. If someone is spamming the comments, you are allowed to (and should!) turn the comments for the non-logged-in users off.

§4 You may let others help you with adding photos or comments, but the people helping you are just helping you. This isn't a team-competition, but you're free to give them credits of course.

§5 Deadline is on the 28th of August 2008. Voting ends September 29th

§6 Ask questions by making a comment on this wiki-page. The competition boss for this competition is [Hedda].

§7 You are only allowed one wiki page for this competition so add all your pics on one wiki not multiple wikis.



May I have more than one pet in the photo?
Yes you may, but yet again be sensible with what the pets are doing, because the last thing we need to see is it licking itself or something similar. Also, you may only have one wiki, not two wikis (or more) of each pet.

Does the photo have to be in color?
Nope, you can have it in any color resolution you prefer.

Can I be in the photo?
The point of this competition is fixated on your pet(s), not you. There are other competitions for you to be a part of.

Should I upload photos in here?
No! Read the rules again make a separate wiki of your photos then post the wiki in here.

871) Which pet(s) has the best photography and deserves to be crowned cutest of all?! (Administrator: [Bookwyrm])

Number of voters: 112
* a) 1. Tessa
Number of votes: 6 (5%) Voters: [Eyes of the Reaper], [Legendary], [Harlequin HØllywood], [Lips .Like .Morphine], [petrie000], [angelmay]

* b) 2. Lilo resting
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [The Lost Boy]

* c) 3.My Girl Abby
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [MadHatress], [Sonya Blue]

* d) 4. Removed upon request
Number of votes: 3 (3%) Voters: [.With Eyes Sewn Shut.], [super beth 88], [Box]

* e) 5.Pansy Pot
Number of votes: 4 (4%) Voters: [Icedragon], [Yncke], [Air-inn], [butlin_boy]

* f) 6.Doobers♥
Number of votes: 16 (14%) Voters: [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing], [My Sky's The Limit], [Deg], [Euphoria Factor], [jesyka. awesomeness.], [GlassCasket], [Bastet], [~*Suicide is Painless*~], [Amaranthine], [-OpIe-], [T65], [DarkSora31], [Th3MrB3nz3dr1n3], [Jess and Nick], [NΣKØ . BiTCHzzAng], [E_quad400]

* g) 7.Jasper
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [Demon in my View]

* h) 8.Cloudwatcher's Pet Fotos
Number of votes: 18 (16%) Voters: [DragonicTunes], [Mongoose.], [His L♥ve M♥nster], [Weirdo.Phreak.], [Ħαρρy €αггøŧ Mαηҳҳ_♂], [Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫Im a poptartƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫], [Katerz], [YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME IM AN AMERICAN!], [M E Y A.], [Cloudwatcher], [*Suicidal Cupcake*], [Punxh Up!], [Ascenterra], [♥Eli-Annai♥], [B1ackE1mo], [HaHa2008], [Dodo birdd], [sammie h!]

* i) 9.Sawy's Kitty
Number of votes: 4 (4%) Voters: [darkfang], [saraaaa.], [nevan], [The_gurl07]

* j) 10. Missy the Curious Cat
Number of votes: 3 (3%) Voters: [sadbaby angel], [My Own Darc Nightmare], [Akayume]

* k) 11. Sam's Animals
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [Niki Nightmare ☆]

* l) 12. Poppy (:
Number of votes: 20 (18%) Voters: [treact], [Blondiie x], [X-TheDarkened-X], [COOPS!], [TOBYCROOKS], [υиïqυε’bαявíε★], [x.Bekki-x-], [entire parenthesis], [making love to a corpse.], [VentunoVirus], [assa], [BeachBoy], [georgiasaysbye], [ThatOneGuyJeff], [JessiKa 420], [? wild child ?], [Sir Trotsky Moseltov], [deleted elfpack], [~!~omg its brittany~!~], [Joshyboy-123]

* m) 13. My Animals
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [I Like Pie =D], [garbageman82]

* n) 14. (Out of contest)
Number of votes: 8 (7%) Voters: [itweetinHEELS], [Big Brother], [Theodore "T Bag" Bagwell Lover], [Thomas Hollywood], [Foxyvixen17], [CYewNextTues.], [«« F A I L;; to Lovę®], [Dead Inside.]

* o) 15. part of the family 2008
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* p) 16. Tora
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [Lady Raven]

* q) 17. Cocoa and Lily-Cat
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [Starr], [Urantia Of Darkness]

* r) 18. margaritas animales
Number of votes: 7 (6%) Voters: [Redneck Heartbreaker], [gods2armys], [chopstick drummer], [K-money], [dinorawr], [Yorthanii], [InLoveDontBothe r]

* s) 19. PinkKisses
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [Link -- Hero in Green], [theworm]

* t) 20. Oreo the Beagle
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [Sammi! At the Disco]

* u) 21. Scout, Odie, and other pets
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [james2077]

* v) 22. My Mini-Menagerie
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [RainCloud]

* w) 23. petey bby.
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [bring sarah the horizon.], [ZaraAwesome]

* x) 24. Bam-Bam and Barney!
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* y) 25. Little Mac
Number of votes: 6 (5%) Voters: [Papa Don't Preach], [lulu666], [VladTepes], [Lilly.], [Akkiko Atsui Reigh], [Love like Winter.]

1. Tessa
2. Lilo resting
3.My Girl Abby
4.Lydie's Kitties
5.Pansy Pot
8.Cloudwatcher's Pet Fotos
9.Sawy's Kitty
10.  Missy the Curious Cat
11. Sam's Animals
12. Poppy (: 
13. My Animals
14. Foxy!! (Out of contest)
15. part of the family 2008
16. Tora
17. Cocoa and Lily-Cat
18. margaritas animales
19. PinkKisses
20. Oreo the Beagle
21. Scout, Odie, and other pets
22. My Mini-Menagerie
23. petey bby.
24. Bam-Bam and Barney! 

25. Little Mac 

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2008-08-05 [Kaos101]: all of the pets are amazing! It will be tough to decide. Makes me really miss having kittens...even though I never had them sit on my boobs before.

2008-08-05 [MadHatress]: ?
you had boobs!? wow, didn't know that, lol(just kidding)

2008-08-05 [Kaos101]: lol I have moobs.

2008-08-05 [MadHatress]: lmfao

2008-08-05 [treact]: baaaaaaaaaahahah.

2008-08-05 [itweetinHEELS]: lol omg you guys have such gorgeous pets, seriously

2008-08-05 [Icedragon]: Theyre all amazing, but Tessa shouldnt win twice, I reckon Poppy has a good chance of winning this :)

2008-08-05 [itweetinHEELS]: why not Tessa?

2008-08-06 [Kaos101]: I don't know....I've never seen a dog smile like that before...

2008-08-06 [DragonicTunes]: I think [Icedragon]'s point was just that she's already won once, therefor maybe she shouldn't win again cause it's someone else's turn

2008-08-06 [Icedragon]: Thanks for understanding, she's a really cute dog, but there are loads of pets who have a solid chance of winning too!

2008-08-06 [itweetinHEELS]: okay yeah thats true, i'll talk to her about it.

2008-08-06 [Eyes of the Reaper]: (Since Caitlin hasn't said anything to me yet...) I believe that if you think you're pet(-s) have a good chance of beating Tess, then why eliminate your competition unless you're just afraid? It's an online contest, not that big of a deal. Another thing, if you don't win this contest--just go enter your pet in the next cutest pet contest (of which, mind you, it took Tess two go-throughs to win; I had to enter her twice, the first time, she lost to a lizard). Anything can happen in these things. Just because she's won once before doesn't mean it was easy nor that she shouldn't be allowed to enter.

2008-08-06 [Icedragon]: Woah, I said nothing about getting rid of her! Just expressing my free opinion thats all, she has every right to win, but I just think it would be unfair. Besides, there's second and third place for everyone else. We're all proud of our pets, arent we?

2008-08-06 [DragonicTunes]: I was just saying cause in the elfpack awards you can only win once, I don't mind if she's still in it

2008-08-06 [Icedragon]: Oh

2008-08-07 [Eyes of the Reaper]: I wasn't angry, simply pointing it out.

2008-08-07 [itweetinHEELS]: Well since this is a different type of competition, its considered her first time, so i find it to be okay. Now it'd be different if this was the same competition as the one she won before. Comprende?

2008-08-07 [Icedragon]: Yes sir! Je suis comprende senorita! Im not good at Itialian >.<

2008-08-07 [itweetinHEELS]: parle vous francais?

2008-08-07 [Icedragon]: Oui monsier

2008-08-07 [itweetinHEELS]: no je monsier

2008-08-07 [Icedragon]: Whatever, your spanish confuzzels me

2008-08-07 [itweetinHEELS]: um thats...not spanish =\

its french

2008-08-07 [Icedragon]: Merci captain obvious =P

2008-08-07 [itweetinHEELS]: your the one who said spanish >_>

2008-08-07 [MadHatress]: Excusez-moi, mais je pense 'monsier' est, vraiment, monseur

sorry, couldn't help it

2008-08-07 [Eyes of the Reaper]: o.o *only speaks Latin and can read a bit of Spanish* @.@

2008-08-08 [treact]: the only other language i can speak is a tiny bit of swahili xD

2008-08-08 [itweetinHEELS]: yeah i was like its not monsier, its monseur...

2008-08-08 [MadHatress]: lol. I hope that didn't come off...negative, in some way.

2008-08-08 [itweetinHEELS]: nah j'adore parle francais

2008-08-08 [MadHatress]: moi aussi

2008-08-08 [itweetinHEELS]: Parlez-vous le français beaucoup ?

2008-08-08 [MadHatress]: pas beaucoup...
Seulment quand je suis seul

2008-08-08 [itweetinHEELS]: Bien ma maman me parle d'ordinaire Russe, mais c'est une langue natale bien que si mon principal l'un est allemand

2008-08-08 [Icedragon]: Russe? Oh! Thats french for russian aint it? I remember it on mr beans holiday, lol

2008-08-08 [itweetinHEELS]: lol ! yeah and allemand is german

2008-08-08 [Icedragon]: Awww! Foxy is adorable! I think we have a new winner!

2008-08-08 [itweetinHEELS]: you should see my sisters O_o

2008-08-08 [Icedragon]: Huh?

2008-08-08 [itweetinHEELS]: you should see her fox, its adorable

2008-08-08 [Icedragon]: Oh right, I thought you ment that I should see your sister's, lol

2008-08-08 [itweetinHEELS]: LOL oh god

2008-08-08 [Icedragon]: >.<

2008-08-09 [MadHatress]: AH...interessant...

2008-08-11 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: I have some new pictures of my ducks.. Can i add them to my wiki?

2008-08-11 [itweetinHEELS]: sure

2008-08-11 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: Awesome [=

2008-08-11 [Hedda]: [Niki Nightmare ☆]: You have to upload them to Elfpack though. It's easiest to use the "Upload a folder of images" button in your house to a new wiki-page and then copy the code from there to your old wiki-page that you want to extend.

2008-08-11 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: Alright then.. I will change it [=

2008-08-11 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: Is that better?

2008-08-11 [Hedda]: Yes, much better! <img:dand-gif.gif>

Experience shows that if the images aren't on Elfpack, they will stop working after a while, and it looks very ugly.

2008-08-11 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: Alright then [=

2008-08-15 [Lady Raven]: my kitty is pretty!! *points at Tora*

2008-08-16 [itweetinHEELS]: -runs to go see Tora-

2008-08-16 [Icedragon]: I found a photo of honey I took from when she was a puppy, Am I allowed to add it or will I get wrong?

2008-08-16 [itweetinHEELS]: no do it while u can because i'm closing the contest on the 25th, voting starts the 29th

2008-08-16 [Icedragon]: Rightyo

2008-08-16 [itweetinHEELS]: -keeps drinkin my starbucks-

2008-08-16 [Icedragon]: DONE!

2008-08-16 [itweetinHEELS]: i forgot which one is yours XD

2008-08-16 [Icedragon]: Pansy pot!

2008-08-16 [itweetinHEELS]: awww soo adorable ^^ -tries to steal-

2008-08-18 [Starr]: why won't my wiki appear as a link?

2008-08-18 [Starr]: nevermind, figured it out. [Lady Raven] had a } instead of a closed bracket in her wiki link, so apparently it killed all pseudo-html afterwards

2008-08-18 [Lady Raven]: woops, sory

2008-08-18 [itweetinHEELS]: haha niice

2008-08-18 [theworm]: mmmm i hope its alright if i put newer pics first and older ones last. i did PinkKisses but yeah i hope its alright

2008-08-19 [itweetinHEELS]: it's totally fine. =]

2008-08-19 [theworm]: okay thanks ^^

2008-08-23 [itweetinHEELS]:

Ready for the voting guys?!

2008-08-23 [MadHatress]: as ready as we'll ever be I think, lol

2008-08-23 [itweetinHEELS]: lol you think, haha..nice. Well that wont happen till next friday ^^

2008-08-23 [MadHatress]: I'm rarely ready for anything, honestly. My little bro's party is tomorrow and I'm supposed to help with the cake

I can wait...^^

2008-08-24 [Lady Raven]: I'm ready!!

2008-08-25 [JingleJoe]: Blast, it's the 15th today isn't it? I could have added photos of my woodlice (porcellio scaber :) ) Wait! there may still be time!

2008-08-25 [james2077]: umm today is the 25th not the 15th.. but you still have a few days

2008-08-25 [itweetinHEELS]: Lol yeah i was like um..15th?

2008-08-26 [Papa Don't Preach]: .< A few days to enter!
I will make one tonight. =)

2008-08-26 [Papa Don't Preach]: done :)

2008-08-27 [itweetinHEELS]: yay, their adorable pets everyone!

2008-08-27 [itweetinHEELS]: omg i loooooooooooooove scottish terriers!

2008-08-27 [Papa Don't Preach]: Thanks :)
I wasnt too late was I? Kind of a rushed job

2008-08-27 [itweetinHEELS]: not at all, right on time actually

2008-08-27 [MadHatress]: It's gonna be hard to pick a favorite...everyone has such (an) adorable pet(s)

2008-08-27 [Kaos101]: Yes. I just hope this place gets the publicity it deserves. They couldn't make this a mainstreet poll, could they?

2008-08-27 [MadHatress]: i don't know, but that would be a great idea

2008-08-27 [itweetinHEELS]: well i'll handle how the publicity goes..just good luck to everyone ^^

2008-08-27 [Papa Don't Preach]: are you allowed external links in the wiki, eg to a youtube vid?

2008-08-27 [DragonicTunes]: It's a photo competition, not a video or cutest pet competition

2008-08-28 [james2077]: well what worrys some of us is that we are still waiting on badges from the helloween coustom contest that was on main street. they were never handed out.  we dident win but were were to get the generic badge for entering : /

2008-08-28 [Papa Don't Preach]: Its a pet wiki though,

2008-08-28 [DragonicTunes]: The theme for the photos is your pets, it's still a photo competition

2008-08-28 [Papa Don't Preach]: fine, its not part of the wiki, its in the comments though.

2008-08-28 [itweetinHEELS]: lol guys, don't worry about it, i will make sure you get your badges, i wouldn't do you like that. ^^ i'm an angel.

2008-08-28 [Papa Don't Preach]: I was only enquiring, anyway as to not annoy anyone its in the comments. I just find it funny. Is there a mainstream poll being made, or how is the voting going to work?

2008-08-28 [itweetinHEELS]: i'll handle that

2008-08-28 [Papa Don't Preach]: okies :)
cant wait :P

2008-08-28 [james2077]: me also  and maybe someone would of taken notice and fixed that ... he he ok the comp is on good luck

2008-08-29 [My Sky's The Limit]: Wait, the voting here is different from the one on mainstuff....o.O

2008-08-29 [james2077]: humm ya  thats kinda weird

2008-08-29 [My Sky's The Limit]: So which one will count...?

2008-08-29 [james2077]: i would think the main street page as it go`s to more people >,< some how i will be blamed for breaking elfpack

2008-08-29 [My Sky's The Limit]: Then again I don't know...this IS the pain page for the competition...
I'll talk to [itweetinHEELS] about it.

2008-08-29 [james2077]: ya when it comes down to it its her comp

2008-08-29 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: If no one's gunna vote for mine then I wont eather.. Not point in waisting a vote >.>;

2008-08-29 [Eyes of the Reaper]: You can always change your vote later. *hug*

2008-08-29 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: .> I changed it. Scout, odie, rookie and boo dont have any votes. And sadie and priddy. >.> *misses sadie and priddy*

2008-08-29 [Eyes of the Reaper]: *hugs tight* I'm sorry... v.v

2008-08-29 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: *hugs back* Iz okay... *Misses Rookie and boo too* T_T

2008-08-30 [DragonicTunes]: It still seems like everybody's going for the cutest and not the one with the best photography...

2008-08-30 [james2077]: or for people that lobby for their own pet in their mood to vote for them.... i have the link for the contest in my mood but i just say go vote ... shame shame

2008-08-30 [DragonicTunes]: I haven't noticed that but I haven't been looking either
I just with that this would be decided by a professional photographer or something instead of it being a popularity contest or for the cutest pet
Even I didn't vote for the one I personally feels has the best photography

2008-08-30 [james2077]: i voted for someone that did not have a vote i thought it was cheesy to vote for myself does not matter to me winning or not was just fun taking the pixs.. but never before have a seen it to where you can put it in your mood to vote for you own subject normally that is against the rules but i guess it is not for this contest thus the people get more votes

2008-08-30 [DragonicTunes]: I didn't see that in the owner's mood : /

2008-08-30 [james2077]:  ahh she pulled it down it said  the comp wiki and vote for ...  she must of read where i wrote  it in here  well then maybe now it might be a little more fair

2008-08-30 [DragonicTunes]: That would make sense, doesn't want to get in trouble cause she wants to win v_v
I don't even care about the prize, I like the giffie pet I have already so if I got a unique one I'd probably just give it away

2008-08-30 [james2077]: ya i have one and i already have a special one when i want to get it .. actually looks like she shut the whole account down about 20 minutes ago for the most part

2008-08-30 [itweetinHEELS]: whats the problem?

2008-08-30 [RainCloud]: i think it would have been better to only have allowed one photo per entry and a person could enter x amount of times. cuz some ppl have really awesome pictures but there's only, like, 1 on the page and thats probably why they're not getting voted for, in my opinion. in other words, i think voting by picture would have been a better idea, looking at the results thusfar.

2008-08-30 [itweetinHEELS]: well that would be boring, AND that wouldnt be as much intresting just looking at one pic, its a photography competition, meaning most photography usually involves more than one pic. Now if you want to have your own competition like that then go for it.

2008-08-30 [«« F A I L;; to Lovę®]: you guys are taking this more serious than it's suppose to be, just shut up and vote.

2008-08-30 [itweetinHEELS]: lol well jeez...

2008-08-30 [«« F A I L;; to Lovę®]: lol, sorry but their being complicated, as usual.

2008-08-30 [«« F A I L;; to Lovę®]:

Rock the vote!, lmao

2008-08-30 [treact]: bahaha

2008-08-30 [itweetinHEELS]: lol he's an idiot

2008-08-31 [RainCloud]: i'm sorry, i meant no offense. i was merely making suggestions for a possible future competition, as you suggested. i did not mean to critizise this competition, it is lovely.

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: Please pull out my entry, due to certain circumstances this doesn't seem fair anymore and I don't want to even bother with it

2008-08-31 [Amaranthine]: I think someone was cheating.
I don't believe "Foxanna" is really her pet. I want to be pulled out too. Please remove Jasper due to unfair competition.

2008-08-31 [james2077]: hummm interesting...... but the major problum is that  excat pet is the person running the contest .... wow thats kinda low can`t even use your own pet... shame shame

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: Still cheating whether she made the contest or not, and she's promoting people just to vote for 'her' pet, and she keeps saying this is a photo competition but on the poll it says 'Which pet(s) has the best photography and deserves to be crowned cutest of all?!', I entered this as a PHOTOGRAPHY competition, I don't give a damn about which pet is cutest v_v

2008-08-31 [james2077]: well the other person did it also thus she had 8 votes right away..... any other contest you can not put your thing in your mood or anywhere else to vote on.. but you can put the link..  so i dont understand this comp that much at all .....

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: All right, please calm down!

If you have a problem with a contest entry or an entrant, your best bet at getting it noticed is to report it. Bringing it up repeatedly here is only going to cause arguments. I'm trying to get some info, as this really does seem to be a problem and if it is what it looks like then "Foxanna" will need to be removed, not the other pets.

2008-08-31 [james2077]: sound good to me there might be a reasonable reason for it. thank you

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: I just don't want things getting out of hand. :) There may be a reasonable explanation, there may not be. I would like to give her a chance to explain herself before it gets too far down that road. No worries, though, it's being looked into. ;)

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: Good and thank you
Though if this contest is not about the photography then I would still like to be removed

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: It's a photography competition that is both about the photography and the "cuteness" of the pet. ^-^

2008-08-31 [james2077]: But per the rule "§2 They have to be your photos " so don`t know amazing that [Amaranthine] even found the link like that so let reserve judgement untill like you said give her a chance to explaine. :D

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: -nod- There could be an explanation. I'm going to give her a chance to say her piece. :) Her mood has been changed, however, as I've never seen a competition that allowed you to ask people to vote for you specifically. She may have not known that.

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: Until the poll was posted the page never said anything about judgment also depending on the cuteness of the pets in the photos

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: Well people are going to judge by the cute factor. As there aren't any official "contest judges" for this competition, the whole of Elfpack is permitted to that's going to be a factor. If you're not happy with that, well, I can remove your entry if I must. :/ But that's just the way it is. We can't control the reason for someone voting.

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: Well I believed it was supposed to be judged on talent in that category; so yes, I would like to be pulled out and I'm sorry for the trouble v.v

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: All right...I'll see what I can do. Er...which one was your's?

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: Lydie's Kitties

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: Okay. :) Thank you.

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: Thank you too ^^

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: Okay...I think the voting is going to have to be redone...that completely messed up the poll.

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: o.o
Oh shit >>

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: That fixed it. :)

2008-08-31 [james2077]: whooopies you broke it <img:cr-gif.gif> 

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: x.x

2008-08-31 [My Sky's The Limit]: Look what you did you weenie XD

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: Shuddup ; ;

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: XD I fixed it though! I'm a good fixer. I'm a good breaker too, but at least I can fix what I broke! :P

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: Normally I do too
Duct tape is amazing :D

2008-08-31 [james2077]: ok well then your forgiven ... i was at 0 before  and at 0 now so i`m hanging in there <img:dand-gif.gif>

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: My fave is hot glue. ^-^ 'Tis warm and gooey.

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: I had to fix my own laptop and hot glue probably would've melted it >>

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: Nah...probably would've caused some problems with the circuitry though. :P

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: That would've been bad
That was crazy when it broke though, the entire hard drive just slid out x.x

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: XD wanted to say hello...

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: I guess so, lol

2008-08-31 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: *Gasp* I haz a vote!

2008-08-31 [james2077]: aww well ya how can you not vote for a puppy that grows up to be a pork chop ???? * its an inside joke*

2008-08-31 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: XD Well I liked my pig, Rookie BECAUSE he looks like my dogs :) And he was a sweety. Still at 250+ pounds, I could say "Rookie, give me kisses" and he'd crawl into my lap and give me kisses. Sadly, for FFA, I had to sell him and he walked out of the show ring and into the truck that would, 4 hours after I loaded him up, take them to be sold to slaughter. I miss Rookie badly, but I got a kiss before he left the ring and got on the truck and I told him I loved him, so...Yeah..:)

2008-08-31 [james2077]: and thus my statement is true they start out looking like a puppy and grow up to be pork chops

2008-08-31 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: Not pork chops -.-...I dont eat pork from here locally anymore. It has to be from out of state or home raised...other people's homes...

2008-08-31 [Eyes of the Reaper]: *doesn't eat pork in general*

2008-08-31 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: *Misses Rookie, Sadie and Priddy* T^T

2008-08-31 [Eyes of the Reaper]: *hugs*

2008-08-31 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: *hugs back* T-T *Pouty*

2008-08-31 [james2077]: ahh just to be safe awwwwwwwwwwww

2008-08-31 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: Huh?

2008-08-31 [james2077]: hummm [itweetinHEELS] is still getting votes she is now at 9 I belive you need to remove the link as you did with number 4 or else people just surfing thue the pixs and not reading will still vote for her.

2008-08-31 [My Sky's The Limit]: Either way if they do, the vote will be wasted and won't count on behalf of the poll votes.

2008-08-31 [james2077]: yea that is true i suppose

2008-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: I removed the link, but please note that if she is the winner, the next person in line will be the actual winner. :)

2008-09-01 [itweetinHEELS]: haha okay

2008-09-01 [MadHatress]: almost confusing predicament

2008-09-01 [itweetinHEELS]: i'm hungry

2008-09-03 [RainCloud]: but...why would ppl not love the Cavaliers? That makes me sad.

2008-09-03 [Amaranthine]: Cavaliers have the cutest faces!

2008-09-03 [Icedragon]: Im happy I have at least 1 vote, not including my own :P

But it aint a cute competition, it's a photo competition

2008-09-03 [MadHatress]: x_X total annialation!!! lol
oh well

2008-09-04 [itweetinHEELS]: owned

2008-09-04 [MadHatress]:

2008-09-09 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: i dont know what to do sooooo....BYE!

2008-10-06 [treact]: when is this ending?

2008-10-07 [Hedda]: Oups... <img:sh-gif.gif>

Any second now!

2008-10-07 [Hedda]: I've given the winners contest-badges and wrote a news item. Who is in charge of those giffie-pets?

2008-10-07 [itweetinHEELS]: [Big Brother] i've heard

2008-10-08 [Icedragon]: I knew Poppy would win :P

2008-10-10 [Cloudwatcher]: aw im tied for 2nd lol or was that added after the fact it ended lol XD

2008-11-01 [Delete_Me]: the bunny

2008-11-02 [itweetinHEELS]: ok ppl

2008-11-02 [treact]: o.O

2008-11-02 [itweetinHEELS]: LOL contest is over now

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