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2008-08-19 00:30:29
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Oreo the Beagle

How can you resist his lovingly melancholy eyes? When I got Oreo he was a miserable skin and bones little thing, filthy dirty with scabbed up ears and a limp. He was sitting at the pound looking so dejectedly miserable my heart broke. I knew I had to have him. Oreo is a pure bred blue tick beagle. He was owned by a hunting family who mistreated him badly. The first little while he was with us he was shy and jumpy and he ran every time my dad came within 10 feet of him. Soon however he came around. He learned how to play with a ball, dance in a circle and sit pretty with his front paws up.Since then he has made regular visits to the vet and the groomer. I plan to keep him for a very very long time. His birthday is November 1st, and he will be 2 years old this year.

beautiful eyes

lol he's wearing my glasses

yawning, and good timing on my part

falling asleep in my arms on his back like a little baby

asleep on my bed as always

sitting pretty

lol sleeping again

looking at me

oops I woke him up :P

his winter sweater. Canadian winters get very cold and he needs the extra warmth. He loves to roll in the snow

oops I woke him again

he's so gorgeous

lol omg he looks so annoyed with me here ....

/ [Sammi! At the Disco]

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2008-08-20 [Amaranthine]: I *heart* beagles! They're awesome dogs!

2008-08-21 [Sammi! At the Disco]: oh yes they are :] He's the absolute best dog I've ever had

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