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This is my white, pure bred Turkish Angora, Jasper. I adopted him Nov 2007 from the animal shelter and I'm very happy I did. He is a very lovable kitty who loves to have his head scratched more than anything! At night he wanders up and down the hall way and sings. He's also very clever. I love waking up to his purring face. Oh, and he loves to walk all over us while we sleep :P He's a silly cat.

When I first got him he was very very scared. The shelter told us that his previous owners always kept him locked up in a kennel and only let him out sometimes. So now, thanks to those stupid owners, I can never put him in a kennel to take him to a vet. So I bought a kitty harness and leash and carry him when he needs his yearly vaccinations.

I might ad a few more pics. I want to get a full body shot of him. He's a Turkish Angora and their bodies look interesting, just wanted to show it if I can get him to stand still XP

He sleeps all day and then sings all night!
It was winter, we thought he might be cold so we bought him a little sweater <3
He likes to do yoga while he sleeps.
I think that he has a funny nose! There is something about his nose that stands out.
These are his ghostly green eyes!
He didn't like his new sweater at first :( but now he doesn't mind.

I caught him cleaning himself!
He sleeps in all these weird ways.
He can't sleep with the light on :P

No pictures please while I'm sleeping!
He loves to burrow under the blanket! I've never met a cat before that likes to sleep under the blanket!
He loves to lay on lots of cushion and plush! Spoiled cat!

/ [Amaranthine]

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