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2008-08-23 05:41:15
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petey bby.

He is the most amazing, most intelligent, all around, best bird/pet you will EVER come across.
&& Im just so lucky to say he is my Petey Bby. <3

The following pictures
will let you know a little
bit about my amazing parrot. :]

He cant get enough of any kind of flower. :]
Sometimes, he gets angry when I sneak up on him with the camera.
He gets distracted easily. Awwwh! xD
Sometimes, he REALLY doesnt like the camera.
He likes to think of himself as 'mighty.' xD
He is very hygenic, and cleans himself regulaly.
He always looks beautiful, and trys to look his best. ;D
Sometimes he likes flowers so much, he just has to taste them. =P
He likes to be high in the air, to feel lik he's flying. [:
Sometimes, he actually trys to fly. xD
Some may beg to differ, but Petey gets camera shy too! <3
This is his myspace picture. LMAO.
He likes to bite. ;D
He gets caught off guard, just like me and you. =]

Petey, by far, is the best pet I will ever have, and I hope to have him for many many more years.
<3 He's my best friend when no one else is there, and he's the best listener. xD

/ [bring sarah the horizon.]

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2008-08-25 [Hedda]: Do you have any soundfile? <img:cheshmak.gif>

2008-08-25 [bring sarah the horizon.]: ..whats that?

2008-08-25 [Hedda]: I mean sounds of Petey talking.

2008-08-25 [bring sarah the horizon.]: I wish! xD

2008-09-05 [Corsair]: You've got the Parrot, now be the pirate. :]

2008-09-05 [bring sarah the horizon.]: hahaa, i couldnt pull off a pirate. xD

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