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2008-08-26 20:35:01
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Little Mac

Hi Everyone!
I'd like to use this wiki for the Pet photography contest to show you my dog, Mac.

He is 8 and a half years old and was born on Boxing Day (Dec 26th).
He is a pure pedigree West Highland Terrier (Westie), which is a well known Scottish Dog.

He isn't scared of much, though I don't suppose you could be with an electric wheelchair coming full speed towards you, and he likes to play with the lawn mower ^.^

These are a few of my favourite pictures. Enjoy!


My Dad put his reading glasses on the dog. :P


I think he looks like a little white chocolate mouse here.


My Mum put my bow in his fur


His favourite pastime


Scottish Pride, showing off his collar

/ [Papa Don't Preach]

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2008-08-28 [Papa Don't Preach]:

If anyone wants to watch

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