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2008-08-22 19:43:58
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My Mini-Menagerie

The red and white dog is my dog Pippin (named after the Lord of the Rings character cuz he's silly). He's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (just know that he's pretty). The little white dog is only half mine; its my mom's dog Jesse. There's a song about Jesse...yea, after that song. He's half mine cuz I'm the only one he listens to! Enjoy watching my adorable doggies :)
"I'm crying. Can you tell?" Okay, just kidding. I'm attacking a tennis ball but I had ya fooled!
"Cavaliers are the dogs of royalty. You can see that in my distant, longing eyes." Or...I'm just watching the tennis ball.
"Just throw the ball already!"
GOT IT! "Look what I did!"
"Misa sleepy."
Bwhahaha. Awake now! "Let's play"
"No. Bad mommy. You do NOT leave Jesses alone."
Look. Look what you did. "I'm crying."
"I am the king!"

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2008-08-22 [Hedda]: Woof! <img:mood22-gif.gif>

2008-08-25 [itweetinHEELS]: lmao hedda

2008-08-27 [RainCloud]: Just to make me feel less guilty; I was gonna put pictures of my cat up too but I forgot to take them before I left. Sorry, Holly (I still love you, kit, more than the dogs of course).

2009-04-22 [kittykittykitty]: Aww what's the cause of the broken images?

2009-04-22 [Hedda]: I did some bad file-moving. I fixed it now.

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