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WELCOME TO THE Pet Photography Competition

Poppy (:
Winner: Poppy (: by [treact]


Second: Doobers♥ by [My Sky's The Limit]

Cloudwatcher's Pet Fotos

Third: Cloudwatcher's Pet Fotos by [Cloudwatcher]

Read more about the contest below.

[New: make the wiki-page in any way you want and it can be a set of wiki-pages too. But the page must be exported.]

First and foremost, remember that you don't have to be an advanced or professional photographer to enter or even win a photo contest. In fact, many contests specifically encourage beginners to enter. Judges in any photography contest are often looking for something unique. They search the entries for photographs that catch their eye and that clearly separate themselves from the field. I firmly believe that any level of photographer is capable of making contest-winning photos if they use good photographic technique.

Basic info is that the pictures must be of your pets doing whatever it is that is photogenic or funny in a way. Be sensible of what pictures should be seen here on Elfpack.

[Rules for the competition:]

Upload loads of high resolution pictures to Elfpack:
1) Go to your house.
2) Press "Upload a folder of images".
3) Select a name for the wiki-page and then you upload a ZIP-file (See How to create a zip-file). I, [Hedda], upload up to 160 images per page because I'm too lazy to divide them, but that is really too much so I suggest that you put a little fewer images per page, but you're free to do as you want.
4) Write a lot of comments on the photos.
5) Submit the page and then write the link to the wiki-page under Your submissions below.

§2 They have to be your photos!

§3 The page should be exported and possible for non-logged-in people to comment. If someone is spamming the comments, you are allowed to (and should!) turn the comments for the non-logged-in users off.

§4 You may let others help you with adding photos or comments, but the people helping you are just helping you. This isn't a team-competition, but you're free to give them credits of course.

§5 Deadline is on the 28th of August 2008. Voting ends September 29th

§6 Ask questions by making a comment on this wiki-page. The competition boss for this competition is [Hedda].

§7 You are only allowed one wiki page for this competition so add all your pics on one wiki not multiple wikis.



May I have more than one pet in the photo?
Yes you may, but yet again be sensible with what the pets are doing, because the last thing we need to see is it licking itself or something similar. Also, you may only have one wiki, not two wikis (or more) of each pet.

Does the photo have to be in color?
Nope, you can have it in any color resolution you prefer.

Can I be in the photo?
The point of this competition is fixated on your pet(s), not you. There are other competitions for you to be a part of.

Should I upload photos in here?
No! Read the rules again make a separate wiki of your photos then post the wiki in here.

871) Which pet(s) has the best photography and deserves to be crowned cutest of all?! (Administrator: [Bookwyrm])

Number of voters: 112
* a) 1. Tessa
Number of votes: 6 (5%) Voters: [Eyes of the Reaper], [Legendary], [Harlequin HØllywood], [Lips .Like .Morphine], [petrie000], [angelmay]

* b) 2. Lilo resting
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [The Lost Boy]

* c) 3.My Girl Abby
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [MadHatress], [Sonya Blue]

* d) 4. Removed upon request
Number of votes: 3 (3%) Voters: [.With Eyes Sewn Shut.], [super beth 88], [Box]

* e) 5.Pansy Pot
Number of votes: 4 (4%) Voters: [Icedragon], [Yncke], [Air-inn], [butlin_boy]

* f) 6.Doobers♥
Number of votes: 16 (14%) Voters: [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing], [My Sky's The Limit], [Deg], [Euphoria Factor], [jesyka. awesomeness.], [GlassCasket], [Bastet], [~*Suicide is Painless*~], [Amaranthine], [-OpIe-], [T65], [DarkSora31], [Th3MrB3nz3dr1n3], [Jess and Nick], [NΣKØ . BiTCHzzAng], [E_quad400]

* g) 7.Jasper
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [Demon in my View]

* h) 8.Cloudwatcher's Pet Fotos
Number of votes: 18 (16%) Voters: [DragonicTunes], [Mongoose.], [His L♥ve M♥nster], [Weirdo.Phreak.], [Ħαρρy €αггøŧ Mαηҳҳ_♂], [Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫Im a poptartƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫], [Katerz], [YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME IM AN AMERICAN!], [M E Y A.], [Cloudwatcher], [*Suicidal Cupcake*], [Punxh Up!], [Ascenterra], [♥Eli-Annai♥], [B1ackE1mo], [HaHa2008], [Dodo birdd], [sammie h!]

* i) 9.Sawy's Kitty
Number of votes: 4 (4%) Voters: [darkfang], [saraaaa.], [nevan], [The_gurl07]

* j) 10. Missy the Curious Cat
Number of votes: 3 (3%) Voters: [sadbaby angel], [My Own Darc Nightmare], [Akayume]

* k) 11. Sam's Animals
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [Niki Nightmare ☆]

* l) 12. Poppy (:
Number of votes: 20 (18%) Voters: [treact], [Blondiie x], [X-TheDarkened-X], [COOPS!], [TOBYCROOKS], [υиïqυε’bαявíε★], [x.Bekki-x-], [entire parenthesis], [making love to a corpse.], [VentunoVirus], [assa], [BeachBoy], [georgiasaysbye], [ThatOneGuyJeff], [JessiKa 420], [? wild child ?], [Sir Trotsky Moseltov], [deleted elfpack], [~!~omg its brittany~!~], [Joshyboy-123]

* m) 13. My Animals
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [I Like Pie =D], [garbageman82]

* n) 14. (Out of contest)
Number of votes: 8 (7%) Voters: [itweetinHEELS], [Big Brother], [Theodore "T Bag" Bagwell Lover], [Thomas Hollywood], [Foxyvixen17], [CYewNextTues.], [«« F A I L;; to Lovę®], [Dead Inside.]

* o) 15. part of the family 2008
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* p) 16. Tora
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [Lady Raven]

* q) 17. Cocoa and Lily-Cat
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [Starr], [Urantia Of Darkness]

* r) 18. margaritas animales
Number of votes: 7 (6%) Voters: [Redneck Heartbreaker], [gods2armys], [chopstick drummer], [K-money], [dinorawr], [Yorthanii], [InLoveDontBothe r]

* s) 19. PinkKisses
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [Link -- Hero in Green], [theworm]

* t) 20. Oreo the Beagle
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [Sammi! At the Disco]

* u) 21. Scout, Odie, and other pets
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [james2077]

* v) 22. My Mini-Menagerie
Number of votes: 1 (1%) Voters: [RainCloud]

* w) 23. petey bby.
Number of votes: 2 (2%) Voters: [bring sarah the horizon.], [ZaraAwesome]

* x) 24. Bam-Bam and Barney!
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* y) 25. Little Mac
Number of votes: 6 (5%) Voters: [Papa Don't Preach], [lulu666], [VladTepes], [Lilly.], [Akkiko Atsui Reigh], [Love like Winter.]

1. Tessa
2. Lilo resting
3.My Girl Abby
4.Lydie's Kitties
5.Pansy Pot
8.Cloudwatcher's Pet Fotos
9.Sawy's Kitty
10.  Missy the Curious Cat
11. Sam's Animals
12. Poppy (: 
13. My Animals
14. Foxy!! (Out of contest)
15. part of the family 2008
16. Tora
17. Cocoa and Lily-Cat
18. margaritas animales
19. PinkKisses
20. Oreo the Beagle
21. Scout, Odie, and other pets
22. My Mini-Menagerie
23. petey bby.
24. Bam-Bam and Barney! 

25. Little Mac 

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2008-09-01 [itweetinHEELS]: haha okay

2008-09-01 [MadHatress]: almost confusing predicament

2008-09-01 [itweetinHEELS]: i'm hungry

2008-09-03 [RainCloud]: but...why would ppl not love the Cavaliers? That makes me sad.

2008-09-03 [Amaranthine]: Cavaliers have the cutest faces!

2008-09-03 [Icedragon]: Im happy I have at least 1 vote, not including my own :P

But it aint a cute competition, it's a photo competition

2008-09-03 [MadHatress]: x_X total annialation!!! lol
oh well

2008-09-04 [itweetinHEELS]: owned

2008-09-04 [MadHatress]:

2008-09-09 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: i dont know what to do sooooo....BYE!

2008-10-06 [treact]: when is this ending?

2008-10-07 [Hedda]: Oups... <img:sh-gif.gif>

Any second now!

2008-10-07 [Hedda]: I've given the winners contest-badges and wrote a news item. Who is in charge of those giffie-pets?

2008-10-07 [itweetinHEELS]: [Big Brother] i've heard

2008-10-08 [Icedragon]: I knew Poppy would win :P

2008-10-10 [Cloudwatcher]: aw im tied for 2nd lol or was that added after the fact it ended lol XD

2008-11-01 [Delete_Me]: the bunny

2008-11-02 [itweetinHEELS]: ok ppl

2008-11-02 [treact]: o.O

2008-11-02 [itweetinHEELS]: LOL contest is over now

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