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Welcome to the Elfpack Poetry page! Here you can browse the many, many pages of poetry that have been donated by other members -- over 50 full wiki-pages of them, in fact. If you see a poem that you really like, you can even use it on Elfpack freely to display. You can also donate poems to our massive database, which will not only help the rest of the site to see your works, but it will earn you a cool Seahorse Badge. Nifty. ;)



Submitting Poetry

1) All submitted poems must be completely your own, original work! We do not accept work made by others, even if it is free to use.

2) Place your submissions on Poetry Submissions.

3) One of the Elfpack Poetry Poem Bosses will review your entry and either accept it and move it to the correct page, or deny it and private message you the reasoning for the denial.

4) Upon successful submission, your total poetry count will be updated and your badge may be upgraded, depending on if you have enough entries.

5) If you are submitting five (5) or more poems, place them on a wiki-page. Try to keep the title simple and professional, such as [Stephen's Poetry@wiki]. You may then submit your poetry page on the submissions page.


Poetry Related News

... Nothing, currently!
The Elfpack Featured Poem is looking for submissions.


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2011-11-09 [sammie h!]: I have submitted to here but have not got the badge??

2011-11-09 [Stephen]: Poetry Submissions is empty, ergo you have not submitted. ;)

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