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This wikipage has all the badges that members of Elfpack can earn for their work (titles) and contributions (donors). Badges are only allowed to be displayed in the "Badge Slot" of your house; any other location is a violation of the rules. If you don't have a badge you believe you should, message a member of the Council.

Administration Badges

MagiciansWardenDeputy Warden
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Mainstuff/Feature Boss Badges

Elfpack Jokes      ToggeryElfpack Daily PoemGiffie-pet Staff
HarbringersElfpack Awards CrewTriviaGoofy Elfpackers Elfpacking!

Donor / Contribution / Special Badges

PoetsElfpack's Official Donors        Quote Crew       Badge Makers
Quoters     <img:stuff/epcontest.gif?y=120>      EP Independent- artist of the month

To see who made the badges, look at Badge Makers.


              Elfpack still needs badges for some of its titles.

If you're artistic and interested in creating a badge for Elfpack, then contact one of the Graphic Bosses.


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2005-01-30 [ickle mrs bozwell]: lol u go

2005-01-31 [Adorable Ducky]: Question...Do the people who started a wiki that became official get the Contractor badge?

2005-01-31 [Sunrose]: not per say, there will be a badge maybe for daily poem bosses :)

2005-02-03 [Avaz]: Rainy, can i have a nekkid piture of you? ... There, I said it ^_^;

2005-02-03 [RabidSphinx]: one has ever asked me that before....*slaps [Avaz]* NO! you perv!!

2005-02-07 [Solitiaum]: can I?? *snuggles avaz*

2005-02-07 [Sunrose]: LOL!!

2005-02-07 [Solitiaum]:   >:) *cackles*

2005-02-08 [RabidSphinx]: i have no nudes...just what i have posted on artistic nudity

2005-02-10 [Stefano]: i see no badge for writers ... or would they use artist badges... hmmm

2005-02-10 [Solitiaum]: Writers are artists too.

2005-02-11 [Sunrose]: They are artists, but how exactly do writers contribute to Elfpack like image-artists do? If you mean by writing articles you would become one of the Harbringers and work for the EP Independent ;)

2005-02-11 [Solitiaum]: Mm hmm... Unless we have need of translators for the help pages... Thats a way to write, I think... Daily poem gets its own badgey thing, right?

2005-02-11 [The Dark Lord]: it sure does!

2005-02-11 [Sunrose]: Yes it does. Well translators could get a different badge. Translating something is not really writing as in something artistic....and writing a help-page can't be considered artistic either.. :)

2005-02-12 [Solitiaum]: It could if you didnt quite make it a straight translation... >:)

2005-02-12 [Sunrose]: LOL! Those poor members in need of help would have to read cryptic messages!

2005-02-13 [Solitiaum]: No, they'd read messages that have not quite accurate translations, hehe... Those subtle nuances of the English language translated directly... *cackles* >:)

2005-02-13 [Sunrose]: That's evil! ;)

2005-02-16 [Solitiaum]: isnt it though? hehehe...

2005-02-23 [Sunrose]: Is the Trivia badge for people who work for it, or for winners? :) (It's awesome btw! :D)

2005-02-23 [Anvikit]: workers .. this is for the winners: <img:>

2005-02-23 [Anvikit]: humm.. looking at it now though I might need to lighten it up a bit.

2005-02-23 [Anvikit]: Hehe battle asked for a Numbat hehe .. its a cute little rodent.. hee

2005-02-23 [Sunrose]: Oh wow they are both awesome! ^__^

2005-02-23 [Sunrose]: Okay well see what you want to do about the lighting and if you have decided/are done, then tell [Big Brother] he can put the badge on the staff wiki and the prize on the winners wiki. He can badge all the people himself and such ;)

2005-02-23 [Anvikit]: I already sent the trophy to him.. but the more I look at it the more I dont like it.. :P

2005-02-23 [Sunrose]: But it kicks ass! *hugs*

2005-03-01 [Anvikit]: Have some badges been shrunk down? Or am I just hallucinating.. (not here btw at members houses)

2005-03-01 [Sunrose]: Which ones? I haven't seen anything.. >.>

2005-03-01 [Anvikit]: points to [Solitiaum]'s and [1st Font]'s houses puzzled.. ???

2005-03-01 [De'ladrei]: yea they defintaly smaller....

2005-03-01 [Anvikit]: they have the <img100: prefix to them all.., was just wondering if they were all to be changed like that or if this is a fluke of some sort.. hehe

2005-03-01 [Sunrose]: Hmm I think they did that themselves...

2005-03-03 [Solitiaum]: I shrunk mine to save space... o_O

2005-03-03 [1st Font]: I was the inventor of the space saver... and i only did because I wanted people to go to the profile further down.  [Solitiaum] copied me

2005-03-03 [Anvikit]: hehe like shrinkie-dinks

2005-03-03 [Sunrose]: LOL!

2005-03-03 [1st Font]: Normally I hate when things get small :P

2005-03-03 [Sunrose]: LOL! :O

2005-03-03 [1st Font]: Find something funny Debby??? ;)

2005-03-03 [Sunrose]: omg! evil insinuations!

2005-03-03 [1st Font]: haha L:P

2005-03-03 [Solitiaum]: SO NOT... I copied Marc from ET, if you MUST know...

2005-03-03 [1st Font]: he must have copied me

2005-03-03 [Solitiaum]: Rogue isnt a copier... I know that for certain. So pbbbt... :P

2005-03-03 [1st Font]: hmm therouge... his badges arent small

2005-03-03 [Solitiaum]: They were at one point... Ive known him for over 2 years now...

2005-03-03 [1st Font]: silly you

2005-03-03 [Solitiaum]: Yeah silly me for pissing him off so bad that as soon as he made council he made a petition to get me banned for my bad behavoir, and now wont talk to me at all... >_< We used to be really close...

2005-03-03 [1st Font]: hmmm :( 

2005-03-03 [De'ladrei]: *offers cookie of condolance*

2005-03-03 [Anvikit]: mmmmm cookies!!

2005-03-03 [Anvikit]: mmmm whoppers malted milk robin eggs.. .. mmmm so much for healthy snacks. lol

2005-03-03 [De'ladrei]: lol *goes to get more cookies as she is obviosuly going to need more than one*

2005-03-03 [1st Font]: get your asses on the new place and make me happy :P

2005-03-03 [De'ladrei]: ppffft in the words of my grandmother gods rest her soul "away and pee up yer kilt!" XP

2005-03-03 [Solitiaum]: *munches an puts something new in her diary thats funny funny* go READ, PEOPLE!!

2005-03-08 [celticpixie]: i would like to earn the penguin badge how might i go about doing that?

2005-03-08 [Sunrose]: That might be a bit hard :)

2005-03-08 [celticpixie]: hmmmm well what can i earn?

2005-03-08 [Sunrose]: The spider, or starfish...mmm the dingo maybe :)

2005-03-08 [celticpixie]: and thise would invovle what?

2005-03-08 [Sunrose]: Create art on Elfpack graphics, volunteer on the ep independent and they have to need what you have to offer, or help out at toggery/trivia/newbie help/elfpack awards and stuff like that...

2005-03-08 [celticpixie]: do you know how i could earn a badge on elftown?

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: it's harder me

2005-03-08 [1st Font]: I didn't find it hard... ;) joke :P

2005-03-08 [celticpixie]: so....still how?

2005-03-08 [1st Font]: by working my ass of and reading wiki pages on how to get them... oh and being helpful... but reading is important

2005-03-08 [Sunrose]: indeed..

2005-03-08 [celticpixie]: w/e

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: whoa, dissed and dismissed..."whatever" yall...LOL!

2005-03-08 [1st Font]: *bans celticpixie*

2005-03-08 [celticpixie]: sry lol

2005-03-09 [Solitiaum]: its not wise to be rude to the God and Goddess of the Pack, celtic :P

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: yeah, i do it all the time and have been baned once already... :P but atleast [Sunrose] loves me...(^_^)

2005-03-09 [1st Font]: I love you too in a strange kinda I hate you way :P

2005-03-09 [Sunrose]: Heh :)

2005-03-09 [celticpixie]: it was only rude in your point of veiw i said ''w/e'' because i am confused about all of the badge stuff i am sorry

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: well, i hate you too font...(^_^)

2005-03-09 [Anvikit]: celtic may I suggest you visit this page: How to gain an EP Title which outlines the ways you can achieve the various badges on yer own.

2005-03-10 [celticpixie]: thank you very much:)

2005-03-15 [Sphinx]: I have a question: I have made the badges for Daily poem Bosses, and the Poets, but I'm kinda stuck with the titles I should add to the badges. Should it be like this: For Daily Poem Bosses Poem Bosses, and for Poets, just simply Poets?

2005-03-15 [Anvikit]: Poem Boss and Poet, perhaps since the existing badges are not in plurals

2005-03-15 [Sphinx]: Oh yeah, that's right! :) Thanks!

2005-03-15 [Anvikit]: Hehe, but yeah those sound good to me,

2005-03-16 [Sphinx]: Beware The Sea Dragon! Sea Horse, Coming Soon! :)

2005-03-16 [1st Font]: Sunny Nice new badge :)

2005-03-16 [Sunrose]: Great badge indeed! ^^

2005-03-16 [Sphinx]: Thanks! :D

2005-03-16 [Adorable Ducky]: I loves it so much! Thanks bunches Sunny! *hugs* You have some for the poets also? Are they already in their houses?

2005-03-16 [Sphinx]: You're welcome Ducky! :) I'm working on the "Sea Horses" for the Poets. and Putting them up at the houses is the guards Job! :) I'm just the artist here! :P

2005-03-16 [Adorable Ducky]: Yep I know it. I'm sure Sunrose will do it. Thanks again!

2005-03-16 [Sunrose]: Have done! :P

2005-03-23 [kirbi]: i wont a bage

2005-03-23 [Solitiaum]: Learn to read first.

2005-03-23 [The Dark Lord]: and to spell! lol

2005-03-23 [Solitiaum]: Right. XD

2005-03-23 [The Dark Lord]: Just so people know not to put stupid comments asking for badges please read How to gain an EP title

2005-03-23 [Solitiaum]: *petpets TDL* o_O;;

2005-03-23 [The Dark Lord]: ;) ^____^

2005-03-24 [Sphinx]: the Seahorse is here too! :)

2005-03-24 [The Dark Lord]: sweet....very good!

2005-03-24 [Solitiaum]: *hops up an down* Like like how can I get a badge, like like like uhm MOO! Like!!!!111

2005-03-25 [Sphinx]: Thanks :)

2005-05-05 [Tainted Raine]: how do you get badges??

2005-05-06 [Solitiaum]: Step 1: Learn to read -- Step 2: Apply your new skill at How to Gain an EP Title

2005-05-06 [De'ladrei]: *snorts* hehe i think its obvious how many times we have been asked that now. Our replies are becoming blunter by the day

2005-06-06 [Dwemer]: Good amalas, ^_^

2005-06-09 [Stephen]: I'm taking the badge makers off the furture badges, since we already have it :P

2005-06-10 [Paz]: What badges do you need, I wish to give this a shot

2005-06-11 [Sunrose]: Right now we need a giffie pet staff badge, it says on the wiki...

2005-06-11 [Paz]: alrighty, I'll see if I could make one but most likely, no

2005-06-11 [Dwemer]: I think they allready made one...

2005-06-11 [Stephen]: Nope. We don't have one yet.

2005-06-12 [Dwemer]: check the staff page Stephen. :)

2005-06-12 [Paz]: There is no badge there -_-'

2005-06-12 [Dwemer]: There was, wait I'll cover it.

2005-06-12 [Dwemer]: <img:> See? they made one.

2005-06-12 [Alexandra the Great]: oh here you go, hows this? <img:>

2005-06-12 [Sunrose]: That giffie-pet staff badge does not fit with the other badges, it has a paw instead of an australian animal. And Alexandra, shouldn't that go to Badge Submissions, with a transparant background? :)

2005-06-12 [Solitiaum]: Im not sure I like the "cool" effects that the new badges are getting.

2005-06-12 [Sunrose]: What cool effects?

2005-06-12 [Solitiaum]: Take the one that Alexandra posted... Its in a totally different style than the one Ash did... It has that wierd spiral instead of a simple gradient, and frankly, it hurts my eyes. Also, its hard to tell wth that thing is... *considers once more the doings of all the badges herself*

2005-06-12 [Sunrose]: You mean [Anvikit]/Annie? The animal is a Ray, very appropriate for secret spies really.. . But it is a bit dark imo. The background being water, I don't mind it so much. If you make it lighter, the colour will be softer to your eyes... :)

2005-06-12 [Solitiaum]: I still dont like it. And as Im once again without much to do off the computer... We shall see.

2005-06-12 [Sunrose]: What do you mean?

2005-06-12 [Solitiaum]: See if I have the patience to make a new set. And keep up with the new ones that need making.

2005-06-12 [Sunrose]: New set of what?

2005-06-13 [Solitiaum]: Badges. o.O

2005-06-13 [Alexandra the Great]: well i can make it lighter...

2005-06-13 [Alexandra the Great]: I figured out how to do it!!! yay!!!

2005-06-13 [Dwemer]: And if someone wants to make a badge, make one with a king-cobra, that would be great ^_-

2005-06-13 [Alexandra the Great]: i can do that for you lad

2005-06-17 [Solitiaum]: I need the template for the badges, please...

2005-06-17 [Sunrose]: I am not sure anyone has it, if anyone does..they are not watching the wiki most likely..

2005-06-19 [PyroBuggy]: just save one of the badges and edit it :p

2005-06-19 [PyroBuggy]: nice badge [Dwemer]

2005-06-19 [Solitiaum]: Thats a pain the the arse, Bugs...

2005-06-19 [PyroBuggy]: not really... color black over the letters, color whatever color over the symbol. it takes all of 30 seconds. and don't forgt to set it on rgb mode or else it'll be all ugly :p

2005-06-19 [PyroBuggy]: what all else do we need badges fro anyway?

2005-06-19 [Solitiaum]: It gets all messy, bugs, anyway... I just need the template -.-

2005-06-19 [PyroBuggy]: fine. i'll make one.

2005-06-19 [PyroBuggy]: <img:stuff/badgetemplate2.gif> have fun. you know what text?

2005-06-19 [Solitiaum]: aye ^_^ thanks... howd you keep it transparent??

2005-06-19 [PyroBuggy]: upload it to the wiki useing nifty crap level privs XD

2005-06-19 [PyroBuggy]: just like uploading a normal picture directly to a wiki.

2005-06-19 [Solitiaum]: I have all the crap level privs. Doesnt mean EP is always nice about it -.-

2005-06-20 [Nevermore.]: question: why is there a poet badge..when all of the poets (except the poet bosses) dont have one?...they seem to be made yet not distributed

2005-06-20 [Sunrose]: I have no clue...this should be mentioned on the poetry-pages...not here :)

2005-06-21 [Adorable Ducky]: It was mentioned on ours. I don't have the privs to give th badges and I don't think anyone else on my committee (except maybe Bea who is really busy lately) does either.

2005-06-21 [Sunrose]: I didn't hear anything about it before though -_-

2005-06-21 [Nevermore.]: well, i have already taken it there and was told to come here so i did..i just think its pointless to have a badge and it not to be given out...if i had the right privs i would do it, but 1, i dont and 2, im not anything to do with the poetry section

2005-06-21 [Sunrose]: They should've come to me themselves :/

2005-06-21 [Nevermore.]: who?

2005-06-21 [Sunrose]: The people who run elfpack daily poem..

2005-06-21 [Lama_Namaneumi]: Badges? we dont need no stinking badges...!

2005-06-21 [Nevermore.]: then y are u on the badge page...*coughs*idiot*coughs*

2005-06-21 [Nevermore.]: well, i did try

2005-06-21 [Lama_Namaneumi]: i guess you havent seen Blazing Saddles...

2005-06-21 [Nevermore.]: who?

2005-06-21 [PyroBuggy]: a movie... very good one...

2005-06-22 [Nevermore.]: ok...i dont care.........

2005-06-27 [Nevermore.]: ish no one gonna get the badge suttion sorted

2005-06-28 [Dwemer]: A question, do we have a badge with a Tazmanian Devil on it? What's the animal on the Trivia badge?

2005-06-28 [Sunrose]: I forgot, but it is not a Tazmanian Devil..

2005-06-28 [Solitiaum]: anteater

2005-06-28 [PyroBuggy]: what badges do we need made at the moment?

2005-06-29 [Sunrose]: I don't know any right now..

2005-06-29 [Nevermore.]: hey! come on ppl! answer me

2005-06-29 [Solitiaum]: Im working on a whole new set... -.- These dont even match anymore, and it sucks.

2005-07-02 [Dwemer]: Did sunny approve?

2005-07-02 [Solitiaum]: I believe the same process of submit and see if she likes them enough to use them still applies here.

2005-07-05 [Adorable Ducky]: The poets thingy can be made into a link. I have set up a page thats just Poets.

2005-07-06 [Sunrose]: Could someone help badging poets?

2005-07-06 [Adorable Ducky]: I have had volunteers, I was just wondering if someone in our committee already could earn the privs. I'll find someone if not.

2005-07-06 [Sunrose]: [Spikéd One] has and he is in the committee.

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: I would do it, approx. 17 minutes and 54 seconds ;) ^_-

2005-07-06 [Nevermore.]: Ehm, [Dwemer] asked you to deliver those badges [Adorable Ducky] , you didn't react...

2005-07-07 [Adorable Ducky]: Someone asked me to deliever the badges or were wondering if they could?

2005-07-07 [Solitiaum]: Dwemer is willing to.

2005-07-07 [Adorable Ducky]: Yes, I know. I have had a few people be willing to. I believe [Spikéd One] will do it or I will make another decision.

2005-07-08 [Dwemer]: Hmm, seems like [Spikéd One] will be gone for 2 months...

2005-07-08 [Tear]: Umm, just a question that I presented to [Dwemer], we sometimes have poetry submissions from readers at the EP Independent, aren't they also deserving of a poets badge? Because they are basically doing the same thing that the daily poem is, except it is featured monthly instead. If need be, we could have someone at the EPI deliver the badges, because we have poets over there as well.

2005-07-08 [Dwemer]: Hmm, I think [Tear] has a point here, there are some great poets on EP Independent.

2005-07-08 [Tear]: It does seem fair that we would have our people get one as well, and it does make a lot of sense, instead of waiting two months for [Spikéd One] to come back, and have a huge backlog of badges to deliver.

2005-07-08 [Dwemer]: Yeps, I agree.

2005-07-08 [Tear]: By our people, I mean the featured poets, not all the harbringers.

2005-07-08 [Nevermore.]: finely! things are getting done and noticed!

2005-07-08 [Dwemer]: No, [Spikéd One] is gone and this isn't approved yet :)

2005-07-08 [Adorable Ducky]: He won't be gone for 2 months, he'll slack over to my house every once in a while and besides that, [Alexandra the Great] has asked to kinda spruce up our wiki so I'll ask her to hand out the badges if that's oked by the Council.

2005-07-08 [Nevermore.]: i didnt mean that it was approved, just that things were actully getting done

2005-07-08 [Tear]: Ducky, what about our featured artists though? They deserve a badge for submitting poetry to Elfpack.

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: Actually poets in the Elftown Herald don't get badges either. I don't see why EVERYTHING has to have badges :(

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: because people want to make badges? *starts makeing badges for everybody in elfpack*

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: No, everyone wants to have badges, only a few actually make them..

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: True. heh... people who beg to join the giffie pet staff. you know they won't do anything. they just assume they automatically get a badge... speaking of wich, i should make more pets @_@.

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: *spanks* get to working =P

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Well, hun, we have an Artists badge, why not have a poets badge as well? I was just informed that I was getting a badge today, by [Dwemer], and then he told me about all the backlog. I am just trying to have the distribution for that badge be a bit more fair then the way it is going to be distributed. I mean, for the dailt poem, all you have to do is put a poem on a page and wait. i forgot I had posted that one, and eventually, all the people, unless ducky got rid of some, are going to get a badge if they posted a poem, I think that that is just a bit too easy fo earn. I mean, we ahve submissions, but we chose the individuals we don't put up everyone.

2005-07-09 [Tear]: That just looks like too many people are going to be recieving that one badge. I say make it a bit harder to earn one. Shoot, if you made it harder, i would gladly give back the badge that I got for having my poem on mainstuff just to be fair.

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