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How Do I Gain an EP Title


This wiki answers all questions on how to gain any badge. Each title is listed, along with what they do and an answer about how to get that title yourself. *Remember, for all job-related badges, you should not just want the badge, you need to actually do the work, and continue doing it even after being badged!*


Donor Badges

To get these, you only have to donate to Elfpack in someway. For your convenience, all titles are listed from easiest to get, to the hardest to get.

The artists have donated some kind of art to Elfpack. The easiest way to do this is through Elfpack Graphics.

Elfpack Poets:
Elfpack Poets write poems for all Elfpack to read. To become a poet, submit to Elfpack Poetry.

Daily Poets:
Daily Poets are much like Elfpack Poets, except they submit their poetry to the Elfpack Daily Poem in hopes of it being featured on Mainstuff. If featured, they receive the Daily Poet badge.

Elfpack Jokes:
The Jokers have donated jokes for everyone at Elfpack to read. To gain the badge, submit to Elfpack Jokes and have your joke featured on Mainstuff. Those with the title are listed in the Hall of Laughs.

Quoters find (and sometimes author) great quotes for all Elfpackers to take to heart. To become a quoter and gain the badge, submit to Quotes from Elfpackers and have your quote featured on Mainstuff.

Elfpack's Official Donors:
These people have donated money to Elfpack. When you <URL:donate.html> you will earn this title.

Elfpack Contest Winners:
These people have won official contests. To earn this title, you must win an official contest. Try Elfpack contests.

Badge Makers:
The Badge Makers create official badges for use in Elfpack. If you make an official badge, you will become one of the Badge Makers.

The Contractors build new wikipages to become official and submit them to the Elfpack Contractors Office. To beoome one of the Contractors, you need to build an official page.

Report at least 25 good reports to the guards. If you file a bad or stupid report, one tally will be removed form your count. The Guards will make you one of the Rats when they feel you have earned it. If you pester them, they are less likely to make you one.


Boss Badges

To get these, you have to work for an official wikipage. Unless otherwise noted, do not ask for these jobs, Apply to the Crew for them instead.

The Volunteers take care or manage official parts of Elfpack. 

These are the members who work for the EP Independent: the Elfpack E-zine. You can apply for a job at EP Independent wannabe's.

Daily Goofs:
These members are handling the Goofy Elfpackers Elfpacking! page and the Daily Goof on Mainstuff.

The Toggery Staff take care of and handle Toggery. They will contact you if they need you.

Trivia Staff:
The Trivia Staff take care of and handle Trivia. They help find new questions. They will contact you if they need you.

Poem Bosses:
The Poem Bosses run and handle Elfpack Poetry and the Elfpack Daily Poem.

Giffie-Pet Staff:
The Giffie-Pet Staff runs and takes care of the Giffie-Pet Store.

Elfpack Awards Crew:
The Elfpack Awards Crew keeps the Elfpack Awards up and running.

Daily Jokers:
The Daily Jokers take care of Elfpack Jokes.

Quote Crew:
The Quote Crew take care of Quotes from Elfpackers.


Administration Badges

To get these, you have to be one of the people that are in charge of running Elfpack in someway. Do not ask for these jobs, Apply to the Crew for them instead.


The Council makes decisions about Elfpack and helps the Wardens.

The Guards find trouble makers and make them follow the Uploading Art Rules and the rules on What is an Asshole?.

These are the wiki bosses, they look after the official wikis and help people with questions about wikis. To become one you have to be trusted by the crew.


Impossible-to-get Badges

You cannot get these badges, there is no use asking or applying for them.

Warden and Deputy Warden:
These are the two people in charge of Elfpack. Currently [Ihsahn] is Warden and [Hedda] is Deputy Warden.

Ambassadore Exilios:
The Ambassadore Exilios talks with people who were wrongly banned from Elftown. Only one person may have this
position at a time, and currently [Stephen] has it.

The Magicians program the site. Learn how to do all the technical stuff that you would need to do to run a community, including Roxen etc. Become trusted by [Hedda] Learn to be mature, and sensible when needed and learn not to ask for this position.

Queen of Elfpack
This is the Queen of Elfpack.


Other Badges/Titles

These badges and titles are strange and hard to get.

What the Stalkers do is a secret. You have to become friendly with the Wardens, then carry out secret missions for them. Don't ask them about being a Stalker, or they will block you.

EP Independent- Artist Of The Month:
Any good artists can get featured if they are nominated. The Harbringers choose new featured works of art; however this award is currently on hold.

Gerads and Nude Police
See respective wikipages. (Not actually official; no badges)


Go to:
Hell of the Insane

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2006-03-18 [Sunrose]: Because Elfpack has a Warden, not a God.

2006-04-15 [{Donut}]: who made the elfpack and elftown anyway ?

2006-04-15 [Sunrose]: [Hedda] :)

2006-05-03 [Ihsahn]: the Ambassadore Exilios is [Big Brother] fixed that :)

2007-06-29 [Bookwyrm]: "Broken" links: The Daily Poem links should be Elfpack Daily Poem. ^-^ The Daily Poem links lead to a blank page. "For your convenience..." is misspelled also. ^-^

Edit: Fixed it after asking if I could. :P

2007-07-30 [Bookwyrm]: Added Quotes from Elfpackers to the donor area, and Quote Crew to the boss area. ^_^

2007-07-30 [Ihsahn]: I noticed that :P

2007-09-27 [Stephen]: I added all badges because [Sunrose] asked me to when I re-vamped this page about a year ago, and I moved magician to impossible to get. :)

2007-09-27 [Bookwyrm]: Looks good! ^_^ (By the way, I just fixed the lotto badge image. ^_~ You forgot to add stuff/ before the image name :P)

2007-09-27 [Stephen]: Thanks, for both! =D I sized them down, so they didn't make the page look so completely flooded with images. :)

2007-09-27 [Bookwyrm]: -nods- You're welcome. Ooooh much better. ^_^ Looks tidier. ^_^ One thing I don't understand is why some badges resize differently than others. x_X

2007-09-27 [Stephen]: Thanks. =) I have no idea either, seeing as I told them all to size to 80, then they *should* all be the same size. Ask Hedda? :P

2007-09-27 [Bookwyrm]: Yeah...might be a good idea. XD

2007-10-01 [Young J.C.]: Question: Under EP contest crew and Harbringers they both have the same image. That should be fixed. What is the image for the Harbringers?

2007-10-01 [Bookwyrm]: Fixed!

2007-10-02 [Young J.C.]: Ah, your welcome.

2007-10-02 [Bookwyrm]: -blinks- Yeah, uh thanks for pointing out a problem. :P

2007-10-06 [Stephen]: Hehe, oops. :P
Thanks for the correction you two. =)

2008-01-29 [Bookwyrm]: Added Daily Poets to the list since they now have a separate badge. :D

2010-07-19 [Mr. smiley bastard]: i got some wicked quotes

2014-09-19 [sammie h!]: This needs an update.

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