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The Volunteers are the outstanding members who are part of the Elfpack Crew, without being on the Council. They help out with various aspects of maintaining Elfpack. The hard work and dedication of the combined Volunteers and Council is what enables Elfpack to be ran smoothly and keep things in order. The Volunteers work directly with the members of the Council and thus are also considered to be members of Elfpacks' staff.

Volunteers who work diligently become Grasshoppers, to show that they go above and beyond the role of a normal Volunteer in helping Elfpack.


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2012-03-31 [sammie h!]: So cute. :)

2012-03-31 [sammie h!]: +1 to stephens comment

+1 to ama's comment


2012-03-31 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I don't get a +1?

2012-03-31 [sammie h!]: No

You get a

+ 153689953467688

2012-03-31 [sammie h!]: ......................................

And now I have confused myself <img:sh-gif.gif>

2012-04-24 [sammie h!]: Who is second in command x

2012-04-24 [sammie h!]: [Celle] - hasn't been on in 167 days

2012-04-24 [sammie h!]: [Lina] - hasn't been on in 171 days

2012-04-24 [sammie h!]: [Flisky] - Hasn't been on in 182 days

2012-04-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Second in command? I'm confused by this because I don't think there is a second in command, [sammie h!].

[Celle], [Lina] and [Flisky] may have good reasons not to be on Elfpack. Real life comes before Elfpack, everyone on the crew, council and guards knows this. I'm sure they will come back online any day now when they have their real life all sorted out. So no worries, yeah?

2012-04-24 [Amalaswinta]: +1

2012-04-24 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: If you ask me...[sammie h!] just wants anothe badge and more work to do :P

2012-04-25 [sammie h!]: Lol. well your wrong Jimmy, I just wondered because I was just going to suggest that the bosses and the co bosses put what they do so people can see for themselves and then if they really wanted to, study there work. :)

2012-04-29 [Orestez]: I throw rocks at squirels. study that, lol

2012-04-29 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I shoot [Orestez]'s, study that

2012-05-02 [Stephen]: @Sammie: Well, [Lina] works on Elfpack Chat. That doesn't even require her to log on Elfpack to do so. So her position doesn't require her to be active in site.

[Celle] and [Flisky] both work at the Elfpack Daily Poem, so it's the person who's head of that position to keep track on who on their staff is and is not online, and why that is. 

Of course, if you have any issue with any department in Elfpack and how it's running you can privately message me and I will discuss it with you when I have the chance to do so.

Pointing out when you feel someone is doing something wrong in public serves to make people unhappy and feel attacked and offended. It's always best to say things like that in private messages.

As to the "In command": This is, once again, much like the Council. Thus it would follow the same chain of command. The Volunteers work for the Feature Bosses, who are on the Council. The Council has a very clear chain of command, so if you feel that talking to a feature boss isn't going to solve an issue(s), then just speak to one of the higher ups on the Council. =]

2012-05-02 [Cerulean Sins]: *thumbs up* :D

2012-05-02 [sammie h!]: +1 well worded, I understand now. :)

2012-05-02 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: <img:>
^He approves

2012-05-02 [sammie h!]: lol

2012-05-04 [sammie h!]: Ha Ha look at my name lol. :)

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