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Adorable Ducky (How do you give up the one thing you're sure of?)

Member #1208 created: 2004-10-19 14:20:09Simple URL:   

Name: Ducky a.k.a. Sarah


Me and my little brother Jeff!

The baby girl! She's the most beautiful thing ever!


Whooo! Me, Laurie, and Jeffro at the big BK!

That's right, love it! Me in my bathing suit, thinking about...who the hell knows.

Check out the hoe boots!!!!

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I am one of the featured poets , making me one of Elfpack poets, I'm a retired Poem Boss and I'm one of Elfpack's Artists

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January 2005

Wow, so life is super busy right now. New boyfriend, me trying to find myself, school and it's related subjects such as running, and work. I rarely get to sleep, but I haven't yet given up on eating. Anyway, if I'm slow responding, I'm really sorry! I get on as often as I can but it's harder now cause my old hard drive that I'm having to use is a piece of shit! If you would like to keep up with me, I generally make time to update my online journal on You should read and comment!!!!



I miss you more than ever big brother! Don't worry, I will pay off all your debts to Laurie and my hispanic kids will mow your gravesite for cheap! You will always and forever be my Jesse Lee and I will never tell you goodbye cause you will never leave me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


"How do I say goodbye to what we had
The good times that made us that outweighed the bad
I thought we’d get to see forever
But forever’s gone away
It’s so hard to say goodbye to my homies

And on your birthday me and my boys visit your grave
And I remember when you first got high
And the first time you got laid
And I’m going through a thing, nigga, what should I do
I never imagined living life without a nigga like you"--Master P




I was the winner of Elfpack Daily Poem's Themed Poem for December!!!!


I am the Elfpack Daily Poem Head Mistress!!!! All will hail to me and the wonderful Elfpack Daily Poem Committee!

Yes, I am the Adorable Ducky...the most adorable of all the duckys! Well, not really since I am in fact very not adorable at all...


"We're conservative. The only way we don't like to kill people is that way." God I love American Dad

"Church: You're damned if you don't" Again, love American Dad

"Ew they're old! Are they gonna do it?" Dewhore

Me- "Ben, you spilled my french fries! How could you?"
Woozey- "If by Ben you mean Sarah then yes, Ben knocked over your french fries."

Me- "One time, I forked somebody so hard it broke." *Drew laughs* "Dammit, I did it again didn't I? Fuck you Drew! Stop laughing!"

Me- "I should have just given him your number."
Dewhore (aka [lala land])- "So he could do what? Lick it?"

Dewhore entering the room prancing like a fairy- "Sarah, never fear, for I would say you were never queer!"

"Balloon on the mail box means PARTY OVER HERE!!!!"-Family Guy

Age: 18Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 15

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-South Carolina

Exact place of living: Abbeville

Known languages

Favorite URL:

ICQ number: 312875925

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

grungeheavy metaljazz

Other interests
travellingwatching sportwriting

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 163

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