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2007-05-15 [kittykittykitty]: What is it you are not sure about, exactly? :)

2007-05-22 [Monster Master]: Like, the name. I don't know if I should put EP Warden or something like that. O_o

2007-05-30 [Asrun]: Don't put anything. :) Then whenever there needs to be a badge, they can add whatever title it needs.

2007-07-28 [Bookwyrm]: I have a query. ^_^ I have made two badges for an upcoming official contest, do I need to submit them here? They are the one's we've decided to use, but they're not listed anywhere yet but on the wiki in question (I can send a link if needed, but I don't want to post it yet because it's not open) and in the staff forum for that contest. ^_^

2007-07-29 [Asrun]: These are for offical badges only for workers.. I think whatever you decide to make for contests should be fine.. O_o Not sure on that thought.

Big Brother may have the answer! :O

2007-07-29 [Bookwyrm]: Well, one is for the workers. :P I'll try and contact [Big Brother] about it, though. ^_^

2011-08-15 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I think we should add some animals to this...

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: Go for it. :)

Just try to stick to the Australian theme.

2011-08-15 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: oh of course, sir!

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: lul.

2011-08-15 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Hows that look?

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: It looks good!
Though the Tasmanian Devil is listed twice. :P

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: Lookin' good!

2011-11-09 [sammie h!]: How long will it be

2011-11-09 [Amalaswinta]: patience grasshopper ;)
we're working as fast as we can

2011-11-10 [sammie h!]: Lol. I like that

2011-11-12 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Mhmm, [Amalaswinta] I'd like to start making badges too ^^ Mind sending me the new badge in pm?

2011-11-12 [sammie h!]: same here

2011-11-12 [Stephen]: ... *sighs*

2011-11-14 [sammie h!]: Never mind,

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