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*Artsie_ladie's* Poetry <img:stuff/HandwQuill2TinyRev.psd.gif><img:stuff/MyPoetry.psd.gif><img:stuff/HandwQuill2Tiny.psd.gif> WELCOME!

--->[ -160- currently]


Everything on this page is copyrighted to me, [Faith.Hope.Love], AKA, Sharon Donnelly, unless otherwise specified.
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Poems marked, [ *** ] were chosen by the Daily Poem on Elftown or won in a poetry competition & featured on Elftown's Mainstreet! [ ~*~ ] means featured on Elfpack! All are copyrighted (©) to me!


*Artsie_ladie's* Birthday Greeting Poetry

"My Dear Friend...[ username ]!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Birthday Greetings!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"A Splendid, Happy Birthday!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Happy Birthday, Mom!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Darling..." -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Birthday Candle Lighter!" -Funny- [&] -F&L-
"Special Words For A Special Friend!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Happy Seventeenth Birthday!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Happy 'New Mommy' Birthday!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
--->[ -9- currently]


*Artsie's* Christian Poems

"Revenge and Forgiveness!" -D&M-
"God, Are You Listening?" -D&M-
"A Blessed Christmas (Day) To All" -D&M-
"Have I Told You Jesus That I Love You?" -D&M-
"Virtue Versus Sin. Which Will Win?" -D&M-
"A New Flower Added To The Master's Bouquet" -D&M- [&] -death-
--->[ -6- currently]


*Artsie's* Christmas Poetry

"Precious Jesus!" -D&M-
"Christmas Magic!" -F&L-
"Christmas Is A Time Of Magic!" -D&M-
"Snow!" -Descript-
"My Christmas Wish For You" -D&M-

...A Christmas Carol...

"For Elftown: An Elftown Christmas" -Funny- [&] -Descript-
"For Elf12: An Elf12 Christmas" -Funny- [&] -Descript-
"For Cathug: A Cathug Christmas" -Funny- [&] -Descript-
"For Writersco: A Writersco Christmas" -Funny- [&] -Descript-
"For Elfpack: An Elfpack Christmas" -Funny- [&] -Descript-
[Hope to finish composing the tune for this.]
--->[ -10- currently]


*Artsie's* Easter Poems

"A Blessed Easter!" -D&M-
"Happy Easter!" -D&M- [ *** ]
--->[ -2- currently]


*Artsie's* Family & Friends

Poetry I've written about my family & friends!
--->[ -22- currently ], includes 2 ([ *** ]) winning poems


*Artsie's* Fantasy Poems

"A Place Called Shady Hollow!" -Descript-
"An Orc's Meal" -Descript-
"Orcs" -Descript-
"The Dragon - A Silly Poem!" -Funny-
"O, Hail The Mighty Dragon!" -Descript-
"The Great Winged One!" -Descript-
"Cursed Are The Undead!" -Descript-
--->[ -7- currently]


*Artsie's* Halloween Poetry

"Time To Fright and Shine!" -Descript-
"A Spirit Summons!" -Descript-
"Nightly Demons!" -Descript-
"Three Halloween Guests" -funny- [ *** ] & [ ~*~ ]
"Birth Of A Jack O' Lantern!" -Descript-
"It's Halloween!" -Descript-
--->[ -6- currently]


*Artsie's* Patriotic Poetry

"Salute to America's Protectors" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
--->[ -1- currently]


*Artsie's* St. Patrick's Day Poems

"The Luck of the Irish!" -Descript-
"Everyone Is Irish On St. Patrick's Day!" -Descript- [&] -Funny- [ *** ]
--->[ -2- currently]


*Artsie's* Valentine Poetry

"My Valentine Forever!" -D&M- [&] -F&L- [ *** ]
"My Beautiful Mother! My Beautiful Valentine!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"L♥ving..." -D&M- [&] -F&L- [ *** ]
"The Beauty Of Passion, The Art Of Love!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Love Ship" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Haunted" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Loose Lips, Sink Ships!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Listening To Your Heart" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"My Last Letter..." -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Photographs..." -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"I Would Shout My Love ...From The Mountains High!!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"The Flower Of Love!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Secret L♥ve!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"One More Wish!" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Friendship Efflorescence, a Chrysalis de L’amour" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"Love Till Death" -D&M- [&] -F&L-
"A Beautiful Dream..." -D&M- [&] -F&L-
--->[ -17- currently]


*Artsie_ladie's* Pet Poetry

My Poetry About Pets & Animals!
--->[ -15- currently ], includes 1 ([ *** ]) winning poem.


*Artsie_ladie's* Pet Rescue

--->[ -1- currently]---but counted in Pet Poetry


*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme

My Various Poetry!
--->[ -61- currently ], includes ([ *** ]) winning poems


*Artsie_ladie's* Story/Poem Fantasy

My Story/Poem: "Welcome...Eye Love Elftown"
--->[ -1 -very long- currently]


A Teddy Bear's Revelation

--->A story/poem written in first-person; a rendition by a Teddybear!
--->[ -1 -long- currently]


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