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Faith.Hope.Love ( !0.0!)

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Majestic Beauty Pegasus - Black-n-Gold

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly

©2017-12-14 Copyrighted/All rights reserved.
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As the page title indicates, this is my "shuffle page" for editing/changing my drawing slot in my house.
If any stray missing "centers" appear, please ignore them.

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Christmas is coming!





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Why is it we are more kind, more caring, more giving, and more generous all around at Christmastime? If we can be more kind, caring, and giving for one day of the year, why can't we all year spread good cheer? We would certainly have a much better world for everyone.

"Spirit Of Giving"


Written poem:
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With words ringing true, are surreal,
There's such a need for an appeal.
If we can care on just one day,
Why can't we care then every day?

When we're moved within our heart,
We must allow our voices to depart,
And make a sound to resonate
Awaken the world to help the fate
Of those forgotten, cast aside,
To make a difference and worldwide,
For there are those who cannot speak,
And so the strong must help the weak.

There is a need so immense,
Caring must become as intense,
Not by one or just a few
And not on just a day or two,
But every day, a united force,
Every ONE on just one course
To lift others who are in need,
True humanity, THIS is indeed!
We must help others without request,
This is humanity at its best!

Inside us all there is a voice,
Inside us all there is a choice,
To not just take but also give,
So that others too may live
Not plagued with hunger, in despair,
But too, can live with joy to spare.
Every human deserves the chance,
To have a better circumstance.

When we, our hearts open wide,
Allowing Love to be our guide,
We then become well aware,
Blessings given are meant to share,
So that others may too rejoice,
With a gleeful heart and happy voice.

If we can care on just one day,
Why can't we care then every day?

Art/Poem by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2014-12-13 11:57:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.

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Where I spend most of my time as of late, my Blogger blogs:



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"Thee Reason for the season, why we celebrate;
Christ's Birth, with reverence we commemorate."
Quote by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2017-11-17

"Happy Birthday, Jesus!"

Written poem:
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Happy Birthday, Jesus,
Sweet little baby boy,
Who grew up to save the world,
To bring so much joy.
Happy Birthday, Jesus,
You are why we celebrate,
But many have forgotten
The Son of God so Great!

Merry "Jesus Christ"-mas, my Savior,
I ask for just ONE favour,
Please spread Your Love across...
This world so deeply lost...
And may peace and light ascend
Upon all the corners dark,
Until all Your Children know...
And in their hearts they hark!
...And choose Love to bind us,
Instead of hate to blind us,
...And open up our hearts
To be more and better caring,
With kindness and forgiveness,
Be a lot more truly sharing!

Oh, Dear Jesus,
Why can't people see,
That Love is the answer,
That Love is the Key!?

Written by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2013-12-16 01:27:00 (EST) All rights reserved.




Showcase for my "newest" Christmas graphics.


"Truly Supportive Friend"

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If I support you among your friends,
I will support you amidst your foes.
If I share in your happiness,
I will share in your woes.
A friend who supports in private,
But reneges when there's a crowd,
Is really not a friend
For which to be proud.
A true friend is consistent
And shall stand their ground,
No matter if alone with you
Or with others all around.

Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-08-05



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Showcase for my "newest" graphics.


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"Gifted By God"

Written poem:
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I am just a nobody with no fortune and no fame,
But rich in ways many others wouldn't ever think to claim.
Among His many blessings, I'm blessed with a Gift to create,
To share with and touch others, to uplift and educate.

But to be creative, to feel others' woes, address,
God gave me a life of lessons so I could share, express.
He knew I'd need material so I could carry out
My purpose He designed without a shred of doubt.

So, with my poetry, unique and a style all its own,
I write from within, a place no one can ever clone.
To acquire understanding in a way that's surreal,
One must live and experience to know how others feel.

Starting with my childhood, learning the cruelties of life
And throughout adulthood, enduring much pain and strife,
I've gained a wealth of knowledge about wrong and right,
Bringing forth perspicacity in rhyme as I write.

If with my poetry, one's expecting more in line with norm,
One might be disappointed with its content and its form,
For I do not write what and how others think I should,
But mostly to convey a message, hoping that it's good.

I only write in rhyme to give my words a flow;
Free verse seems lacking of, my opinion, though.
I like the added challenge throughout my writing time
Of writing words with meaning AND portrayed with rhyme.

My writing is direct, though not always pleasant, nice;
Some may think too lengthy, therefore not concise.
But truth and honesty can sometimes be harsh and severe
And the delivery of, must be covered and as well, made clear.

Meeting challenges in life has played a main, central part,
Leaving many battle scars upon my, at times, weary heart.
But through it all I've learned, we become better though,
From overcoming challenges which we learn from and grow.

When I say I am blessed in ways others wouldn't claim,
It's because among my blessings, the atrocities I name.
Living through atrocities forges a greater understanding,
More inclined to be forgiving, less critical, reprimanding.

Many reasons I have had too numerous to be counted
To remain bitter and resentful, not overcome, surmounted;
To justify holding onto grudges and be unforgiving,
But a heart so heavy burdened can't rejoice in living.

I've had many chances in life to provide me with excuses
To accept in my heart hatred because of multiple abuses,
But from a young age I've been determined to rise above
By cultivating instead the opposite, the Elements of Love.

Oftentimes, when with our life, we're dissatisfied,
We give in and accept that our misery's justified.
But just one adjustment, a change to/in our objective,
Can make all the difference when we alter our perspective.

When we understand why there are struggles in our life,
All with silver linings in spite of stress and strife,
We afford ourselves the ability to negate the negative,
Transform it into positive to be wiser how we live.

Not only wiser but more humble with our ego more subdued
To be more considerate of others, instead of callous, rude.
We're all a work in progress with each our own path to carve;
Who we are, become, depends upon what traits we feed or starve.

We all make mistakes and they're our best learning tools.
Those who acknowledge this become the wiser versus fools.
We all have attributes to help make the world a better place,
But if we do not bring them forth, we, ourselves, disgrace.

I am creative too as an artist with paint, pencil, brush,
But this creative field brings a different type of rush.
There is beauty all around us God has so richly painted,
That even the world's ugliness can't ruin, make tainted.

Since with animals and nature I've always felt at peace,
Accepted in His world of wonder, God's Masterpiece,
Through my art I try to capture the beauty I still see,
Hoping to remind others of the wonders God made to be.

Being blessed by God with the Gift of Creativity,
My gratitude's immense; I cherish most reverently.
Being given such a Gift by the Master of Creation,
All praise goes to Him with my absolute adoration.

Written by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2017-08-08 09:25:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
Featured on my Rhymetyme blog:

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"University Of Life"

Written poem:
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From the school of Hard Knocks, Life's University;
A student of progressive learning, a grad to never be.
For this course of study, there is not an end,
Until my time is up with hope to Heaven, I'll ascend.

With a multitude of lessons of varying degrees;
Some very complicated, some through, I can breeze.
Then there are those that I must keep repeating
Until the lesson's learned. Life forbids cheating.

The most valuable lessons though, if them, I'm to land,
Come mainly through and by experience, only first hand.
These lessons can be the toughest when I'm badly burned,
But once made through, these lessons never are unlearned.

Always a 'work in progress' with a goal that is set
To build on, improve myself, and lest I should forget,
Life will remind me, use my conscience purposely to gain
My attention unpleasantly until back on track again.

With the University Of Life, there's attendance every day,
Since Life takes no vacations and grants no vacation pay.
Classes are in session always, seven days a week.
Tardiness is frowned upon for anyone who will seek.

As with any learning, Life works best with a willing student,
If one is to evolve, gain wisdom, be humble along with prudent.
The levels we achieve in Life in our character, reflects,
Based on what we've earned not what our ego's pride projects.

There are no report cards for there is no need,
Since Life rewards in accordance with, per every deed.
All progressive students learn at different rates,
Learn different lessons in accordance with their fates.

Since every student has a uniquely different course,
With lessons in different order from a different source,
Each student in their learning is where they need to be,
Learning lessons some have learned; others yet to see.

A progressive student learns Life brings surprises,
Some good, some bad, and some hidden in disguises
And Life is ever changing to keep us on our toes,
Encountering the flower OR the thorns of the rose.

In the learning process, Life teaches what to value most;
What to cultivate within us; what type of pride to host.
For an eager student who desires to achieve integrity,
Life has special challenges to be met but not easily.

Life's lessons may be hard, some horrible to bear,
But all in all we come through better for the wear.
For each lesson that we learn, more strength we achieve,
More courage we obtain, we can rely on and believe.

Somewhere along the way we learn about perspective
And which priorities should be in our main objective.
Priorities in Life are essential if we are to spare
Ourselves from the grief of regret, burdensome to bear.

But Life is not all work with never any play.
In between and during lessons, Life finds a way
To bring us joy and happiness, in abundance we can reap,
With peace in our hearts we can hold onto and keep.

With Life's lessons that we learn and if we learn them well,
All the precious gifts of, number more than I can ever tell.
But all that's good and beautiful can't be truly appreciated,
Without some bad and ugly for comparison, well illustrated.

Although there are no diplomas, there is great reward,
When for my character, integrity I've earned and scored,
Gaining self worth, esteem, confidence, and discipline,
All combined with humility, is most definitely a win.

So, yes, I am a student of the University Of Life,
The school of Hard Knocks with lots of stress and strife.
But I would not trade this for all of China's tea,
Because all the lessons learned have made a wiser, better me!

And yes, I am still enrolled for work on me's not done.
I'll be a 'work in progress' until my last setting sun.
In progressive learning I've yet to learn many lessons still
And if I'm a humble, willing student, somehow I know I will.

Written by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2017-09-08 03:03:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
Featured on my Rhymetyme blog:

"The best teacher in life, IS life."

Quote by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©



A favourite among the quotes I've authored:

"Giving is the joy of living."






"Skeleton Crew"

My latest artwork for Halloween. ©2017-10-31 All rights reserved.
Featured on my Heartbeats blog:

"Fright Night"

Goes with artwork, "Skeleton Crew".
Written poem:
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At last the night is here,
The night of fright and fear;
The night of Halloween,
A ghastly, ghostly scene.

As witches make their brew,
Calling on the Skeleton Crew
To, from their slumber, rise
And meet without disguise.

The moon is full and bright
To make luminous the night,
As amber flames flicker in each lit Jack
And lick the brewing pot, burning it black.

With winter's breath coming, near,
On October's night, the last this year,
The chill to the bones, not in the least,
Matters to those who have deceased.

As spirits awaken, rattling their bones,
With a chorus of their moans and groans,
Rustling Autumn leaves blanketing the ground,
A symphony commences of an eerie sound.

Distant werewolves with blood curdling howling,
Are now on the hunt, have begun their prowling.
The owls are hooting, "Who-who-who who-whooooo,
Who dares to venture out this night through?"

As the graveyard comes alive with the walking dead,
Who've been sleeping restlessly in their earthly bed,
Waiting for the celebration, an annual eventful night,
When spirits mingle, old and new, a welcomed sight.

There are stories to be told, legends to be read,
Like Sleepy Hollow, the horseman with no head.
There's news of the living that must be spread,
Like who among the living is about to join the dead?

Ah, it is a Fright Night, one that spooks the mind;
One that's to the living, an event often quite unkind.
But to the spirit world, it's a night looked forward to,
The annual congregation of the Skeleton Crew.

Written by Artsieladie/ Sharon Donnelly
©2017-10-31 All rights reserved.
Featured on my Heartbeats blog:

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╔═══════════ ๑ ƸӜƷƸӜƷ ๑ ═════════╗
ƸӜƷ . Have a Blessed Day! . ƸӜƷ
╚═══════════ ๑ ƸӜƷƸӜƷ ๑ ═════════╝

/[Faith.Hope.Love] and the greatest of these is Love.
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