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Teddy Bear Lovers
<img:>~TEDDY BEAR LOVERS~<img:>



<img:>Your hostess...[Faith.Hope.Love]<img:>
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This is the introductory page for Teddy Bear lovers. Here you can find out where to go for specific
information about this wiki and any news or points of interest pertaining to this wiki. At some point
I'd like to host contests. I'm always glad to hear suggestions, comments, and ideas! Please feel free
to do so! Leave a comment or message me, please.

All the Teddybear art has been made by yours truly, [Faith.Hope.Love], so far, and is therefore,
copyrighted (©) to me. All works of others posted are copyrighted to them respectively.

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What you need to know:

♥ - All submissions must be your own! On this wiki, I'm not looking for pictures from the Internet and your
     pictures or art cannot be claimed by someone else. Please also read: Uploading art rules.
♥ - Everyone must be respectful of all the members here! No rude comments and fowl language are allowed!
♥ - For poets and story writers: If you have written a Teddy Bear poem, you may post your poetry on the page
     for poetry. If anyone has written a Teddy Bear story, put it on a wiki page and post the link to it for now on the
     poetry page. If there are several story links, I'll set up a separate page for Teddy Bear stories.
♥ - Please let me know what you think and leave a comment or message me, [Faith.Hope.Love].
♥ - If I think of more, I will post it here!


<img:> ~ Bulletin Board ~ <img:>


Cutest teddy bear competition!

Hosted by [Romantic Rebellion]!
Contest is over but you might like to see the entries.


A little story/poem that I just had to share
With some words of wisdom from a talking Teddy Bear:

A Teddy Bear's Revelation


My Teddybear art can be seen on:

*Artsie's* Art/Teddy Bears


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Teddy Bear Lovers' Index:

               Teddy Bear Art - Submit art
               Teddy Bear Banners - Banners
               Teddy-Bear-Banner-Submissions - Submit banners
               Teddy Bear Lovers - Intro Page (Here!)
               Teddy Bear Members - Members!
               Teddy Pictures - Photos
               Teddy Pictures 2 - For more Photos
               Teddy Bear Poetry - Poetry
               A Teddy Bear's Revelation - My Poem
               [Faith.Hope.Love] - Your hostess


May God Bless You!
Have a Great Day!

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2006-11-10 [Shatureel]: yea I know what you mean, I have tried to sell my stuff but so far no one is buying, but I have hope that one day they will.

2006-11-10 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Yeah, me, too, but my hope has lessened in this regard greatly. :P

2006-11-10 [Shatureel]: Never give up hope, cause you never know what the future has in stored for you.

2006-11-17 [Faith.Hope.Love]: This is true. :) I've searched for the door that opens, but I cannot seem to find it. :P

2006-11-20 [Shatureel]: Well keep searching, its out there somewhere. ^__^

2007-03-01 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Boy! A lot has happened in my life since I posted my last comment here. I only wish I could go back to Nov., '06! ,-_-,

2007-03-02 [Shatureel]: Yea a whole lot, time stands still for no woman

2007-03-20 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Yeah, I know. ........

2007-03-20 [Shatureel]: see, time has not stood still. LOL

2007-03-20 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Nope. :/

2007-03-20 [Shatureel]: Laughing, hey aren't you that woman from elf12. *eyes you up and down.*

2007-03-20 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Well........maybe.... *grins*

2007-03-20 [Faith.Hope.Love]: I'm giving this page a "face-lift". Does it look any better? :P

2007-03-21 [Shatureel]: *looks around* Looking good. :P

2007-03-22 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Thanks. :) Once I started, I decided to give all of the pages a fresh look, added a page, & opened up some so members can post. :P

2007-03-23 [Shatureel]: thats cool, I've been looking around.

2007-03-24 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Yeah? *grins* I'd like to start a contest associated with this wiki, but my brain can't come up with one. I think EP & CH both need contests to interest more members. :P

2007-03-25 [Shatureel]: yea that is true, could use some life. how about a teddy bear drawing contest.

2007-03-25 [Faith.Hope.Love]: *nods* Or could make it a Teddybear Art Contest. :)

2007-03-27 [Shatureel]: yep thats what I said, not in the same words, but meaning the same. LOL

2007-03-27 [Faith.Hope.Love]: *winks* I thought maybe. :D

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