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Teddy Bear Banners
<img:>~TEDDY BEAR LOVERS~<img:>



<img:>Your hostess...[Faith.Hope.Love]<img:>
This page is indexed under: Teddy Bear Lovers.



With all Teddybear banners submitted, the copyright belongs to the person who created and submitted it.

They may be used on Elfpack members' wiki-pages and in your houses, but 'as is' only.

The latest/newest banners will be posted at the top of banners displayed.

To submit a banner for Teddy Bear Lovers, go to: Teddy-Bear-Banner-Submissions.
Thank you.


Newest Banners:



For football lovers!

Smaller version.
Larger version.


Ahhh...! The first banner....Yeah!....Need some others!



Other banners for you Teddy Bear Lovers:



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2005-08-05 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Only one banner at the moment, folks, but soon there will be another! : )

2005-08-05 [Faith.Hope.Love]: OK... a second one! : )

2005-10-24 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Four different ones now! te he  :))

2006-01-06 [Shatureel]: Way cool

2006-01-06 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Thanks, but I want to make some fresh banners when I get a chance. :P

2006-01-06 [Shatureel]: Can't wait to see them.

2006-01-07 [Faith.Hope.Love]: te he I can't either! Oh, if I only could find some more time!  Never enough...  :P

2006-01-07 [Shatureel]: Yea I know what you mean, so much to do and not enough hours in the day to do them in.

2006-01-08 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Oh, you have that right!  :P

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