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Teddy Bear Poetry
<img:>~TEDDY BEAR LOVERS~<img:>

Teddybear themed stories may be submitted here, too. Please follow the same criteria for long poems.


<img:>Your hostess...[Faith.Hope.Love]<img:>
This page is indexed under the main page: Teddy Bear Lovers.



You've found the page for posting poetry about Teddybears ONLY on Teddy Bear Lovers! Just please be sure
it's yours and not someone else's, and then post it below, under the row of hearts.

Please number, add your name and poem title with your submission, followed by the <hr> line.

If your poem is really long, please, instead of posting your poem here on this wiki-page, put it on a separate
wiki-page and post the link to it here, along with numbering it, adding your name, its title, and followed by an
<hr> line. Note: To submit a "Teddybear story", please follow the same criteria as with a really long poem.

To post art, go to: Teddy Bear Art.
To post banners, go to: Teddy-Bear-Banner-Submissions.
To post photos, go to: Teddy Pictures.

Share this wiki, Teddy Bear Lovers, with all your Teddybear loving friends!
Thank You!


Post your Teddybear poetry or page links to, below this row of hearts:



Example one (posting a poem):
0. "My Teddybear"
I have a special friend, for me he's always there.
Ready to console the hurt within my heart I bear.
Anytime I need him to soothe my weary heart,
He does so without judgment, that deep and hidden part.
Although he's quite worn from the many hugs so tight,
I wouldn't trade him ever. He's never far from sight.
He has a special name that I whisper in his ear,
Along with all my secrets, he alone can hear.
I always hold him close, when I lay me down to sleep,
Under the covers with me, warmly him I keep.
We travel through my dreams, journeys good and bad,
But when I wake holding him, it always makes me glad.
His name is very special, only he knows why,
He understands my feelings, especially when I cry.
I sometimes cry a lot and my tears will drench his fur,
But our bonded spirit strengthens, which no one can deter.

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2010-02-01

Example two (posting a link to a wiki-page):
0. A Teddy Bear's Revelation
Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©1994

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