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Teddy Pictures
<img:>~TEDDY BEAR LOVERS~<img:>



<img:>Your hostess...[Faith.Hope.Love]<img:>
This page is indexed under the main page: Teddy Bear Lovers.



You've found the page for posting your Teddybear photos on Teddy Bear Lovers! Just please be
sure the photos are yours and not someone else's, upload them to Elfpack, and then post them
below, under the row of hearts.

Please add your name with your submission, followed by the <hr> line.

To post art, go to: Teddy Bear Art.
To post banners, go to: Teddy-Bear-Banner-Submissions.
To post a poem (or story, atm), go to: Teddy Bear Poetry.

When this wiki-page is full, Teddy Pictures 2 will be the page to go to, to submit Teddy Photos.

Share this wiki, Teddy Bear Lovers, with all your Teddybear loving friends!
Thank You!


Post your Teddy Bear Lovers' photos below this row of hearts:





Username (or number or email):


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2005-08-05 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Hi...Teddy Bear Lovers!! Welcome! : )

2005-08-17 [Dutchess of Holland]: has this anything to do with [;;STRANGER;;]???

2005-10-31 [Faith.Hope.Love]: This is just a wiki that I started for those that love Teddybears. But if [;;STRANGER;;] wants to join, he can, as so can you, if you both like Teddybears. :)

Your name: Write FY here:

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