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Hello and welcome to the Elfpack Wiki-Index!
This page is our endeavor to list all official and member-hosted public wiki-pages on Elfpack in a place where
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2013-02-06 [Stephen]: @Kitty: I changed you into the Q&A person, since you're the big boss of wiki's. (;

2013-02-06 [sammie h!]: Good idea, you should of put both of you though as then it will give them a choice. :)

2013-02-06 [Stephen]: Naaah.

I get enough messages as is. xD
I don't remember the last time I had less than 20 messages, I get something like 10-15 messages a day, depending on how much I answer them, and some days I can get 20+ messages in a day.

They'd probably be better off asking Kitty. Sometimes it takes me a month+ to respond. ):  I'm trying to delegate my messages to other people so I can focus more on actual administrative duties. :3

2013-02-06 [sammie h!]: Yeah, I see your point, a lot of them are mine sometimes *hides face waiting for punch* lol. :)

2013-02-06 [Stephen]: Haha, I wouldn't punch you. Maybe glare at you, but not punch. :3

You are fond of spamming my inbox though. qq

2013-02-06 [sammie h!]: I know lol, it's because I think of something, then something else, then something else, *slaps self*, i felt like saying that for ever, errm it's because i have a blackberry 9300 and it's hard to go back on messages, copy and paste them and keep doing it to all of them. :)

2013-02-06 [Stephen]: Eh, I understand.

It doesn't make a huge difference. Right now I actually only have 40 or so messages, so it's not bad. However, if you haven't noticed, forums are the BEST way to get my attention, then probably my Guestbook and wiki-pages. I tend to rarely do messages or I end up not getting any work done.

2013-02-06 [sammie h!]: Oh damn, I just sent you a message before reading this lol x

2013-04-15 [sammie h!]: That's bad. :)

2013-04-15 [kittykittykitty]: How great that you're here to save us from the drought in comments.

People are commenting in other places though... I guess you have to be watching the right pages to see any.

2013-04-15 [sammie h!]: Lol, I watch most, if not all official wikis I can access. :)

2013-05-29 [kittykittykitty]: I'll be joining the ninja kitty team. We don't need no fancy schmancy unicorns.

2013-06-02 [kittykittykitty]: Euhhhh wow. I don't think you should pay any attention to those Animal Jam mating weirdos :P People might think you're one of them.

2013-09-30 [GlassCasket]: people? PEOPLE?! WHERE?!?!?!?

2013-10-29 [kittykittykitty]: *rock turns into pineapple jelly*

2013-12-19 [kittykittykitty]: Not on the index, clearly:P

2014-01-27 [sammie h!]: *runs up and steals one*

2014-02-25 [sammie h!]: Ewww *runs up and steals a blue one*

2014-05-26 [♥*Haley*♥]: EARN CASH EASY!

2014-07-24 [Stephen]: Er, I think that's spamming. :P

2018-12-12 [---Blind Spot---]: holy man this is old

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