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This is the place where Togs are kept for safe-keeping. If your name is not on this list it simply means you have zero (0) Togs.

Note: Members that have been inactive for 100 days or more may have their Togs expire. Don't forget to log in!

Can't find your name? CTRL-F will bring up a Find function on your browser so you can search for your username! :D


['Hana.] - 6
[I'm gone.] - 3
[**Yummy**Mummy**] - 18
[~Kissed by an Angel~] - .5
[WonderTweek] - 4
[Alatar the Wise] - .5
[Amalaswinta] - 66.5
[Andy8178] - 10
[Asrun] - 14
[Wolfe In Chef's Clothing] - 10
[BCK Football Player 88] - 10
[Big Brother] - 10
[Box] - 7
[Cerulean Sins] - 21
[Chelsea Lou] - 6
[Dan In A Box] - 10
[Deg] - 14
[djxmonster] - 3
[Dwemer] - 2

[Endings Start] - 1
[Fallen Child Athena] - 10
[Geistwolf] - 0.5
[GlassCasket] - 7
[god of thunder] - 5
[HeAVenShallBuRN] - 18
[hinata hyuuga (kimiko)] - 5.5
[imdaonlyone010] - 5
[Raiyr] - 10
[kittykittykitty] - 47
[Eyes of the Reaper] - 20
[Lady Starlight] - 10
[Lina] - 3
[Lodengarn] - 8
[Lord Starscream] - 10
[lulu dinobot] - 6.5
[Morgoth] - 37
[My Sky's The Limit] - 0.5
[nevan] - 10

[Orestez] - 7
[pepsi girl] - 10
[Perfidious Fidelity] - 4
[Ringbearer] - 15
[Ritsuka-Kun] - 4
[sammie h!] - 37
[Sigyn, The Faithful Wife] - .5
[Sky Chord] - 10
[Sonya Blue] - 3
[Stephen] - 75.5
[Strawboy] - 5
[The Asian Wonder] - 10
[vinnypk16] - 6
[Viv45] - 6
[Whiskers] - 1
[wolvie] - 5.5
[xeciri] - 10
[Yudan333] - 1.5


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2011-10-24 [Bookwyrm]: I moved it to this one instead of The Tog Bank because I figured plenty of people were like me--typing "tog bank" instead. Especially since there was a link from here to The Tog Bank. We could leave them both up, but that would be double the maintenance for one page, which is ridiculous.

I took away the alphabetic part of the list since we all agreed that people change their names too much to keep up with that.

There is some separation, but it's just simple to keep the page easy to read. Every twenty people I put extra space between them. That way we don't have like...UBER LONG LISTS to look at. XD

2011-10-25 [Amalaswinta]: like it, like it, like it :D

2011-10-25 [Stephen]: +1

Traci is epic.

2011-10-25 [Bookwyrm]: Huzzah! /is epic

2011-10-25 [Stephen]: Yup.

You know, if you weren't here, I think I'd just give up and not bother trying to work on things. There's just too much for one person to do, or even two or three.. xD

2011-10-25 [Bookwyrm]: Yeah, I got to feeling a bit overwhelmed with just this today when I realized how much I had done and yet I had only taken a chunk out of it.

But then I realized I was just sleepy and hungry so I came home. Start again tomorrow! Lol

2011-10-25 [Stephen]: Haha, don't burn yourself out. That's why I slowed down my mass remaking of pages everywhere, it's not any good if you're burned out and don't want to log on anymore. >(

2011-10-25 [Bookwyrm]: Oh no it wasn't like a burnout. It was more like a...aaaah, there's still all that to do? What do I do next?

The main reasons I have for trying to do these as quickly as possible is so that a) I dun have to worry about it anymore, b) we have the tog system fully functional, c) if I get sick or have one of my "down" periods where I can barely function as a human being, I'm caught up, so I won't feel like I "can't log in"and because I've got "so much to do." I'm due for one of those weeks/months. :/

2011-10-25 [Stephen]: Oooh, I understand that.

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