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So you've read Rules of Toggery and even the Newbie Guide to Toggery, but you've still got questions...we're here to help!

Use CTRL-F to help find your question.

If you still have questions, don't be afraid to ask a Toggery Committee member. We don't always bite!


Toggery F.A.Q.s

Q) What is Toggery?
A) Toggery is Elfpack's official card game, and one of our biggest competitive games.

Q) Why should I play Toggery?
A) Well firstly because it's fun! Once you get the hang of it, it's incredibly addicting. But also because playing Toggery can earn you a lot of cool stuff, like trophies and Togs (which can be turned in for other cool prizes)!

Q) How do I start playing Toggery?
A) Well, this is where the Newbie Guide for Toggery comes in handy. You'll first need to register your account for Toggery and get some cards. You do this at the Toggery Registration page. Once you've got some cards, you're ready to play!

Q) I saw a notice somewhere saying my Toggery cards may be removed, why?
A) Toggery Cards are removed from members who have been inactive for 100 days or more. We do this because there is a limited amount of most cards, and we need to keep those cards in circulation for active players. :)

Q) What are Togs?
A) Togs are the official currency of Elfpack. They were originally only used for purchasing Toggery Cards from the Toggery Card Store, but have grown to include many other items which can be found at the Tog Shop.

Q) How do I get Togs?
A) Originally there were very few ways to earn Togs, and therefore it was practically impossible to obtain newer, better cards. Today there are more ways to earn Togs, though it still requires effort on your part. See How to Earn Togs for a detailed guide for earning Togs.

Q) Do Togs ever expire?
A) Yes, they do. Like Toggery Cards, Togs will expire if you are absent from Elfpack for 100 days or more. They will be removed from the bank when your cards are removed from your house.

Q) How do I actually play Toggery?
A) Toggery is actually very simple. See Rules of Toggery for the game mechanics. It is essentially a game of luck. You can increase your chances of winning by purchasing stronger, better cards than your opponent, but receive a more challenging game by playing against members on a similar or equal footing. Remember that sometimes even the strongest cards can lose to a less powerful card if the right (or wrong) order is chosen.

Q) What options do I have for playing Toggery?
A) You can play Exhibition matches, which are unofficial matches between two players (or two teams if preferred); or you can play in official Toggery Tournaments. Exhibition matches are great for practice and for just having fun. They can help you get the hang of a new deck or just prepare you for different circumstances. Official Tournaments pit you against other players at random (that have registered for the tournament) for a chance to win Togs, an official trophy, and the prestigious title of Toggery Grand Master!

Q) How do I buy better cards?
A) The Toggery Card Store has all the cards you could want and more! Remember that you must have enough Togs in the Tog Bank in order to purchase a new card. You may also only ever have three (3) cards total in your house at any given time, so if you've already got three cards (which you should if you're registered), you'll have to trade one in to get a new one. You will receive half of the purchase price in Togs once the card is traded in. Follow the guidelines on the Toggery Card Store for purchasing new cards.

Q) Where can I see all the information on the current Toggery cards?
A) Toggery Card Inventory lists the name of each card, how many are currently in use, how many are available in total, the set it was released in (not group), and the artist that provided artwork for the card.

Q) Do you ever make new cards?
A) Yes! We're always looking to make new cards to add to the game.

Q) Can I make cards for Toggery?
A) Yes you can! In fact, if you've got ideas or completed artwork for new cards, we've got two pages just for you! The Toggery Card Inspiration Chamber is an excellent place for new ideas for cards. If you've got a sketch, an almost completed piece of art, or even just a good description for a new Toggery card, the Inspiration Chamber is for you. If you've got a fully completed and colored piece of art that you think would make an excellent new Toggery card, you should check out the Toggery Card Creation Chamber! Just remember that any artwork donated to Toggery becomes the property of Elfpack, and will not be removed or returned upon your request (although proper credit and acknowledgement will always be given.)

Q) Can I play on a clone house?
A) Short answer: no. We do not allow clone houses to participate in Toggery. This is partially to prevent cheating, but also because we have a limited number of cards, and it wouldn't be fair to other players if one player technically has six cards while others are permitted only three.

Q) I haven't been registered yet, what do I do?
A) Patience is truly a virtue here. The Toggery Committee is very busy, and cannot get to everyone immediately. If you have been on the Toggery Registration list for over a week and a notice has not put up on the wiki, feel free to politely nudge a Committee member. Consistent nagging or rudeness will likely result in your registration being ignored for some time, however. :P

Q) I have a problem with how my official match was handled, what do I do?
A) Please don't argue with the Ringleaders or your opponent. If you have a problem with how a match was handled, simply message [Bookwyrm] or [Stephen], and we'll try to work things out. :)

Q) Why do new players get an extra five (5) Togs for registering for a Tournament simultaneously, when current players do not receive their five Togs until Tournament completion?
A) The original rule was that any player that registered for a tournament received five Togs just for registering. This was to give them a chance to buy new cards before the official match. The problem with this set up was that people who were disqualified from Tournaments for whatever reason (failure to appear, cheating, clone house, etc.) would have to have those Togs removed. If they had already purchased a card, the card would have to be removed, the old one replaced, and Tog amount adjusted. So, in order to prevent the use of Togs unearned, and to give new players the same chance older players once had, we adjusted the rule. Everyone still gets their five Togs, but new players get the chance to purchase some stronger cards before the tournament, just like older players got to. :)

Q) Can I register someone else for Toggery?
A) No, all players must register themselves.

Q) How do I register for a tournament?
A) Go to Tourney Registration. Follow the guidelines on the page.

Q) How do I keep track of all the stuff going on in Toggery?
A) Your best bet is to put the Toggery News page on watch. The Toggery Committee keeps it updated with all the news fit to print on Toggery!

Q) Where can I see previous winners of Toggery tournaments?
A) The illustrious Toggery Hall of Fame has statues of our champions. :D

Q) Where can I go to see how many Togs I have?
A) The Tog Bank is Elfpack's official bank. It's not run by goblins. But there is a dragon in it.../eyes [Bookwyrm] suspiciously

Q) What is an unofficial Tog Shop?
A) Unofficial Tog Shops, as seen on Toggery Approved, are shops that regular members have made to trade some service in return for Togs. Such services may include custom graphics, custom artwork, custom wiki layouts, or just about anything you can think of. Obscene or inappropriate services will not be listed on Toggery Approved, and any Tog transactions for such services will not be honored.

Q) How do I become a shopkeeper?
A) Submit your Tog Shop to the Toggery Committee on Toggery Approved. If your shop is approved by the committee, it will be given the Toggery Stamp of Approval and be listed on the Approved page. You will also be added to the official Shopkeepers forum, and be permitted to edit the Tog Transaction Room.

Q) How do I make a Tog transaction?
A) If you are a shopkeeper, add your transaction to the Tog Transaction Room. If you are a buyer, go to the Tog Transaction Room. Follow the guidelines/rules on the page. :D

Q) I really like the graphics/cards/images Toggery uses, can I use them?
A) No. All official graphics, card art, images, and templates are not for free use. They may not be altered or used in any way without permission from [Bookwyrm] or [Stephen]. If you see any official Toggery images being used without permission, please report them to the Guards.

Q) Can I ever be banned from playing Toggery?
A) Yes, actually, you can. If you repeatedly break the rules, harass staff or other players, try to cheat, steal official images, or otherwise break the "don't be an asshole" rule (see What is an asshole?), you can be banned from participating in Toggery.


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2011-10-28 [Stephen]: Looking awesome.

2011-10-28 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you. :D

2011-11-04 [Bookwyrm]: Added a note about Togs and Toggery Cards expiring. :)

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: People who make Toggery Cards, should get Togs. 1 Tog for one fully made and used card? :P

Also! People who make Badges, should get Togs. 1 Tog for every 2 or 3 Fully Completed and used badge?

2011-11-04 [Bookwyrm]: Yes, that sounds good. (I'd make it three fully completed/used badges, they're really easy to make)

Also, maybe 1 Tog for: every 20 delivered pets, 5/10 fully registered Toggery players, um...and stuff like that.

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: We're going to need to maintain a list in the Tog Bank forum for this. Well, probably on a private page connected to the Tog Bank forum.

Maybe we should also put crew Tog Rewards on its own page, otherwise the "How to Earn Togs" page is going to end up very, very large..

People who deliver badges/trophies should also get Togs.. :P

2011-11-04 [Bookwyrm]: Yeah, I meant to suggest that yesterday. The Tog Tally thing.

Yeah I guess we could do that.

Well that's what I meant. I figured "stuff like that" inclusive. :P

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: Although, 20 deliveries might be a lot.
If 4 pages = 1 tog, then 15 deliveries = 1 tog?

I generally find it more time consuming to deliver badges, than to edit a page (unless it's a huge, very ugly page.) It requires you to update a page, update the member's house and leave a Guestbook message and possibly update another page (depending on badge), for each person.

2011-11-04 [Bookwyrm]: Well let's make it 10 deliveries then. Or 15.

There's a lot to do, but it's a lot of copy and paste.

I consider wiki updates more time consuming because I usually go over all the text, make sure it looks organized, and that it uses the template properly. But I'm more scrutinizing than most. :P

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: Wellll, if you use a template it's a pretty quick process, generally. :P Unless you're a Traci and make sure it's completely perfect via your phone. ;)

10 Deliveries or 15? :P

2011-11-04 [Bookwyrm]: Ten should be fine.

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: Alrighty. :D

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