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Special thanks to Noora Peura, [True, Plain and Simple],
Athene Noctua and Alan Lawson for providing texts for the help pages.


General Help

<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Elfpack: What is Elfpack?
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Navigation: Explains how to use the Navigation Bar
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> House Navigation: Explains what the buttons in your house do
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Wiki guide: A guide on how wiki's what
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Forum guide: A guide on how the forums work
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> PseudoHTML: Explains the HTML on Elfpack and how to use it


Other helppages

<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Newbie help: Everything a newbie should know
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Wiki Help: Another guide on wiki's
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Capturing images: Explains how to display images on Elfpack
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Uploading images: Another guide on images in Elfpack
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> How to Gain an EP Title: Details on how to get shiny badges
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> How to Intigrate Other Stylesheets: Explains how to change what Elfpack looks like
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> How To Donate with PayPal
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Linking to Elfpack: How to corretly link Elfpack from other sites.
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> How to Donate Art and Poetry: How to donate art and poetry to Elfpack
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> All About Coolpoints!: A explanation of what Coolpoints are and how they work



<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Elfpack Rules: All rule-related pages in one place.
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Uploading Art Rules: Image Rules
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> What is an asshole?: Behavior Rules
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Chain Messages: Don't send chain messages.
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Spamming: Don't sent spam either.
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> How to make a Report.
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> How to Block.


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2005-09-28 [Mataza_71191]: see u

2005-09-28 [countryguy541]: how do i put more than one pic on my page

2005-09-28 [Kaos101]: it's kinda hard to explain...I'm pretty sure people have there own ways to upload images

2005-09-29 [countryguy541]: ok that helps alot

2005-09-29 [Beloved Promise]: if you want to do it in your description OR in an image description, you need to upload it through a website (like photobucket, tiny pic etc) you can upload it through Elfpack as well. You right-click on the picture and go down to properties then you highlight the address (URL) and copy it. Then you come back and type <*IMG:(image url here)*> Only without the *'s.... does that make any sense?

2005-09-29 [Mataza_71191]: my sub wiki is defected

2005-09-29 [Beloved Promise]: what do you mean? What's the link and tell me what's wrong... and BTW the picture must be from an internet site (like Photobucket)

2005-09-29 [Mataza_71191]: on YU-GI-OH Duals click on the tournelink

2005-10-01 [Beloved Promise]: FYI yes...

2005-10-01 [Mataza_71191]: ????got it workin.

2005-10-03 [Beloved Promise]: nvm

2005-10-03 [Mataza_71191]: Now I got 2 sub wikis..

2005-10-18 [Old Gregg =)]: help my i try to change my description but wen iv done it it says no more than 10 pictures allowed wen i am trying to delete some

2005-10-18 [Beloved Promise]: ya now they sayin that u can't have more then 10 pictures... so take off all but 10 and see how that works... same thing happened to me

2005-10-26 [CrazyFusion]: How do you download images

2005-10-26 [Mataza_71191]: gittimags else were??or here if that what u mean then i deont know

2005-11-01 [dustin rode]: whats the website for the fake site

2005-11-07 [Shlay-Shlay]: hi

2005-11-08 [Mataza_71191]: yo....

2005-11-15 [Lissa]: This is probably a stupid question, but if I wanted to put one of my drawings up on the entrance page, could I?

2005-11-16 [Solitiaum]: You would have to talk to [Hedda] and [Sunrose], but probably not, at least until the next contest...

2005-11-20 [Mataza_71191]: well im trying to make a new sub wiki and i pout a link up on my main wiki and when i click to go to my new sub wiki it shows up as a empty wiki page and iv tryed to make my sub-wiki on that page and go back to my main page thec click on it and it is still blaink...why?????

2005-11-21 [Beloved Promise]: what's the link to your main wiki page and the sub page? It's confusin to me but maybe try clicking the sub page link and then hitting the refresh button... if that doesn't work then... hmmm

2005-11-21 [Kaos101]: that usually works...but try hitting the edit button again...sometimes thats the only time it will show

2005-11-21 [Beloved Promise]: Ohh ya i forgot bout that one... lol

2005-11-21 [Mataza_71191]: i think i might have thought o the problem im gona expirament for a minit..brb

2005-11-21 [Beloved Promise]: kk

2005-11-21 [Kaos101]: let us know what you did if it works

2005-11-21 [Mataza_71191]:


i did the title without @wiki to find it then when i putthe link in the main place it worked.. :) :) :) :)

2005-11-21 [Kaos101]: ummmm....

2005-11-22 [Mataza_71191]: :) :) :) :) :) 

2005-11-28 [ghost1]: how can i put images on my hp

2005-12-30 [zoloftzantac]: [ghost1]: You can read about it here Capturing images

2006-01-31 [fuck shit up]: can sumone please tell me how to get bold writing and underlined writing and big writing on my page because i dont know how to

2006-01-31 [zoloftzantac]: Near the top of this help page, there is a link called PseudoHTML that has the answers to these and many other questions.

2006-02-22 [treact]: How do you do big writing or the writing with the line through it.. thanks.

2006-02-22 [Kaos101]: I only know how to make bigletter

2006-02-23 [zoloftzantac]: [treact]: I answered this question in the post directly above you ... The wiki page PseudoHTML has the answers to your questions.

2006-02-27 [Homicidal Tendencies]: it won't let me change my housepage,I can't find the "change the description" thing.

2006-02-27 [BABEZ.]: same! where has it gone?

2006-02-27 [Punk Rock Riot]: me neither, whats going on?

2006-02-27 [bye bye everyone]: yeah, i can't find that either! aaaaaaaaahhh!

2006-02-27 [BABEZ.]: no-ones answering us! :(

2006-02-27 [bye bye everyone]: i know *cries*

2006-02-27 [Punk Rock Riot]: heeeeeeeeeeeelp!! someone?!?!

2006-02-27 [bye bye everyone]: it's back!

2006-02-27 [bye bye everyone]: yay!!!!!! *dances round in circles*

2006-02-27 [Punk Rock Riot]: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

2006-02-27 [BABEZ.]: whooo! hehe! xxx

2006-02-28 [zoloftzantac]: yeah, there was a bug, EP is happy again now tho :)

2006-03-20 [saddlequeen]: How come I can get only one image on my page? it won't let me put up more at the same time.

2006-03-20 [zoloftzantac]: I see two images, did you figure it out for yourself?

2006-04-18 [jackassjustask]: how can i see all of my online freinds

2006-04-19 [Kaos101]: Well, once you've started a relation with them, their name will appear on the side of the screen under last logins if they have been on in the last thirty minutes( this is the most common, but they may have changed it to be automatically logged out at a sooner or much later time. Keep in mind that even though their name is listed, they may have just left)

2006-04-29 [berbear ice cold1384]: can anyone tell me how all the other people get cool looking fonts and make their words bigger???

2006-04-29 [Mataza_71191]: to make words bigger do this <*h2>   <*/h2>   or  <*huge>   <*/huge>  without the atrisks

2006-04-29 [Kaos101]: Also you could try <*b> <*i> <*u> <*h1> to change the font, minus the pound symbols of course

2006-04-29 [Mataza_71191]: really hu


2006-04-29 [berbear ice cold1384]:


2006-04-29 [berbear ice cold1384]: thank you very much

2006-04-29 [Mataza_71191]: i lernt something........

2006-04-29 [Kaos101]: There are alot of other different things you could do to make your text look different that I couldn't put up here, mainly because I don't really know what they are But there are plenty that I do know. I think there's a wiki page that fills you in on all the different things you could do.

2006-04-29 [berbear ice cold1384]: do you know where????? ive been looking for one

2006-04-29 [Kaos101]: nope...ask a guard

2006-04-29 [berbear ice cold1384]: ahhh ok thanks

2006-04-29 [zoloftzantac]: I don't think you guys looked very hard ... see the top of this page? PseudoHTML: Explains Pseudo html

2006-04-29 [Kaos101]: You're right...I didn't look very hard

2006-04-30 [berbear ice cold1384]: lol.... i didnt know what it meant so i didnt click it... i learned that a long time ago

2006-04-30 [zoloftzantac]: really? I always click on stuff if I don't know what it is

2006-05-01 [berbear ice cold1384]: ive put so many viruses on my computer.... daddy has to take them off... he yells at me when i do... i dont know what im gunna do when i dont live with him in like 3 months

2006-05-01 [zoloftzantac]: well, you can click on any wiki links inside EP with out getting a virus, you might watch out for external links tho if you are paranoid ...

2006-05-02 [berbear ice cold1384]: lol

2006-05-23 [snowfrost#1]: how do you download a freakn pic

2006-05-23 [Kaos101]: You know there is a reason why we create these help pages. Try Wiki guide#4. It explains how to upload images

2006-05-24 [DanielleLouisex]: thanks its well gd

2006-06-04 [Zero Avalon]: i looked everywhere for a guide but cant find it can someone tell me every possible way to et toggery's

2006-06-06 [zoloftzantac]: Are you asking for ways to earn togs?

2006-06-06 [Zero Avalon]: yeh

2006-06-06 [zoloftzantac]: If you sign up at Toggery Registration you will be given a toggery card and 10 togs to buy more cards. Then you can read Community Service for Togs to learn ways to earn more togs.

2006-06-06 [Zero Avalon]: those the only ways to earn togs?

2006-06-06 [zoloftzantac]: Well, you also get 5 togs for signing up for each Tourny Registration, as long as you compete in the tourney. Those are all of the ways I know.

2006-06-06 [Zero Avalon]: ok thx now i just have to wait till they register me its been two days now but i think the person is sick

2006-06-06 [zoloftzantac]: The people who run elfpack are volenteers who have busy lives outside of EP. Sometimes these things take a few weeks even, but don't worry, you will get your cards before the next toureny. :)

2006-06-06 [Zero Avalon]: ok sweet

2006-06-14 [crazyblonde]: how do i get more than two pics on my page

2006-06-17 [Zero Avalon]: Um not sure if this goes here but i have something that ep really needs a delte all comments button for wiki's

2006-06-20 [zoloftzantac]: this has been asked for a few times, I don't think you are going to get the button. why do you want to delete comments anyway, you can just leave them, or make a new wiki, or stop showing the comments

2006-06-20 [Zero Avalon]: well i dont want to delte the wiki i like the wiki i just have two many stupid comments also i want to still be abel to posty comments it just take to long deltling them one by one.

2006-06-20 [Kaos101]: You can simply copy everything on the wiki onto another wiki of a similiar name and start fresh. That's been done before.

2006-06-20 [kittykittykitty]: If you want to copy everything from one wiki to another just change the name of the wiki when you edit it, and that name will be the new page ^_^

2006-06-20 [Kaos101]: yes but that leaves you with two copies of the same wiki. I personally would delete everything from the original comment-plagued one

2006-06-20 [zoloftzantac]: or just let there be some stupid comments, it doesn't hurt anyting or just take the 10 mins to delete the old comments, I've spend *way* more time then that working on EP projects

2006-06-20 [Zero Avalon]: but sadly i dont want to change the name Nor delte the wiki and a delete or comments would be uber useful

2006-06-20 [Kaos101]: well if the comments aren't bugging you enoughto make you want to change the name then you can probably live with them

2006-06-20 [Zero Avalon]: or its a really good name and i dont want to change it i can be bothered to delete all of them one by one im just bring this up becuase it would make things a lot easier

2006-06-20 [kittykittykitty]: I'm wondering how the rating thing works... I just typed in '999999999999' for this page's informative rating :P

2006-06-21 [zoloftzantac]: :p you should read the discription kitty :p about wiki-ratings only the crew can rate pages, and it keeps track of who rated what., we are supposed to keep it between 1 and 100

2006-06-21 [kittykittykitty]: *lmao* Oops... why did I not see that page? ;)

2006-06-21 [zoloftzantac]: ^_^ I rated scak as 31415926 before I read that

2006-06-24 [ilovesyou]: How do you delete an elfpack?

2006-06-24 [kittykittykitty]: Delete an elfpack? o_____O Members can't be deleted, if that's what you mean

2006-06-24 [Kaos101]: And only guards can delete previous wiki pages, I think it is

2006-06-25 [zoloftzantac]: Nope, even the guards can't do that.

2006-06-25 [Kaos101]: Well I know someone can

2006-06-25 [Zero Avalon]: i just want a delete all comment button lol

2006-06-26 [zoloftzantac]: sorry, there won't be one, just leave the comments there, it's fine

2006-06-26 [Zero Avalon]: .....honestly how hard would it be to make a delete all comment button

2006-06-26 [kittykittykitty]: Wiith the amount of effort you've spent asking for the button you could have deleted all those comments manually :P

2006-06-26 [Zero Avalon]: lol i ended up having to do that thats why im here lol

2006-06-26 [Kaos101]: so what's the problem?

2006-06-26 [zoloftzantac]: [Hedda] could make the button very easily if he wanted to, he has been asked many times and he always says no. You can just ignore the old comments, delete them one at a time, hide them, or make a new wiki if you really need to ...

2006-06-29 [Zero Avalon]: the problem is if i ever had to do it again i am not going to ignore them if i hide them then no one can post comments and see them unless i un hide them witch leaves me with the same problem. im not making a new wikki becuase i like the name and deletling 1200 comments one by one....

2006-06-29 [zoloftzantac]: Why do you think you need to delete them? They don't hurt anybody, and deleting them doesn't save anyspace on the EP server.

2006-06-29 [Zero Avalon]: no i just dont like having them their i have already done it one by one but it just take's huge amounts of time that can be used somewhere else and i am sure im not te ownly one who would appresiate a delte all comment button.

2006-06-29 [zoloftzantac]: There is no reason or need to delete them, but you don't have to tell me about it, I'm telling you. I know lots of people would want the button, I even asked for it myself almost a year ago, but [Hedda] is not going to make the button. He doesn't care about deleting all messages or all wiki comments. He says people should just leave them alone and that there is no need to delete them.

2006-06-29 [zoloftzantac]: If you still want to talk about it a better place would be Elfpack Suggestions Page or the "to the crew" forum, but they will tell you the same thing

2006-06-29 [Zero Avalon]: sadly i aint one to give in easly i thank you for the help

2006-07-02 [MonopolyGirl]: hey how do u delete images?

2006-07-02 [kittykittykitty]: If you want to remove the photo from the image-place on your house just click upload with no file name, and the photo you have already will be removed (see House navigation#12). They are never really deleted, though... just removed from your image history :)

2006-07-05 [zoloftzantac]: Muahahaha!

2006-07-05 [kittykittykitty]: o_O? And guards can still see them...

2006-07-05 [Kaos101]: wait a minute...can guards still see an old image even if it's been deleted from the image history list?

2006-07-05 [kittykittykitty]: Indeed they can :) They can see it even of you can't

2006-07-10 [Zero Avalon]: yeh because the image is still on the server

2006-07-11 [zoloftzantac]: [Kaos101]: Now that the secret is out, who is the cute tropical girl by the piano?

2006-07-11 [Kaos101]: lol well isn't that a secret I'll bet you're dying to know. But that's a secret I can carry that even the guards will atleast have trouble finding out. also there's a picture that I have that I have no idea how it got there which I deleted. I honestly have no idea who that person is.

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: elfpack. is so fucking stuiped ever one on here fucking sucks bitches go to fucking hell elfpack

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: Fuck you all elfpack crew you all fucking suck ass bitches

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: fucking wine asses stop your fucking bitching fucking dum ass mother fuckers

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: i'm actually not on the crew

2006-07-16 [Mataza_71191]: chill man

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: This is actually the help page. Is there something we can help you with?

2006-07-16 [Mataza_71191]: no i just came here and saw him cussing everyone out so i told him to chill ill get out of your way thanks for ofreing tho :D

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: I was talking to him, though. 0.o

2006-07-16 [Mataza_71191]: oh.......and this is why wiki talk confuses me *drops a smoke bomb and disapears*

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: *turns on a fan and blows smoke away* You have to be experienced

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: fuck you all mother fuckers you really want to fucking help me do you fuck face mother fuckers

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: you guy fucking go suck donky dick dum ass mother fucking bitches

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: come on fuckers just little bit you bitches wanted to help didn't you

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: if you're going to curse up a storm could you atleast spell correctly?

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: fuck you bitch ass kaos101 you don't like my fucking spelling then get the fuck off elfpack bitch ok so fucking suck it bitch

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: hey Mataza_71191 don't tell me to fucking chill on and one other thing don't call man I anit your man so piss off mother fucker

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: aren't you the one who doesn't like Elfpack? So if I left, that wouldn't help you, would it? That's poor strategy

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: fuck u bitch

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: you fixed your spelling too, for the most part. But you didn't put as much effort in your last edit. Why's that?

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: go and fuck your mom don't ask me stuiped stuff ok you dumb ass mother fucker

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: If you don't want me asking you a stupid question, perhaps you could give me an example of a question that isn't stupid.

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: doud fuck off you 28 year old mother fucker with the most gayies home page

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: twenty-eight? Well isn't that nice to hear. I sound twenty-eight. Is that how old you think I am or is that just an insult listed in that vocabulary of yours?

2006-07-16 [coolguy621]: doud fuck off bitch ok before I fuck u up

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: now empty threats like those aren't good. They only upset people. And I think you mean 'dude' but I'm not sure. And this is a public wiki page. You can leave whenever you want. And I can stay just as long

2006-07-16 [Zero Avalon]: shut the hell up cool guy learn some friggen manners

2006-07-16 [kittykittykitty]: Hahaha XD [coolguy621] I think you need to learn some manners before a guard gets here. Or at least learn to spell so there is less for them to ridicule

2006-07-16 [Zero Avalon]: lol but i cant spell either lol

2006-07-16 [zoloftzantac]: too late, bye bye coolguy

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: I tried to help him. But I guess he got what he wanted. Oh well

2006-07-16 [kittykittykitty]: Haha. It's such a shame he commented on this wiki directly after his warning from zoloft on another wiki :P

2006-07-16 [Kaos101]: really? Which wiki was that?

2006-07-16 [kittykittykitty]: Council. 02:08:44 was zoloft's warning, but he was still annoying this page an hour later....

2006-07-16 [Zero Avalon]: lol

2006-08-06 [jewie]: how do i remove my self from elfpack

2006-08-06 [berbear ice cold1384]: you cant

2006-08-06 [zoloftzantac]: [jewie]: There is no way to delete yourself from Elfpack. If you don't like it here then just don't come back.
(it's really really easy ;)

2006-08-07 [Kaos101]: I thought that 'you can't delete yourself' link was a joke, but people actually do ask that question. Don't they ever scroll to the bottom of their house?

2006-08-07 [Zero Avalon]: hay u could always insult a guard over and over again lol

2006-08-07 [zoloftzantac]: Any dumbass can get himself banned, but his house will still be there even if he can never come back. There really, *really* is no way to delete yourself from Elfpack.

(see the link at the very bottom of your house)

2006-08-08 [Zero Avalon]: yeh but it is a fun way to go ^^

2006-08-26 [i have left elfpack. see you.]: Is there a way to remove a relation?

2006-08-26 [Kaos101]: At the top of your page is the 'List your relations' link. It will bring up all of your relations. Beside each name should be the the 'end relation' option

2006-08-31 [ToNyYy]: hi i need to delete me sellf from here how ?

2006-08-31 [FireGypsy]: You cannot delete yourself from Elfpack.

2006-08-31 [Kaos101]: can't get anymore simple than that.

2006-08-31 [FireGypsy]: ^-^

2006-08-31 [Kaos101]: I distinctly remember atleast two other times when I've seen that same question being answered.

2006-08-31 [FireGypsy]: Ive seen a lot more than two lol!

2006-09-01 [Kaos101]: well I know I've seen more. I just mean there are two that stand out. Most likely because they weren't so easy to convince of the fact.

2006-09-01 [FireGypsy]: Haha!

2006-09-01 [Kaos101]: I must admit though. curiosity has taken ahold of me a few times. I think I've clicked on the 'You cna't delete yourself link'like ten times.

2006-09-01 [FireGypsy]: lol!

2006-09-01 [Kaos101]: hey! you can't tell me you've never clicked it before

2006-09-01 [FireGypsy]: I dont know lol...

2006-09-01 [Kaos101]: lol

2006-09-01 [kittykittykitty]: I was soooo scared to click that before I had done, because on Elftown it says 'click here to delete yourself from Elftown' and I didn't want to see what it said because I thought I was gonna get deleted v_V, It was a scary thought

2006-09-01 [FireGypsy]: Lol! Awe!

2006-09-01 [Kaos101]: lol but yet you did? Did you get angry at elfpack and finally click it?

2006-09-01 [kittykittykitty]: :0 No.... I would have never clicked it but I went to a wiki and asked what would happen and they gave me spoilers so I wasn't scared anymore ^_^ Well... a little bit scared but I was brave and faced up to it :3

2006-09-02 [zoloftzantac]: haha, the only reason I ever thought people could delete themselves from ET was because of that link :p

2006-09-02 [ToNyYy]: how can i delete me photo

2006-09-02 [FireGypsy]: Ive already told you.... like twice...

2006-09-02 [Kaos101]: well, battlefield actually answered the first time.

2006-09-04 [Zero Avalon]: well this is the help page its our duty to help

2006-09-06 [kittykittykitty]: Yes but there's no point in helping people who don't bother to look at the answer ^_^ But I'm going to anyway :P

To remove the photo from your house, go to the 'Upload a new (or delete current) photo / image' screen and leave the field for the file blank, then click 'upload new image'. The image is never completely deleted, it's just not visible to members who visit your page.

2006-09-10 [Old Gregg =)]: hey can u help me!! my friend is trying to start an account, he has recieved an email to activate his accoount he has clicked on it and he still ent recieved the email saying he has been accepted..its been a few long should it take to recieve the email?

2006-09-10 [kittykittykitty]: Account activation may take a day or so :) He just needs to be patient.

2006-09-10 [Old Gregg =)]: haha u try telling him that lol and thanxx hun

2006-09-10 [kittykittykitty]: Haha :P No problem ^_^

2006-09-10 [Zero Avalon]: Hay now that i remember i never got a activation code....Hmmm thats weird

2006-10-17 [zoloftzantac]: Not everyone needs one, when you apply to EP the form will tell you if you will need an activation email or not. Check your email. (look in the spam folder also)

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