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So you've just joined Elfpack, or maybe you've been around a while and haven't had a chance to fully explore the functions of your Elfpack house, and you've just noticed two small links on your house: Coolpoints and Anti-Coolpoints.
But what are they?

Coolpoints are really just a way to reward your friends or people you talk to for cool behavior. If someone is really helpful to you, or you just feel like giving someone a coolpoint because you like them, you can click on their coolpoints link, scroll to the bottom of the page, and write your own message in the coolpoint box...then just click "give coolpoint" and they'll receive a message saying that they've received a coolpoint, who it's from, and what the coolpoint says. It'll also be added to their coolpoint page for everyone to see (so make sure you don't write anything you don't want other people to see ^_~).

However, as you give coolpoints, you'll receive anti-coolpoints. These don't actually mean you're the opposite of cool or anything of that sort, but rather it just shows the amount of coolpoints you've given. You can click your anti-coolpoints link to see what coolpoints you've given.

You can never take back a coolpoint you've given, though, so make sure you wanted to give that coolpoint!

You can remove coolpoints that you receive but don't want, though. Just click your coolpoints link, find the offending coolpoint, and click "remove coolpoint" next to that coolpoint, and it will be deleted from your total amount of coolpoints. It will still be visible to you (in case you want to return that coolpoint to your total), but won't be visible to anyone else (in case it's something you really don't want other people to see).

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