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Newbie help


Welcome to the Newbie help page.
This page is for people who are new to the concept of Elfpack.

These help pages shall contain screenshots and clearly labelled diagrams.


Elfpack toolbar
Mainstreet help
Using Forums
Using wikis

These are all under construction at the moment so if you need urgent assistance feel free to ask


Go or return to:
-Newbie help

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Login problems?

2007-01-31 [kittykittykitty]: Regarding what you said a few comments up z, I think for official EP help pages it doesn't matter who the owner is (especially if the owner doesn't care enough to watch the page), and the wiki should be free to edit for anyone who needs to do so as long as it has somebody who is looking out for vandalism of it :) I removed the password

2007-02-01 [XxSinister MorphineXx]: How do I go about using the Elfpack Toolbar? Do I have to download something?

2007-02-01 [zoloftzantac]: The EP toolbar is the name for that thing at the top of every EP pages that has links to Mainstuff, Notes, Logout, etc. You can click Elfpack toolbar to learn more about it.

2007-02-01 [XxSinister MorphineXx]: Alright. Thanks

2007-06-18 [Shayla.]: okay i have a question
how do you get an elfpack secret message
i want one that says
i dont have IM
or MSN or messanger
please help me

2007-06-18 [FireGypsy]: You need to ask the Guards ^_^

2007-06-18 [Shayla.]: okay thanks a million

2007-06-18 [FireGypsy]: No problem!

2007-07-11 [schitzo]: how do I change my password?

2007-07-11 [FireGypsy]: Go to "your house" and then "change personal data" and you can change your password from there =)

2007-08-25 [zoloftzantac]: <3s RD

2007-08-25 [FireGypsy]: O_o

2007-09-13 [zoloftzantac]: she used to be here a lot, I thought she would respond to that if she was still watching this page ...

2007-09-17 [FireGypsy]: How cute =)

2008-02-06 [itweetinHEELS]: i could post one for Poll Usage, rather it be in wiki's, etc..

2009-06-21 [InLoveDontBothe r]: how does one change their font?

2009-10-25 [odeg]: I'm not a newbie, but I forgot how to upload pictures onto my house description. Not a wiki, but my house. T.T I feel so embarassed!

2009-10-25 [Bookwyrm]: ^_^ All you have to do is click the "Upload/delete photo" or "Upload/delete image" buttons on your house.

2010-01-10 [PsYcHoMaMi13]: i'm new to this....what does the question mark next to the name under the friend's box mean?

2010-01-24 [Bookwyrm]: It's just a help link to explain something, but I can't find it myself right now. XD

2010-08-30 [FigJewton]: How do you add people? :o

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