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Elfpack Suggestions


Please leave your suggestion and name between the lines.


Things on the to-do list:
- Organizing 'Your Notes'
- Diary-search
- Contest Suggestions
- Poll Topic Suggestions!


Common Suggestions

Please don't suggest these things as we have heard them many times before.
They won't be implemented on Elfpack.

A "delete all comment" button for wiki-pages.
[Moderator Comment:] This would make deleting things accidentally more destructive. If you don't want comments on your page, as the owner you can disable them.

A "select all messages" button, and then a "delete selected messages" button.
[Moderator Comment:] If you don't enjoy deleting messages, just stop deleting them :) It doesn't save any space on the server and there is more chance of deleting important messages by accident.

More smaller job positions on EP: for people who want to help, but aren't ready for one of those big positions.
[Moderator Comment:] We need some input from you about the sort of position you are thinking of. See <URL:news.html?nrs=111>... you can make your own title if we like your idea enough ;)


Implemented Suggestions

These suggestions were already implemented on Elfpack!

Add to member-stats how many wikis the member watches
[Moderator Comment:] Done!

[Goodbye EP]
I think it would be marvelous if we could have a Featured Member like on ElfTown.
[Moderator Comment:] Elfpack has the Goofy Elfpackers Elfpacking! which is nearly be the same thing :)

[Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]
have more contests for newbie!!!!!!!!!!!
[Moderator Comment:] All Elfpack Contests can be entered by newbies. If you find any you like, just join in :D

I was wondering, what if we could have signatures on our messages we send people? Maybe not on everything like comments and on forums but just private messages and in diary replies and guest book replies?
[Moderator Comment:] If you click on the "Your own emotions" button, you can create a button where you can add a standard-text or images to your comments, forum postings and diaries. You can use them in the same way as the other emotions.

I think (as myspace as this sounds) that we should have personal albums to upload photos to. It is hard to pick the best photos as the two main photos in your house and many people cludder their descriptions with the rest of their photos. And putting photos on a wiki-page doesn't always looks so good since not all the pictures are the same size and such and takes a long time to make look right.
[Moderator Comment:] We have these now! :D

Private houses. If there was an option to have your Elfpack house public, and viewable to all Elfpack members, or, just viewable to those on your friends list, I think that would make some a lot happier. :)
[Moderator Comment:] This has now been implemented!


Your Suggestions:

[I stabbith ye]
The Council could assign someone to clean up main street, it occasionally gets unorganized. For example Contests which the deadline has passed for are still displayed as being open for entry etc... [Moderator Comment:] Things are usually fixed as soon as they are seen. Leaving it to one person might mean that things get missed out easier. If you see inaccurate deadlines, make a comment on the relevant page as sometimes we forget.

[Love's Lost]
Okay, I was wondering if elfpack could separate the friends list, I mean what is the point of having one person another relation if there isn't any order in the friends list if you order the friends. To be more accurate on what I am saying, I was wondering if elfpack could separate the friend's list like Yahoo separates theres, with the name of the group they are in and the names under the group. [Moderator Comment:] You can use "Change order for Online friends" on your relations list and group people together and use the list that way, or you could use a wiki (public or private) to add more information about them.

"Hour-glass" as one of the options for body type.

How about having a background for our houses, kind of like how we can have a desktop image on our computers, just in our house thingies. Or make it something that you can get if you donate.

[Goodbye EP]
Maybe some fun flash games that could have EP themes... like 'Catch Sunrose' and 'Dunk the EP kangaroo'. Something along those lines. [Moderator Comment:] If you have the knowledge to make such things, contact one of the Council. We'd love to hear from you!

It would be nice to have a Team speak ( server for Elfpack. This way you can actually speak to each other without using skype or other heavy programs. Also you can make several sub channels to have some convo's and/or discussions, and it would make life of the crew a hell lot easier ^_-

I think a cool thing Elfpack could do is trade in cool points for things like extras for your house
[Hedda][-answer:] Well... No. The coolpoints are cool as they are and putting a special value to them might start spamming. I just don't think it's worth the problem to make and for the Elfpackers to understand the system.

The elfpack Theme song thing is all electronic and scares the heck out of me. I Think someone should actually sing it. Make a competition or something cause I just listened to it today and the tune was good just that the electronic Voice is too bland and scares me and probably doesn't please all the members.
[Moderator Comment:] This sounds more like a competition for the talented members of ;) Or why not try making it yourself?

I suggest we should have buttons in EP-houses to be able to easily see the changes members do in their houses. Like the one we have in wiki's "view diff".

[Willow Rose] and [Eyes of the Reaper]
If possible, it would be nice if Elfpack could make it so there was somehow a way to view the members who are watching wikis. Just a suggestion. I think a few people would like that though. And maybe something similar to see who's watching your house, or at least something to see how many people are.

... and a way to remove people from the watching list (for the page-owner) like removing people from a forum, to help personal or private wikis stay private, and removal of wikis much easier.

[Mommie 2 Be♥]
Well I absolutely ♥ EP and all but there are so many different types of people on here but yet everyone has the same layout thing ( if that's what you want to call it). I mean all this gray is rather depressing. Many people have stopped using EP as much as they used to & have moved on to myspace. Myspace just has so many different things like personalizing your page. I mean I just think it would be better if we could put layouts on our page & things like that. Another thing that I personally would like are chatrooms. I'm sure it would be a big hit on here and it would help people get to know one another better than just clicking on someones name. And you could get to know more people.

Well, this was a response to the body shapes, how about short? I'm five foot nothing!
[Moderator Comment:] 'Short' is a height, not a shape. You can add your height in your details too.

For my hylian challenges I wanted to hand out small prizes when the user submits the right answer to the quiz. When they click on the answer AND submit, the next page would say, "Congradulations! you won the [pegasas boots]! and they could use these prizes to get bigger things, like a trade in thing? Or....this staff position requires x pegasus seeds, flame throwers, blah blah. And I would draw all of these pictures too! [Moderator Comment:] There's no reason you can't do this on your own wiki! However, if you have any ideas like this you think should be official, talk to a Council member.

I think it would be a good idea if all picture's link's were disabled, so that you're unable to right click and save them to your computer. This might solve a lot of theft and copyright problems. No it wouldn't. It would only annoy the users. I hate stuff like that! / [Hedda]

[Eyes of the Reaper]
I think that Elfpack needs a system of sorting their messages into a folders. Something simple and easy to use. I know there are people out there like me who hate a cluttered Inbox (especially people who role play and save all the messages) and this, to me, sounds like a quick way to solve it.

I think that when you block a person it should make is so they can't see your house as well. I block people when they talk about cybering and all that and it doesn't make me feel any better knowing they can see the stuff on my house. >.< [Moderator Comment:] If you want to hide things from non-friends, use the 'private information' section of your profile.

[Eyes of the Reaper]
I think, instead of that snake thing that donors get, that there should be a bunch of different designs and colors. The way to change it would be an option in the 'change personal data' area, kind of like the style sheets. That way, we wouldn't be stuck with the snake thing if we didn't want to be. (I suggest [DragonicTunes] for the graphic making.)

[deleted elfpack]
I think you need a comments page. Yeah private messages are okay, but I often loose track of a conversation and have to go through all my old mail to see what we were talking about. [Moderator Comment:] There are comment boxes on every wiki-page. If you want to chat with your friends via comments, make a wiki for them. You could even set up a private forum for yourselves.

[Some Random Thursday]
I was wondering if we could possibly add "Queer" to the "sexual ORIENTATION" scrolling list or "Transgendered/Transsexual" to the "Gender" scrolling list?

It'd be cool if we could do the illustration of a song contest again and uhh 'dd love to help out of we could make thus so. :)

[hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]
we need more and new and better jokes. [Moderator Comment:] So submit your own to Elfpack Jokes.

[sammie h!]
How about a Council training page that members can see and ask questions about it, I have already set one up. :)

[sammie h!]
Letting members use small animations in there moods but no bigger the 0*65.

[sammie h!]
Making an Elfpack compatible for all phones.

[sammie h!]
putting the html Button in a box like Use emotions, or changing them to the same color as the other boxes on here.

[sammie h!]
How about a flag at the top right of everyone's page to show where they are from, like if they are British, American Jamaican etc. (it would be a [Hedda] Job though)

[Cerulean Sins]
An Elf pack app for smart phones and tablets :-) [Moderator Comment:] We're currently working on it!

A view counter on all wiki-pages (for each wiki-page), but on an individual wiki-page basis (not a counter on 'all' the pages inclusive belonging to a member). Having a view counter on wiki-pages would not only be a feature that would likely be liked by members to see how many times their page has been viewed, and therefore seen, particularly with members who post their art, photos, and writing, but this could also work as a promotional tool for Elfpack, since members wanting views would be more inclined to share around on the Internet their pages of what they'd like many others to see, and in so doing, draw more attention to Elfpack.

Form a "Welcoming Committee" to welcome new members, as well as writing a "warm, friendly, and pleasant" email that would be sent when a new member has been accepted and include in it all the most important links to help newcomers learn how to understand and navigate Elfpack more easily when they join. Also, a welcoming guestbook message might be a nice gesture to add. The Welcoming Committee would be available to help all new members with any questions they may have and making them feel welcome. I have joined a number of websites, and I know when I receive a nice, welcoming, and helpful email upon joining, you feel like the site is glad to have you as a member. Just a little 'niceness' can go a very long way in making a newcomer feel welcome AND be more inclined to give staying on the site a more serious consideration.
[Moderator Comment:] We have this already! New members are sent a welcome message after being accepted, and directed to ask for help from the Vanguards.

As a suggestion to make Elfpack more competitive with other social sites, such as Facebook, perhaps implementing the capability for a user to show they "like" another comment, perhaps with a "smile" since there's already the like buuton and the +1 button?

Since the "wiki" is likely Hedda's sites' greatest assets, or very close to it, because other sites lack the versatility the wiki-page offers, making them even more attractive besides adding a view counter, perhaps, making it possible to be able to add "environments" unique to/for a particular wiki-page and its contents, should this be wanted by the owner of the page or those who are the admins of a page.


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2008-07-08 [zoloftzantac]: I know exactly what you are talking about, for the answer to your problem just read [Ihsahn]'s last comment

2008-10-07 [itweetinHEELS]: I think we should be able to have subject headings on our messages :)

2008-11-10 [Hedda]: You can of course write a heading on your message.

It's seldom a subject makes sense in a message, so I have no idea of how to add one in a good way for the other cases. I guess I could add a line for it in the message-form, but I'm not sure how to use it later on.

2008-11-14 [Hedda]: Irrelevant comment about irrelevant comment deleted deleted. <img:zabuN-gif.gif>

2008-11-14 [Hedda]: (Don't try to make sense of that!)

Send some new suggestions instead. I have some new stuff that I've been about to do for days, but I better start working on it now instead of just talking about it.

2008-12-17 [zoloftzantac]: Irrelevant comment about irrelevant comment gives me a headache headache ;)

2009-04-27 [kittykittykitty]: Oh! Just noticed.... "Wiki-pages on watch: 668"
So Hedda really does fix these things :P I wonder who's the biggest wiki-stalker in EP...
[Hedda]: 838, [Bookwyrm]: 934 Ø.Ø

2009-04-28 [Eyes of the Reaper]: Damn... -.- I fail with 717... And Eryn's close at 912. o.o

2009-06-18 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: umm...idk where to put my suggestion...but i think we need more jokes....the ones we have up still about over a year old...-.-""

2010-01-26 [footer]: i just thought id say on the daily goof it has been the same person for ages

2010-02-17 [Tear]: Honestly, those of us who were running those pages before have all gotten sick of two or three people doing the labor, and others just trying to hop in and take part of the credit without really doing anything.

2010-02-18 [Ihsahn]: That's why I'm pulling an Obama, change is coming, it will just take time.

2010-02-18 [Eyes of the Reaper]: *nod* I agree, Tear. And thank you, Ihsahn. :)

2010-02-18 [Ihsahn]: Everyone on the crew is encouraged to make suggestions as well. :)

2010-04-14 [oclary]: i no more need your services by the power of GOD CLOSE MY MAIL FOR EVER

2013-01-24 [sammie h!]: Hi michelle, I like your idea, but what you can do is add to home screen and it works just the same (:

2013-06-09 [DeeJay™]: "The elfpack Theme song thing is all electronic.."

there is an elfpack song? why did i not know about this?!

2013-06-09 [kittykittykitty]: Oh, there is xD Let's see if I can find it, saw it only recently.

<URL:stuff/epa-batman.mp3> (from Elfpack Flag). Yeah it's... quite something.

2013-06-09 [DeeJay™]: oh. my. god. why isnt this playing every time i log in? or every time i look at mainstuff? infact, why isnt it just played on a constant loop if i just simply have the elfpack window open?!

2013-06-09 [kittykittykitty]: Because we have a conscience and don't want to induce any more insanity on our poor members :( Evil, evil idea.

2013-06-10 [DeeJay™]: "low fare, low fare, low fare. low-fare-low-fare"... TUNNEEEEEEE!

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